Do you know Dave Navarro’s spouse? Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Career, Net Worth And More

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dave navarro spouse
dave navarro spouse


Dave Navarro, the American guitarist known for his unmistakable job in the musical gang Jane’s Fixation, has altogether added to bringing issues to light about emotional wellness and the risks of disregarding it. As his popularity keeps on developing, many fans are interested about his own life, especially his close connections. 

Navarro has had a number of high-profile relationships and marriages throughout his career. Notwithstanding his expert accomplishments, he has confronted individual difficulties, including dependence and emotional wellness issues, which he has transparently talked about. Fans stay anxious to study Navarro’s life past his melodic vocation.

Do you know Dave Navarro’s spouse? 

Dave Navarro is currently not married. Despite his followers’ hopes for him to find a lasting relationship, he has not managed to achieve the same consistency in his love life as he has in his music career. The Jane’s Addiction guitarist is celebrated for his exceptional skills and professionalism, but this success has not translated to his personal relationships. Although he has been married in the past, none of his marriages have endured.

First wife

Dave Navarro’s first wife was Tania Goddard, a well-known makeup artist recognized for her work in the horror film Wishcraft. She also assisted Navarro as a makeup artist in the musical love drama True Vinyl. The couple got hitched in June 1990, holding their wedding service at The Alexandria Assembly halls in California. Be that as it may, following two years of marriage, they sought legal separation in 1992, and it was settled in 1993, denoting the termination of their friendship.

Second wife

Though Tania Goddard is now happily married to Paul Saylor, Dave Navarro started a new relationship with Rhian Gittins a year after his divorce. Rhian, born in July 1969 in Edmonton, Canada, reportedly attended Ross Shep Composite High School. The couple married on October 15, 1994, and initially, everything seemed to be going well and kept private. Notwithstanding, their fantasy sentiment was brief, and they lawfully isolated. The separation was finished on October 20, 1994, making it quite possibly of the briefest marriage ever.

Third wife

After his short union with Rhian Gittins, Dave Navarro started another relationship with Carmen Electra, the breakout star from Baywatch. Conceived Tara Leigh Patrick, Carmen is an American entertainer, model, artist, and media character. Her singing profession took off after she moved to Minneapolis, where she met Sovereign, who created and delivered her self-named debut studio collection in 1993. 

She then, at that point, wandered into demonstrating and, by 1996, was showing up in Playboy magazine prior to migrating to Los Angeles. Electra and Navarro met on a prearranged meeting in 2000 and became connected under a year after the fact. At the point when they declared their wedding plans, MTV moved toward them with the possibility of an unscripted TV drama named Together forever: Carmen and Dave. 

In spite of the media consideration and the show, their marriage endured just over two years, finishing in 2006. Irreconcilable differences were the cause of the divorce, as stated in the legal papers that Electra presented to the Los Angeles Superior Court. Strangely, in spite of not having any kids, Electra mentioned that the court not award spousal help to one or the other party, as framed in their prenuptial arrangement.

Who is Dave Navarro?

David Michael Navarro was brought into the world on June 7, 1967, in St Nick Monica, California. Propelled by Jimi Hendrix, Navarro got the guitar interestingly at seven years old. He went to Sherman Oaks high school, where he joined the marching band and met Stephen Perkins, who would become a bandmate later on.

Dave Navarro – Wiki

CategoryRichest Celebrities › Rock Stars
Net Worth$20 Million
BirthdateJune 7, 1967 (56 years old)
BirthplaceSanta Monica, California
Height5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)
ProfessionActor, Composer, Singer, Guitarist, Musician, Television Producer, Film Score Composer
NationalityUnited States of America

Dave Navarro – Age

Dave Navarro was born on June 7, 1967, in Santa Monica, California. Now at 56 years old, his birthplace holds significance as the starting point of his journey into music, acting, and artistic expression.

Dave Navarro – Height

Dave Navarro remains at a level of 5 feet 8 inches, which is roughly 1.75 meters. This level supplements his charming stage presence and adds to his unmistakable persona as an artist and entertainer. All through his profession, his actual height, joined with his novel style and melodic ability, has added to his dynamic presence both on and off the stage. Whether he is performing live with Jane’s Compulsion, showing up on TV, or drawing in with fans, his level is only one of many credits that make him a striking and important figure in media outlets.

Dave Navarro – Personal life

Dave Navarro is currently engaged to Vanessa DuBasso, an American model and actress known for her roles in Modern Family, After We Collided, and Legion. Prior to starting her relationship with Navarro, she dated Samuel Larsen, a notable performer and entertainer. On her Instagram page on June 7, 2022, Vanessa posted a brief video in which she showed off her engagement ring and expressed her joy. She went with the video with a concise inscription observing Dave’s birthday.

Dave Navarro – Career

Dave Navarro is a strikingly flexible craftsman with a lifelong that traverses a few inventive fields. As an entertainer, he has showed up in different TV programs and movies, exhibiting his reach and versatility. Composing is another area in which he excels; he has written original music for a variety of projects, demonstrating his ability to produce compelling musical works. Navarro is notable as a vocalist and guitarist, especially for his commitments to the musical gang Jane’s Enslavement, where his abilities have procured him far and wide recognition. 

His musicianship isn’t restricted to one class, as he has teamed up with various groups and craftsmen, mixing various styles to make interesting sounds. Notwithstanding his work in music, Navarro has had a massive effect as a TV maker. He has been engaged with making and creating content that resounds with crowds, further laying out his presence in media outlets. His job as a film score writer features his capacity to improve the close to home profundity of visual stories through music, adding one more layer to his creative collection. Generally speaking, Dave Navarro’s profession is a demonstration of his complex ability and his capacity to succeed in different spaces of the diversion world.

Dave Navarro – Net Worth 

Dave Navarro is an American guitarist, vocalist, and lyricist with a total assets of $20 million. While he is generally eminent for his job in the musical gang Jane’s Compulsion, he has been a vital individual from a few different gatherings all through his vocation. Eminently, he was essential for the Super hot Stew Peppers, adding to one of their collections. Navarro has additionally been engaged with groups like Deconstruction and The Frenzy Channel. A solo album has also been released by him. 

Past his music vocation, Navarro has made progress as an entertainer and moderator. He is maybe generally perceived for his job on the TV program “Ink Expert.” Many see Dave Navarro as one of the best guitarists of the cutting edge period, known for his capacity to mix different sorts in his playing. Strategically, Navarro has shown help for both conservative and Majority rule competitors, including Glove Romney and Tulsi Gabbard, and recognizes as a Freedom supporter.


  1. Current Marital Status: Dave Navarro is not currently married.
  2. First Wife: Tania Goddard, a makeup artist, married in June 1990, divorced in 1993.
  3. Second Wife: Rhian Gittins, married on October 15, 1994, and divorced on October 20, 1994.
  4. Third Wife: Carmen Electra, married in November 2003, divorced in 2006.
  5. Current Engagement: Engaged to Vanessa DuBasso, an American model and actress, as of June 7, 2022.


1. Who is Dave Navarro currently married to?

Dave Navarro is currently not married but is engaged to Vanessa DuBasso.

2. How many times has Dave Navarro been married?

Dave Navarro has been married three times.

3. Who was Dave Navarro’s first wife?

Dave Navarro’s first wife was Tania Goddard, a makeup artist.

4. How long did Dave Navarro’s marriage to Rhian Gittins last?

Dave Navarro’s marriage to Rhian Gittins lasted for five days in October 1994.

5. What is notable about Dave Navarro’s marriage to Carmen Electra?

Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra starred in the reality TV show “Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave,” and their marriage lasted from 2003 to 2006.

6. Is Dave Navarro engaged?

Yes, Dave Navarro is engaged to Vanessa DuBasso as of June 2022.

7. What is Dave Navarro known for professionally?

Dave Navarro is known for his role as a guitarist in the band Jane’s Addiction and his contributions to other bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers. He is also an actor, composer, and TV producer.


Dave Navarro, a famous American guitarist known for his work with Jane’s Compulsion, has encountered a progression of high-profile relationships and connections all through his profession. In spite of his expert achievement, Navarro has confronted individual difficulties, including fixation and emotional well-being issues, which he has truly examined. At this point, he isn’t hitched yet is locked in to Vanessa DuBasso, an entertainer and model. Navarro’s most memorable marriage was to Tania Goddard, which endured from 1990 to 1993. His second union with Rhian Gittins was broadly short, enduring just five days in 1994. His third union with Carmen Electra started in 2003 and finished in 2006. Through his different individual and expert high points and low points, Navarro keeps on being a convincing figure both in the music business and in his own life.

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