Cissy Lynn: Biography, Siblings,  Husband, Career, & More

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Cissy Lynn: Biography, Siblings,  Husband, Career, & More

Cissy Lynn, daughter of the renowned country music icon Loretta Lynn, inherits a rich musical legacy.

Loretta Lynn’s enduring legacy spans six decades, marking her as a prolific singer-songwriter in American music history.

Loretta’s celebrated career includes gold albums and classics like “You Ain’t Woman Enough” and “Coal Miner’s Daughter.”

Cissy Lynn inherits her mother’s musical legacy, ready to shine in the country music realm.

Who is Cissy Lynn?

Who is Cissy Lynn?

Born on April 7, 1952, in Butcher Hollow, United States, Cissy Lynn emerges as the second eldest daughter in the lineage of the esteemed country music legend, Loretta Lynn. Following in her mother’s musical footsteps, Cissy too ventured into the realm of singing and songwriting, albeit without garnering the same level of acclaim. Despite not achieving comparable recognition as a musician, Cissy remains notable for her contribution, notably through her album titled “Daughter of the Coal Miner’s Daughter.”

 Furthermore, it was through Cissy Lynn that her younger brother, Ernest Lynn, crossed paths with his future wife, Cindy Plemmons, during his formative years. Through familial connections and musical heritage, Cissy Lynn’s legacy intertwines with both the traditions of her renowned mother and the personal stories of her family.

Cissy Lynn  Age & Biography

Clara Marie “Cissie” Lynn entered the world on April 7, 1952, hailing from Butcher Hollow, Pennsylvania, United States. As an American by nationality and of white ethnicity, she embodies a rich cultural background.

Cissy Lynn, daughter of Loretta Lynn and Oliver Lynn, embraces her parents’ legacy as she nears 70 in 2023.

While her mother, Loretta, is celebrated as a distinguished songwriter, her father, Oliver, carved a path in talent management. Cissy pursued her education at Waverly Central High School, situated in Waverly, Tennessee, within the esteemed Humphreys County school system. Through her upbringing and education, Cissy Lynn’s journey intertwines with both familial influence and academic pursuits.

Cissy Lynn: Profile Summary

Full NameClara Marie “Cissie” Lynn
famous asdaughter of Loretta Lynn
Age70 years old as of 2022
Date of BirthApril 7, 1952
Place of BirthButcher Hollow, United States of America
Zodiac signAries
SiblingsPatsy Lynn, Jack Benny Lynn, Peggy Lynn, Ernest Ray Lynn, Cissy Lynn, Betty Sue Lynn

Cissy Lynn Education

Cissy Lynn received her education at Waverly Central High School, situated in the scenic state of Tennessee.

Cissy Lynn Height, Weight

Based on available information, Cissy Lynn is reported to be 70 years old, with a physique that reflects modern standards. She stands at a height of 5 feet, 2 inches.

Age70 years
Height5 feet, 2 inch

Cissy Lynn Parents

Cissy Lynn Parents

Cissy spent her formative years in Tennessee, raised by her dedicated parents. Despite facing the challenges of divorce, her mother, Loretta, remained steadfast in her commitment to caring for her children. Loretta, a renowned country singer and songwriter, left a lasting mark on the music industry with numerous albums released over her illustrious career.

Together with her husband, Doolittle, Loretta devoted five years to nurturing Cissy and her siblings. Despite the hardships, they created a nurturing environment where Cissy and her siblings thrived, enjoying memorable moments together.

Father’s NameDoolittle
Mother’s NameLoretta Lynn

Cissy’s upbringing was characterized by her mother’s career as a country singer, while her father dedicated his time to managing a company. Despite her father’s absence due to his career commitments, Cissy’s mother, Loretta, took on the responsibility of raising their children independently.

Throughout their marriage, Loretta endured multiple instances of infidelity from her husband, Doolittle. Despite these challenges, she persevered, determined to provide for her children. Cissy witnessed her mother’s resilience firsthand as Loretta worked tirelessly, performing at shows and events to support their family.

When Loretta ultimately decided to divorce, she prioritized spending time with her children, further demonstrating her unwavering dedication to their well-being.

Cissy Lynn’s mother, Loretta Lynn, married at the age of 19

Loretta, Cissy’s mother, entered into marriage at a young age, tying the knot with Oliver Lynn at the age of 19 on January 10, 1948. Despite knowing each other for only a month before their wedding, they embarked on a journey that spanned five decades.

In her 2002 autobiography “She’s Still Pretty Woman,” Loretta candidly revealed the challenges she faced in her marriage. She disclosed that Oliver was unfaithful throughout their relationship, even abandoning her during the birth of their child. Despite frequent arguments, Loretta noted that Oliver never resorted to physical violence.

Their love story, though tumultuous, endured for fifty years until Oliver’s passing. Tragically, he departed just five days shy of his 70th birthday on August 22, 1996. Sources attributed his death to health complications stemming from diabetes and heart failure. Oliver was laid to rest in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, on their family’s property, marking the end of an era for the Lynn family.

Cissy Lynn Siblings

Cissy Lynn is among the six children born to her parents, making her the sibling of five others. Unfortunately, she has experienced the loss of two siblings, Betty Sue Lynn and Jack Benny Lynn.

Betty, the eldest among the siblings, passed away at the age of 64 due to emphysema, marking her life from November 26, 1948, to July 29, 2013. Similarly, Jack, known for his work with horses and blacksmithing on the family ranch, met a tragic end while horseback riding on the Hurricane Mills property. His life was cut short when he drowned while crossing the Duck River.

In addition to her late siblings, Cissy also has three surviving younger siblings. Ernest Ray Lynn, her younger brother, was born on May 27, 1954. She also has two older sisters, Peggy and Pasty Lynn, who share her interest in music and are actively involved in the family’s business ventures.

Cissy Lynn’s Husband

At 70 years old, Cissy Lynn is happily married to her husband, John Beams. Their union was sealed in a private ceremony. John is recognized as a singer and songwriter, notably part of the local band, The Black River Band.

Despite their public musical endeavors, Cissy and John maintain a remarkably private stance regarding their relationship. Details regarding whether they have children remain elusive due to the limited information available about their private lives.

Before her marriage to John, Cissy was previously married to a man named Garry Lyell. However, their marriage ended in divorce after only a brief period. Following their separation, Garry went on to marry another woman, who unfortunately passed away in 2016.

Cissy Lynn’s Career

Cissy Lynn’s Career

Growing up as the daughter of a renowned musician, Lynn was immersed in music from an early age. Inspired by her superstar mother, Loretta Lynn, she began music lessons and closely observed her mother’s musical journey. It wasn’t long before she found herself drawn to the world of country music, following in her mother’s illustrious footsteps.

Starting her musical journey at a young age, Cissy’s renditions of her mother’s classics resonated deeply with country music enthusiasts worldwide. While she also showcased her original compositions, there was a special allure to hearing both mother and daughter interpret the same songs. One of Cissy Lynn’s standout tracks, “Letter to Loretta,” captivated audiences and garnered widespread acclaim.

The popularity of “Letter to Loretta” led to frequent airplay, sometimes leading listeners to mistake her for her legendary mother. Additionally, Cissy showcased her songwriting prowess with hits like “Rodeo Lady.” Traveling across the globe, she delighted fans with performances of her beloved songs.

In the 1980 autobiographical film “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” Cissy’s character was portrayed by Elizabeth Watson, offering a fictionalized glimpse into her mother’s remarkable journey from humble beginnings to country music stardom.

While some may attribute Cissy’s success to her famous lineage, it’s important to recognize her own dedication and hard work in crafting her career. Despite her mother’s influence, Cissy has forged her path in the music industry, earning her acclaim and recognition.

Cissy Lynn and her husband John Beams did Albums together

Loretta Lynn collaborated with her daughter, Cissy, and son-in-law, John Beams, on two albums. When asked about the album’s concept, Cissy explained to Nashvillemusicguide that her part consisted of remaking several of her mother’s classic songs, as per her mother’s request. 

Cissy expressed her honor in undertaking this project and aimed to recreate the songs in their original style. She shared her excitement about her mother contributing harmonies to the recordings, emphasizing her deep satisfaction with the endeavor.

Speaking about her husband, Cissy praised John as both a talented singer and songwriter. She highlighted his lifelong dedication to music, dating back to his post-Vietnam era. John’s involvement in the album filled him with immense joy and satisfaction.

John Beams also contributed his songs to the album, while Cissy curated a collection of her mother’s favorites. Additionally, John accompanied Cissy on their musical journeys, serving as a singer and rhythm guitarist for her Busted Cowboy Band. This six-piece ensemble, complete with steel guitar, lead and rhythm guitars, bass, and drums, allowed them to open for esteemed artists like Conway Twitty and George Jones, adding to their musical journey as a couple.

What does Cissy Lynn do for a living?

Despite not attaining the same level of fame as her mother in the music industry, Crissy Lynn has carved out her niche in the spotlight. Growing up under the influence of her talented mother, music has been a passion for her since childhood. Following in her mother’s footsteps, she embarked on a career as a country singer.

Crissy, along with her husband John Beams, collaborated on several albums, which were produced by her mother. One notable album featured covers of her mother’s iconic hits. With her husband being a member of a local band, the couple spent years traveling and performing alongside the group. Their performances were filled with lively renditions of songs by renowned artists like Conway Twitty and George Jones.

In addition to her collaborative work, Crissy released her solo album titled “Coal Miner’s Daughter’s Daughter.” This album showcased nine tracks, including standout songs like “Memories Get in the Way,” “Letter to Loretta,” “Boomerang,” and “I Should Stop Dreaming.” Currently, Crissy owns and operates a music store named “Cissie Lynn’s Country Store & Music Barn,” where she continues to share her love for music with others.

Death of her siblings

Cissy Lynn has endured significant losses in her life. Tragically, her brother, Jack Benny Lynn, passed away at the young age of 34 on July 22, 1984. The incident occurred while he was attempting to cross the Duck River at the family’s ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.

In another devastating blow, Cissy’s sister, Betty Sue, succumbed to emphysema at the age of 64 in 2013. Her passing occurred near Loretta’s ranch in Hurricane Mills, adding to the family’s sorrow.

Cissy Lynn’s Country Store

Cissy Lynn operates her establishment, Cissie Lynn’s Country Store, situated at 8000 TN-13 in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, USA. The store offers a variety of items including food, vegetables, fruits, and other edible accessories.

Presently, Cissy is actively involved in managing operations at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, also located in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. Her diligent work ethic and commitment to her responsibilities have earned her recognition as one of the leading self-reliant female figures in the country. Cissy’s dedication to her work and her ability to manage various tasks efficiently exemplify her self-reliance and contribute to her esteemed reputation.

Cissy Lynn’s Letter to Loretta

“Cissie Lynn’s Letter to Loretta” is a heartfelt song performed by Cissy, inspired by her desire to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a singer. In the song, she expresses her admiration for her mother’s musical career and recounts fond memories of Loretta’s supportive gestures, such as accompanying her to the bus terminal for school rides.

As a nurturing parent, Loretta would lead her daughter onto the bus, instilling a sense of confidence and security in Cissy. This act of guidance and support symbolizes the strong bond between mother and daughter, as well as Cissy’s aspiration to emulate her mother’s success in the music industry. Through her songwriting, Cissy pays tribute to Loretta’s influence on her life and career path, conveying her heartfelt gratitude and admiration.

Cissy Lynn’s Popular Music Albums 

Throughout her career, Cissy Lynn has released several popular music albums that have resonated with audiences. Here is a list of some of her notable albums: 

  • Letter to Loretta
  • Lonesome Town
  • I know how
  • The Butcher Holler Song
  • Should I stop dreaming

Cissy Lynn’s Net Worth

As the offspring of one of the most renowned singers, the star child leads a life that many can only dream of, basking in the glow of fame and fortune. Through her endeavors, she has accumulated substantial wealth, reflecting her success in various pursuits.

As of August 2023, Cissie Lynn is reported to have a net worth of $1.5 million, a testament to her achievements and financial savvy. In comparison, her mother, Loretta Lynn, boasts an impressive net worth of $65 million, as estimated by Celebrity Net Worth.

These figures underscore the significant impact of their respective careers and highlight the substantial wealth they have garnered over the years. While Cissie may still be in the shadow of her famous mother in terms of net worth, her accomplishments speak volumes about her determination and talent.

Where is Cissy Lynn Now?

While she may not possess the same level of fame as her mother, Cissy has discovered her fulfillment through music, echoing her mother’s passion for the art form. At 70 years old, she finds herself content in her married life, proving that happiness knows no age limit.

Despite living in the shadow of her mother’s illustrious name, Cissy has carved out her path in the music industry, finding solace and joy in her musical endeavors. Her age serves as no barrier to the happiness she experiences in her marriage, demonstrating that true contentment transcends the passage of time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Cissy Lynn:

Q: Who is Cissy Lynn?

Cissy Lynn is the daughter of country music legend Loretta Lynn and is known for her contributions to the music industry as a singer and songwriter.

Q: What is Cissy Lynn’s net worth?

As of August 2023, Cissy Lynn’s net worth is reported to be $1.5 million, while her mother, Loretta Lynn, has an estimated net worth of $65 million.

Q: What are some of Cissy Lynn’s popular music albums?

Some of Cissy Lynn’s popular music albums include “Letter to Loretta,” “Lonesome Town,” “I Know How,” “The Butcher Holler Song,” and “Should I Stop Dreaming.”

Q: Where is Cissy Lynn’s Country Store located?

Cissy Lynn’s Country Store is situated at 8000 TN-13 in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, USA. The store offers a variety of items including food, vegetables, fruits, and edible accessories.


Cissy Lynn emerges as a notable figure in the music industry, following in the footsteps of her legendary mother, Loretta Lynn. Despite not achieving comparable recognition, Cissy has made significant contributions to the world of country music through her albums and performances. Her dedication to her craft and her family’s musical legacy is evident in her work, and she continues to inspire audiences with her heartfelt songs.

As she approaches her 70th birthday, Cissy Lynn remains content in her married life, proving that true happiness knows no age limit. Through her endeavors, she exemplifies resilience, determination, and a deep love for music, leaving a lasting impact on the industry and the hearts of her fans.

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