Dorothée Lepère Wiki, Age (François-Henri Pinault Ex-Wife) Family, Net Worth $ More

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Dorothée Lepère Wiki, Age (François-Henri Pinault Ex-Wife) Family, Net Worth $ More

French society legend Dorothée Lepère has many identities. She is a famous interior designer, furniture firm owner, and ex-wife of François Pinault. Dorothée’s Pisces sensitivity and creativity make her personal and professional lives charming. Besides her career, Dorothée appreciates being a loving family member and valuing her relationships. Dorothée Lepère embodies Pisces’ uniqueness, resilience, and emotional depth by improving her life and others.

Who is Dorothée Lepère?

Who is Dorothée Lepère?

In 1965, Dorothée Lepère was born in Paris, surrounded by culture and luxury. She intuitively acquired French as a child in the center of elegant, charming France. Her childhood is unknown but affected her future.

After graduating, Dorothée received a top university bachelor’s in interior design. She started the company with her qualifications and succeeded due to her talent and determination.

Dorothée married François-Henri Pinault in 1996, a hit. After numerous turns, their marriage terminated in 2004. Dorothée’s grace and tenacity kept viewers engaged following their breakup.

Dorothée finds delight and inspiration beyond work. Her wanderlust drives her to shoot landscapes. She frequents museums to see different art forms because she likes art. She finds peace walking and letting her thoughts wander.

Her favorite film is “The Godfather”. Her values align with its timeless themes of loyalty, family, and power.

Dorothée Lepère is complex and gracefully handles life’s hardships. Her drive and spirit inspire people despite her hardships.

 Dorothée Lepère Biography

Parisian Dorothée Lepère exudes elegance. François-Henri Pinault’s ex-wife, born in 1965, became renowned. François’s 2005 appointment as Kering Group CEO and 2003 presidency of Groupe Artémis showed his innovative leadership, propelling both luxury and retail companies to unprecedented success.

Dorothée lives simply to avoid her ex-husband’s fame and wealth. Self-employed, she runs a successful home design firm that reflects her exquisite taste.

François-Henri Pinault’s firm’s huge investment in Notre Dame Cathedral’s restoration has garnered attention recently. The $450 million repair effort displays a strong dedication to national culture. This vast project shows how French enterprises and national treasures are linked.

Due to its scale, the LVMH Group and other large companies have pledged considerable donations to the restoration. The corporations have pledged $226 million to fund the $700 million cost, demonstrating their dedication to Notre Dame’s history and design.

Dorothée Lepère’s quiet beauty reminds us of the beauty of simplicity and elegance during massive repair projects. Passion for her craft and cultural preservation highlight French culture and heritage’s timeless values.

Wiki About Dorothée Lepère 

Full NameDorothée Lepère
Date of Birth (DOB)1965
Place of BirthParis, France
Age (2021)56
EducationDegree in Interior Design
CareerSelf-employed Interior Designer
Marital StatusDivorced (Previously married to François-Henri Pinault)
ChildrenFrançois and Mathilde (with François-Henri Pinault)
Height and Weight5 feet 5 inches, 60 kilograms
Body Measurements34-24-35
Social Media PresenceLow-key, minimal presence
Noteworthy AssociationsSupporter of Kering Foundation, Advocacy for Women’s Rights

Dorothée Lepère’s height and weight

Her elegance is enhanced by her 5’5″ (1.6m) height and thinness. Her 60 kg (140 lbs) body is healthy. Her brown eyes reveal her depth, and her lush black hair gives her face ageless beauty. Pale skin gives Dorothée a lovely sheen that enhances her beauty. Her 34-24-35 silhouette is elegant. Dorothée Lepère radiates elegant appeal and draws attention everywhere.

Physical  Measurement

Body Measurements34
Shoe Size (US)6
Tattoo details?Will update
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBrown

Dorothée Lepère’s Childhood and Early Life

Dorothée Lepère’s Childhood and Early Life

Dorothée Lepère was born in Paris’s lovely lanes in 1965. Her upbringing is unknown. She gained faith and resilience from her Christian family. Dorothée immersed herself in Paris’s liveliness and intellectual rigor at a top boarding school. Though her family is unknown, her youth in Paris affected her. From the cobblestone streets of her teens to the calm corners of her boarding school, every encounter sculpted her personality, providing depth and elegance for her future.

Dorothée Lepère’s Education

Dorothée Lepère studied at a Parisian high school near the city’s landmarks. Her secondary education is unknown, but Paris gave her academic rigor and cultural immersion. Dorothée studied interior design after high school. Her undergraduate years are unknown, although she was passionate about design and her career. Dorothée began interior design with her academic credentials and creative passion, determined to create her mark.

Highest QualificationDegree in Interior Decoration
SchoolHigh School in Paris
College/ UniversityNot Known

Dorothée Lepère’s Family

With François-Henri Pinault from 1996 to 2004, Dorothée had children. Their family increased with love and enthusiasm after François and Mathilda were born in 1998 and 2001. Born May 28, 1962, François-Henri Pinault was Kering’s CEO, chairman, and Groupe Artemis president. After his divorce from Dorothée, François-Henri dated supermodel Linda Evangelista from 2005 to 2006, having their son Augustin James Evangelista in October 2006. François-Henri Pinault married Salma Hayek, while Dorothée braves life.

Personal Life

Personal Life

Dorothée Lepère’s marriage to François-Henri Pinault attracted the media and public. They had François in 1998 and Mathilde in 2001 from 1996 until 2004. She lived with dignity after their divorce.

People followed François-Henri Pinault’s romances. He dated supermodel Linda Evangelista from September 2005 to January 2006, who had their son Augustin James Evangelista in October 2006. After rekindling his romance with Salma Hayek, François-Henri began a new chapter.

Dorothée found happiness in home décor away from the spotlight. Her calm life of beautification brought joy and happiness away from celebrity and attention. Dorothée had a peaceful, elegant life and found happiness despite her ex-husband’s fame.

Marriage and Relationships

Marital StatusUnmarried (Married once in 1996).
Dating History?__
Husband/Spouse NameFrançois-Henri Pinault
SonFrançois (born in 1999).
DaughterMathilde (born in 2001).

Dorothée married luxury industry legend and French millionaire François-Henri Pinault in 1996, changing her life. Dorothée entered high status and luxury after their marriage. The pair divorced in 2004 after eight years of marriage. Dorothée and François-Henri raised François and Mathilde together after their divorce.

François-Henri Pinault married Salma Hayek in 2009. Dorothée kept her personal life quiet while François-Henri’s high-profile romance drew notice. She handled the issues of divorce gracefully without seeking attention. Instead, she focused on her children and maintaining normalcy and stability. Dorothée showed courage and fortitude during life’s upheavals by prioritizing family and graciously eschewing stardom.

Dorothee Lepere Two Kids

Dorothée and François-Henri Pinault enjoy being parents to two children. In 1998, they welcomed their son François, who gave them endless love and happiness. They added Mathilde, their daughter, in 2001, making their family full and pleasant. Dorothée and François-Henri have enjoyed parenting their children in a loving, supportive, and shared setting. Their relentless dedication to their family has generated lifelong relationships and memories.

Dorothee Lepere Relationship Status

Dorothee Lepere Relationship Status

Dorothée Lepère married French businessman François Henry Pinault in 1996, starting a new chapter in their life. They divorced amicably in 2004 after eight years together. In 2009, François Henry Pinault married Salma Hayek after their divorce, starting a new chapter in his life.

François and Mathilde Pinault, Dorothée and François’s children, are treasured family members. Their mixed family was further blessed on September 21, 2007, when François and Salma welcomed Valentina Paloma Pinault, their first child. François’s ability to effortlessly combine family dynamics with peace and modesty shows his desire for harmony and unity. François Henry Pinault shows how to maintain love and respect in family relationships through life’s changes.

What Does Dorothée Lepère Do For Living?

Dorothée Lepère rose to fame in France after marrying wealthy businessman Henri Pinault. After their breakup, Dorothée transformed her career in design and entrepreneurship. She became a great interior designer by using her ingenuity and love of aesthetics. Dorothée refined her technique and created her style, giving places a sophisticated look with her attention to detail.

Due to her entrepreneurial zeal, Dorothée founded her home décor firm to realize her artistic vision and her clients’ desires. She was known for her rigorous attention to detail and unwavering quality, creating stunning creative solutions that inspired. As her organization grew, Dorothée’s impact on design spread, leaving a legacy of beauty and creativity.

Career and professional life

Self-employed Dorothee Lepere runs a home decor firm. She flourished in her job after studying interior design. Francois, her ex-husband, is a billionaire in the luxury industry. Currently, President of Kering, François Pinault’s rise to the top of the luxury business began in 1988 as a buying department manager. He became Pinault group president via perseverance and vision. The company transformed into a global premium brand and high fashion powerhouse under his leadership.

François became president of Group Artemis, Kering’s parent company, in 2003, demonstrating his strategic prowess and industry power. In June 2013, PPR was rebranded as Kering, symbolizing his desire to create a sense of belonging and care inside the organization.

François acquired Gucci, Girard-Perregaux, Quellin, Brioni, and Christopher Kane to strengthen Kering’s luxury goods leadership with his keen eye for innovation and perfection. François’s funding of the documentary “Home,” which examined humanity’s environmental impact, showed his commitment to sustainable development.

After the April 15, 2019 fire, François donated €86 million to restore Notre Dame Cathedral. François also expressed his desire to exceed Louis Vuitton with Gucci in the future, demonstrating his tenacious spirit and legacy in premium fashion.

Awards & Achievements

Dorothée Lepère is famous for her commercial achievements. In 2016, she was inducted into the Vanity Hall of Fame, demonstrating her unrivaled expertise. She was made a Chevalier of la Legion d’Honneur a decade earlier in 2006.

Her career is full of awards for her global business efforts. She is one of the world’s top CEOs, solidifying her legacy as a leader. Her name is on the 2019 list of the top 30 global CEOs, demonstrating her dedication to excellence and innovation.

Dorothée received Florence’s highest honor, the Fiorino d’Oro, in 2020. This distinguished recognition illuminates her remarkable career. Dorothée Lepère’s persistent passion and imaginative leadership continue to leave an everlasting impression on business, evoking admiration from peers and colleagues.

Dorothee Lepere’s Net Worth

Dorothee Lepere’s estimated net worth rose to USD 20 million by 2023 from $15 million in 2022. She lives a lavish lifestyle with her newfound fortune.

Her ex-husband has a USD 43.4 billion net worth, according to latest reports. He is the head of the successful Kering Group, demonstrating his financial prowess and its business impact.

Dorothee Lepere’s Favourite Things

Favorite ActorsRobert Downey, Jr.
Favorite ActressJennifer Aniston
Favorite ColourBlack, Pink & Blue
Favorite Holiday DestinationsParis
Favorite FoodItalian Dishes
Favorite Things To DoShopping, Cooking & Watching Shows

Fascinating Facts & Advocacy

Dorothée Lepère is a passionate supporter of the principles behind her stunning beauty. She is famous for her work at the Kering Foundation, where she champions women’s rights. Dorothée smoothly integrates her philanthropy into her life, showing a true commitment to good change. Her backing of François-Henri Pinault’s activities shows her dedication to social effect.

The details of François-Henri’s relationships, especially his time with Linda Evangelista, enrich Dorothée’s story. Dorothée remains focused on her advocacy work and meaningful contributions to topics she cares about, even though these connections are significant chapters in her story.


Birth and Early Life: Dorothée Lepère was born in Paris on March 10, 1965. After growing up in a Christian home, she attended a Parisian boarding school to build her personality and ideals.

Marriage and Family: Dorothée married François-Henri Pinault in 1996, starting a new chapter in her life. After eight years, the union ended in 2004. Dorothée and François-Henri had two children: François in 1999 and Mathilde in 2001.

Dorothée seamlessly transitioned into a successful career as an independent interior designer. Her design sense and great taste earned her a successful home furnishings business.

Advocacy & Philanthropy: Dorothée Lepère is known for her consistent support of the Kering Foundation, which she uses to promote women’s rights. She strongly supports François-Henri Pinault’s gender equality and empowerment programs.

Dorothée, a Pisces, is sensitive and imaginative. She navigates life with insight and empathy, finding comfort in smaller social groups and creative endeavors.

Honours: Dorothée was inducted into the Vanity Hall of Fame in 2016 for her accomplishments. In 2006, she was named a Chevalier of la Légion d’Honneur for her social contributions. She was named one of the top 100 and 30 worldwide CEOs in 2019, cementing her status as a visionary leader.

Net Worth: As of 2023, Dorothée Lepère has an estimated USD 20 million net worth, a testament to her career and philanthropic accomplishments.

As the mother of François and Mathilde, Dorothée remains close to François-Henri Pinault, who later married Salma Hayek. Valentina Paloma Pinault was born to François-Henri and Salma Hayek on September 21, 2007, expanding their family.

Dorothée is graceful and poised at five feet five inches. At 60 kg, she has a balanced, healthy body with 34-24-35 dimensions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Dorothée Lepère:

Q: Who is Dorothée Lepère?

A: Dorothée Lepère, a famous French interior designer, is known for her association with businessman François-Henri Pinault.

Q: When was Dorothée Lepère born?

A: Dorothée Lepère was born in Paris, France, in 1965. She will be 58 in 2023.

Q: How much is Dorothée Lepère worth?

A: Dorothée Lepère’s predicted net worth in 2023 is USD 20 million, thanks to her excellent career and wise investments.

Q: How many kids does Dorothée Lepère have?

A: Dorothée Lepère and ex-husband François-Henri Pinault have two children, François and Mathilde. Her family enriches her life beyond her career.

Q: Dorothée Lepère’s career?

A: As a self-employed interior designer, Dorothée Lepère brings her unique perspective and great taste to many projects. She also runs a successful home decor business, where her creativity and competence show through.


Dorothée Lepère, born in 1965 in Paris, France, became famous as the ex-wife of businessman François-Henri Pinault. Dorothée became a respected interior designer after her 2004 divorce. She keeps a low profile in the media to focus on her work and family.

Dorothée’s profession is built on her passion for design, which she applies to every project. Her dedication to quality and ability to elevate rooms have garnered industry praise.

Dorothée is passionate about women’s rights charities outside of work. She enthusiastically supports François-Henri Pinault’s projects, showing a shared commitment to social reform.

Dorothée Lepère lives a graceful, creative, and purposeful life with an estimated USD 20 million net worth in 2023. Her activism and unrelenting passion for her art reinforce her legacy as a multifaceted individual with a profound impact on the design profession and the community.

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