Coco Bliss age, Wiki, boyfriend, net worth, TikTok star & More

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Coco Bliss age, Wiki, boyfriend, net worth, TikTok star & More

Coco Bliss Age

22 years old

Coco Bliss, a prominent American TikTok personality, has garnered widespread recognition for her eponymous TikTok account, “imcocobliss,” where she showcases a plethora of short dance routines and lip-sync performances. With a staggering follower count exceeding 3 million, Coco’s videos often feature popular hip-hop tracks accompanied by meticulously synchronized lip-syncs. 

Coco, aka Chloee Land, born July 30, 2001, in Miami, Florida, is 22 years old in 2023.

From a tight-knit family, potentially with a younger sibling, she accelerated high school to pursue travel and her digital career.

Coco Bliss Age & Birthday

Coco Bliss entered the world on July 30, 2001, in the vibrant city of Miami, Florida, in the United States.

In 2023, Coco, now 22 years old, reflects on the passage of time since her birth.

Coco experienced abundant love and care from her devoted parents, who met her every need and desire.

Reflecting on her childhood, Coco cherishes her parents’ unwavering support, which shaped her into the person she is today.

Who is Coco Bliss?

Who is Coco Bliss?

Coco Bliss is a notable presence in social media, especially on TikTok, where she holds influence as a prominent figure.

Known for her TikTok handle “imcocobliss,” Coco excels in creating engaging short-form content, showcasing dance routines and lip-sync performances.

With over 3 million followers, Coco’s TikTok videos groove to popular hip-hop beats, demonstrating her skill in synchronized lip-syncing.

Coco extends her reach beyond TikTok to Instagram, sharing captivating glimpses of her life through photos.

Her Instagram, “imcocobliss,” has over 347k followers, cementing her status as a social media sensation.

Profile Summary

Full Real NameChoose Land
Nick NameCoco Bliss
Date Of BirthJuly 30th, 2001
BirthdayJuly 30th
Year Of Birth2001
Current ResidenceMiami, Florida

Coco Bliss Biography

Coco Bliss Biography

Coco Bliss, born Cholee Land, arrived in Miami, Florida, on July 30, 2001, marking the beginning of her journey.

At 22, Coco approaches her 23rd birthday next month, symbolizing her transition into adulthood.

Possessing American nationality and Caucasian ethnicity, Coco’s roots are deeply embedded in the diverse fabric of the United States. As a Leo, she exudes traits of confidence, passion, and creativity, aligning with the characteristic attributes of her zodiac sign. Throughout her upbringing in Miami, Coco’s surroundings have undoubtedly influenced her vibrant personality and zest for life.

Early Life

Originally known as Cholee Land, Coco Bliss hails from the vibrant city of Miami, Florida, in the United States. However, conflicting reports are suggesting that her true identity might be Courtney McCarthy. From a tender age, Coco displayed a penchant for performance, captivating audiences at family gatherings with her talents.


Regarding her educational background, Coco Bliss completed her high school education in her hometown of Miami, Florida. However, details regarding the specific institution she attended have not been disclosed.

Coco possibly opted for privacy regarding her education, as details about her academic qualifications remain undisclosed.

Should any information regarding her educational background come to light, we will promptly provide updates.

Highest QualificationDiploma
High SchoolLocal High School, Miami, Florida

Coco Bliss Height & Weight

Weight In-Lbs132
Height In Feet5\’3\”
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorBlue

Coco Bliss is a TikTok sensation, celebrated for her captivating personality and striking presence in the platform.

Coco stands around 5 feet 3 inches tall, complementing her graceful presence on social media platforms.

Weighing around 60 kilograms (132 pounds), Coco’s weight adds to her overall charm, enhancing her appeal to her wide audience.

Coco Bliss Family


Coco Bliss’s online persona and personal life never fail to captivate the curiosity of her audience. Intriguingly, behind the spotlight, Coco’s true identity is Cholee Land.

Hailing from Miami, Florida, Coco grew up with a younger sibling, though details about her family remain undisclosed.

As an American of White ethnicity, Coco was raised in a nurturing environment, emanating from her well-to-do family background. Growing up, she was showered with love and care from her parents, who ensured her every need was met.

Information about Coco’s parents and siblings is currently unknown, and updates will be shared when available.

Coco Bliss’s Personal Life

Coco Bliss has been romantically linked with Richard Mauric Colbert, better known as IHeartMemphis, a prominent American rapper whose debut single achieved notable success, peaking at number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Despite Coco’s discretion regarding her relationship status, credible sources have confirmed her involvement with Richard. Their relationship is evident through their appearances together in videos shared on Coco’s Heluvcoco TikTok account, as well as the occasional snapshots featuring him on her Instagram profile.

Living in her hometown with her parents, Coco, an American with a Leo sign, preserves privacy amid her growing social media presence.

Coco Bliss Boyfriend 

Based on social media, Coco Bliss is currently single and not romantically involved with anyone.

Known for her penchant for privacy, Coco keeps her love life under wraps, refraining from disclosing details about her romantic affairs to the media. Should there be any developments or updates regarding Coco’s relationship status in the future, we will promptly provide the latest information to our audience.


Does Coco Bliss Consume Alcohol?Yes
Does she, Smoke?Yes
Does she, Drive?Yes
Does Coco Bliss, Swim?Yes
Does she know cooking?Yes
Is she a Yoga Practitioner?No
Does she go to the Gym?Yes
Is Coco Bliss a Jogger?No
Eating Habit?Non-vegetarian

Coco Bliss Career

Coco’s childhood love for dancing sparked her journey into the realm of social media.

In March 2020, she ventured into the realm of TikTok, establishing her presence under the moniker “Heluvcoco.” Initially, she shared dance videos set to trending songs purely for amusement.

However, her infectious energy and captivating performances quickly garnered attention, propelling her into the limelight. One particular video, featuring the song “WAP,” catapulted her to greater prominence, amassing millions of views and significantly boosting her following on her Heluvcoco TikTok account.

Recognized as a prominent figure on TikTok, Coco also commands a substantial presence on Instagram, despite maintaining a modest portfolio of only five photos. Leveraging her popularity, Coco has ventured into modeling, collaborating with various brands.

Having attained fame at a young age, Coco Bliss’s trajectory suggests a promising future as she continues to captivate audiences and expand her influence in the entertainment industry, potentially paving the way for a successful acting career in the United States.

Coco Bliss’s Net Worth

As of 2022, Coco Bliss’s estimated net worth stands at a substantial USD 800,000, reflecting a notable increase from her previous year’s wealth, which was estimated to be close to USD 500,000. Based on these figures, it can be deduced that Coco earns an estimated annual income of USD 300,000 from her diverse sources of revenue. While this estimation is self-disclosed by Coco herself, it takes into account various financial factors and her lifestyle.

Rising to prominence at a young age, Coco’s meteoric ascent to fame is underscored by her massive following across social media platforms. With millions of devoted followers, it is evident that the majority of Coco’s earnings are derived from her social media endeavors. 

Additionally, Coco leverages her influential status to secure lucrative brand partnerships and endorsements, further bolstering her income.

As a versatile and talented social media personality, Coco Bliss’s earnings are poised to continue growing in the future, fueled by her commitment to delivering engaging and entertaining content to her dedicated fanbase.

Appearance on Social Media

Coco Bliss catapulted to fame at a tender age, propelled by her unique persona and the viral success of one of her videos, which garnered millions of views and ignited a surge of followers on TikTok. Admirers are drawn to her endearing charm and captivating presence, particularly captivated by her delightful dance performances showcased across her social media platforms.

A beloved figure among her fanbase, Coco actively engages with her audience through her Instagram and Twitter accounts, fostering a sense of connection and intimacy. She takes pleasure in staying connected with her supporters through her social media handles, regularly sharing her latest videos and updates to keep them entertained and informed.

Coco’s social media statistics are as follows:

  • TikTok has over 2.7 million followers.
  • Instagram has over 3.2 million followers.
  • Twitter has over 3.2 million followers.
Instagram@Coco Bliss
Twitter#Coco Bliss
YoutubeCoco Bliss


Coco Bliss found herself embroiled in a highly publicized altercation with fellow TikTok star Grace, known as Bbyyygrace. The feud between the two initially simmered online before reaching a boiling point during a chance encounter in a New York hotel elevator. Tempers flared as they exchanged heated words, escalating into a physical confrontation witnessed by onlookers.

Coco later revealed that the altercation stemmed from Grace’s attempts to ridicule her, leading to a sour turn of events. Grace even threatened to livestream any potential future confrontations between them, further fueling the tension between the two social media personalities.

Unknown Facts about Coco Bliss

  • Coco Bliss originates from Miami, Florida.
  • Coco Bliss’s birth name is Cholee Land.
  • As of 2023, Coco Bliss is 21 years old.
  • She holds American nationality.
  • Coco’s zodiac sign is Leo.
  • Her ethnicity is Caucasian.
  • Coco is widely recognized as a popular TikTok star and social media sensation.
  • Her TikTok account, under the username “imcocobliss,” boasts over 3 million followers.
  • Additionally, Coco maintains an active presence on Instagram, with her main account amassing over 347k followers and a secondary account garnering over 309k followers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Coco Bliss

Q: What is Coco Bliss’s real name?

Coco Bliss’s real name is Cholee Land, alternatively known as Courtney McCarthy in some sources.

Q: How old is Coco Bliss?

As of 2023, Coco Bliss is 21 years old, born on July 30, 2001.

Q: Where is Coco Bliss from?

Coco Bliss hails from Miami, Florida, in the United States.

Q: What is Coco Bliss’s net worth?

Coco Bliss’s estimated net worth as of 2022 is USD 800,000, primarily amassed through her social media endeavors and brand partnerships.

Q: Who is Coco Bliss dating?

Coco Bliss is reportedly in a relationship with Richard Mauric Colbert, also known as IHeartMemphis, an American rapper.

Q: What are Coco Bliss’s social media statistics?

Coco Bliss boasts over 2.7 million followers on TikTok, exceeding 3.2 million followers on both Instagram and Twitter.


Coco Bliss, also recognized by her birth name Cholee Land, has established herself as a prominent figure in the realm of TikTok and social media. Originating from Miami, Florida, Coco has amassed a sizable following across various digital platforms, propelled by her engaging dance performances and lip-sync videos set to the tunes of popular hip-hop tracks. 

Despite facing occasional controversies and public disputes, Coco has adeptly navigated these challenges while maintaining a strong and enduring online presence.

Through consistent interaction with her fans and the sharing of personal insights, Coco has cultivated a dedicated following, offering glimpses into her life and experiences.

With her unique blend of talent and charisma, Coco Bliss continues to captivate audiences, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of social media and entertainment. As she charts her course forward, Coco’s promising career trajectory positions her as a prominent influencer poised for continued success in the digital sphere.

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