Catrina Jasmine Judge: A Model of Success in Sports and Lifestyle

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Catrina Jasmine Judge: A Model of Success in Sports and Lifestyle

Catrina Jasmine Judge, daughter of Christopher Judge and Margaret Judge, inherits a legacy intertwined with entertainment.

Christopher Judge, celebrated for his roles in acting, voice acting, and writing, rose to fame with “Stargate SG-1.”

Apart from TV work, he’s made a mark in animated series and video games, showcasing his exceptional voice acting talent.

Catrina, thus, emerges as a scion of talent, carrying forward the legacy of her distinguished lineage.

Who is Catrina Jasmine Judge?

Who is Catrina Jasmine Judge?

She shared her appreciation on Instagram for the birthday wishes, expressing heartfelt gratitude to all who sent their wishes.

In a gesture of maternal love and affection, Margaret Judge, Catrina’s mother, shared a poignant moment from her daughter’s birthday celebration on her own Instagram profile, exemplifying the enduring bond between them. Margaret, whose background encompasses production and modeling, radiates care and thoughtfulness towards her daughter.

Catrina’s family tableau extends beyond her parents to include her siblings, comprising two brothers, Cameron Judge and Christopher Jordan Judge. Additionally, she embraces the role of a half-sister to Chloe Jolie Judge, born from her father Christopher Judge’s union with Gianna Patton, thus enriching the familial tapestry with diverse connections and relationships.

Jasmine Judg Biography

Born in November 1996 to the renowned actor Christopher Judge and Margaret Judge, Catrina Jasmine Judge entered a world saturated with the allure of Hollywood. Raised amidst the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry, she was immersed in an environment where creativity and showbiz intertwined seamlessly.

Growing up alongside her brothers, Cameron and Christopher Jordan Judge, Catrina experienced the warmth and unity of a closely-knit family. However, her familial bonds extended beyond her immediate siblings to include her half-sister, Chloe Jolie Judge, born from her father’s subsequent marriage to Canadian actress and model Gianna Patton. Together, they formed a dynamic and cohesive unit, navigating the complexities of life in the spotlight with grace and solidarity.

Catrina Jasmine Judge wiki 

NameCatrina Jasmine Judge
Age27 years old as of 2023
Date of birthNovember 1996
Famous asdaughter of Christopher Judge
UncleJeff Judge
ParentsChristopher Judge and Margaret Judge
SiblingsChloe Jolie Judge, Cameron Judge, and Christopher Jordan Judge
OccupationSports and lifestyle models

Catrina Jasmine’s Early Life

In Catrina’s formative years, she was immersed in a diverse milieu encompassing both the vibrant world of entertainment and a steadfast dedication to academic pursuits. This eclectic upbringing laid the groundwork for her multifaceted career trajectory, which would later encompass sports and lifestyle modeling, academia, and fitness coaching.

Throughout her journey, Catrina encountered numerous obstacles and familial shifts, yet she emerged from these trials imbued with an unwavering resolve and resilience. Armed with a potent blend of determination and adaptability, she embarked upon her quest to make her mark on the world, undeterred by the challenges that lay ahead.

Catrina Jasmine Judge Education

Catrina Jasmine Judge, a highly educated individual, has demonstrated her commitment to academic excellence through her studies at esteemed institutions. Her academic journey took her to the University of Arizona, where she excelled in her pursuits. Her father, filled with pride in her achievements, took to Twitter to share his heartfelt congratulations, stating, “Celebrating my daughter Catrina’s success as she embarks on her academic journey at the University of Arizona.”

Physical Measurement

Height5 ft 10 in (70 in)
Bust34 in.
Waist27 in.
Shoe9 1/2
Hair ColorBrown
Eye colorBrown

Catrina Jasmine Family

The familial connections of Catrina Judge offer intriguing surprises. Revealed through her mother’s Instagram post capturing a special event, Catrina’s life unfolds with unique dynamics. Approaching her 27th birthday in November 2023, she resides alongside her brothers Cameron and Christopher Jordan Judge, as well as her half-sister Chloe Jolie Judge. Chloe is the offspring of her father’s union with Canadian model and actress Gianna Patton.

Christopher Judge, the esteemed actor, shares Catrina with her mother, Margaret Judge. Their matrimonial journey, initiated in 1995, concluded in 2011 with a divorce, marking a significant turning point for the family. Following the dissolution of his first marriage, Christopher embarked on a new chapter, exchanging vows with Gianna Patton on December 28, 2011.

Catrina’s narrative is rich and layered, influenced by the intricate web of familial ties that shape her identity and experiences.

What Happened To Catrina’s Father?

What Happened To Catrina’s Father?

Catrina Jasmine Judge’s father, Christopher Judge, encountered health challenges that significantly impacted his life. In a revealing tweet, he disclosed that in August 2019, he faced a debilitating situation where he was unable to walk. This ordeal led him to undergo extensive surgery to replace both of his hips, as well as procedures on his back and knee.

The recovery process was undoubtedly arduous, and Judge candidly expressed self-accountability for the delay in the release of the highly anticipated game, “God of War Ragnarok,” slated for 2022. Despite facing these setbacks, his resilience and determination undoubtedly inspire admiration.

Catrina Jasmine Judge Siblings

Catrina Judge’s familial landscape is expansive, encompassing four siblings who each contribute unique elements to her life. Alongside her sister and two brothers, she shares a special bond with her half-sister from her father Christopher’s second marriage to Gianna Parton.

Christopher Judge and Cameron Judge stand as her brothers, with Cameron distinguishing himself as a linebacker for the Calgary Stampeders in the Canadian Football League (CFL), born on November 29, 1994.

Chloe Judge, Catrina’s half-sister, entered the family on February 7, 2005, adding another dimension to their familial dynamics. Despite Catrina’s inclination towards privacy, she maintains a strong connection with her siblings, cherishing the bonds they share.

Their family journey saw them transition from Montreal to Los Angeles during Catrina’s childhood, driven by Christopher’s professional commitments in television. After a period in Los Angeles, they relocated to British Columbia, where they split their time between Victoria and Vancouver.

The move aimed to provide a conducive environment for her elder brothers to refine their football skills. Ultimately, Catrina’s familial ties and the pursuit of her siblings’ aspirations guided their decisions, shaping their collective experiences and journey together.

Catrina Jasmine Judge Personal Life

Christopher Judge, renowned for his roles in various television shows and movies, embarked on his second marriage journey with Gianna Patton on December 28, 2011. This marked the beginning of a new chapter in his personal life. However, before his union with Gianna, Christopher was married to Margaret Judge.

Their marriage, which commenced in 1995, was graced with the presence of their daughter, Catrina Jasmine Judge. Unfortunately, their marital journey hit rocky shores, leading to their eventual divorce. The legal separation was finalized in 2011, closing a significant chapter in Christopher’s life as he moved forward to embrace new beginnings with Gianna.

Who Is Margaret Judge?

Christopher Judge, known for his notable roles in both television and film, entered into matrimony with Gianna Patton on December 28, 2011, marking the inception of their enduring partnership. Before this union, Christopher was previously married to Margaret Judge, with whom he tied the knot in 1995.

Their marital journey, however, encountered turbulence, leading to the decision to part ways. The legal proceedings of their divorce reached their conclusion in 2011, signifying the end of their shared chapter. In contrast, Christopher found new love and companionship with Gianna, embarking on a fresh chapter in his personal life.

Who is Catrina Jasmine Judge’s Boyfriend?

Despite the acknowledgment of Catrina Jasmine’s existence, there remains a conspicuous absence of information about her online. It’s possible that Catrina values her privacy and has intentionally kept a low profile in the digital realm.

Judge’s Professional Career

Judge’s Professional Career

After showcasing his prowess in sports, Judge decided to venture into the world of radio broadcasting. However, his path to success was not without its challenges. Determined to pursue his passion, he entered a radio hosting contest in Oregon, where he emerged victorious despite the odds. This initial triumph paved the way for his next milestone: winning a regional competition to host the acclaimed West Coast FOX KLSR Morning Show.

This music talk show not only delved into the intricacies of the country’s top music but also provided insights into chart performances. Armed with invaluable experience from this role, Judge made the strategic decision to relocate to Los Angeles in pursuit of greater opportunities.

In a bid to enhance his prospects in the acting realm, he wasted no time in enrolling at the esteemed Howard Fine Studio upon his arrival in the City of Angels. His dedication and natural talent quickly caught the attention of casting directors, leading to numerous acting opportunities.

Judge’s early foray into the world of cinema began in the 1990s, with notable appearances in films such as “Cadence,” “Bird on a Wire,” “Neon Rider,” and “MacGyver,” alongside future “Stargate SG-1” star Richard Dean Anderson. His ability to inhabit diverse roles with finesse solidified his status as a rising talent in the industry.

Is Catrina Jasmine Judge Private?

Catrina Jasmine maintains a notably private presence, with minimal online activity to be found. This characteristic might come as a surprise given the prevalence of information available on the internet.

Catrina Jasmine Judge’s Net Worth

Catrina Jasmine and her siblings experienced a joyful upbringing, enriched by the success of their father’s career. Christopher Judge has amassed an estimated net worth of $3 million, largely stemming from his diverse contributions to films, television series, and voice acting for video games.

Social Media

Catrina Jasmine Judge is a dynamic presence on Instagram, consistently refreshing her profile with captivating snapshots. Her feed is a gallery of stunning images that illuminate her vibrant lifestyle, drawing envy from her ever-growing following.

To glimpse into her world, simply visit her Instagram handle: @catrinajudge.

You can find her on Instagram at @catrinajudge.

FAQs about Catrina Jasmine Judge:

Q: Who is Catrina Jasmine Judge?

Catrina Jasmine Judge is the daughter of actor Christopher Judge and his first wife, Margaret Judge. She has gained recognition as a professional model, particularly in the realm of sports and lifestyle.

Q: What is Catrina Jasmine Judge’s occupation?

Catrina Jasmine Judge is primarily known for her work as a sports and lifestyle model. Her career revolves around representing brands and products within these niches.

Q: What is Catrina Jasmine Judge’s educational background?

Catrina Jasmine Judge pursued her education at the University of Arizona, where she excelled academically. While details about her specific field of study are not widely available, her commitment to education is evident in her achievements.

Q: Who are Catrina Jasmine Judge’s siblings?

Catrina Jasmine Judge has three siblings: Christopher Jordan Judge, Cameron Judge, and Chloe Jolie Judge. They constitute her immediate family and share a bond forged through their familial ties.

Q: Is Catrina Jasmine Judge active on social media?

Yes, Catrina Jasmine Judge maintains an active presence on Instagram, where she engages with her audience under the username @catrinajudge. Through her social media platforms, she shares glimpses into her professional endeavors and personal life, connecting with fans and followers alike.


Catrina Jasmine Judge, daughter of the esteemed actor Christopher Judge, has established herself as a flourishing model specializing in sports and lifestyle. Despite her familial connections to the entertainment world, Catrina is known for maintaining a sense of privacy in her personal life.

Her trajectory illustrates a blend of exposure to Hollywood’s glamour from a young age and her relentless pursuit of a modeling career, highlighting her resilience and drive to forge her unique identity within the industry.

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