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In this blog, we will briefly describe how you can write and improve your introductory paragraph of a research paper. I will briefly provide an insight into a few sample introductions in order for you to discern an excellent one for your research paper.

The Actual Purpose Of The Introductory Paragraph 

Your research paper’s introductory paragraph is its first paragraph. You aim to grab readers’ attention and entice them to read your article in the introductory paragraph. Usually, this takes up one or two paragraphs. 

Background information must be included in the opening part so that readers may appreciate your findings and comprehend the reasoning behind your studies. The reader ought to be aware of your paper’s key idea and comprehend the significance of your issue after reading your introduction.

5 Parts Of Introductory Paragraph 

Generally, a research paper’s introductory paragraph should have the following elements.

  • Hook
  • An overview of the field
  • The particular subject under investigation
  • Definition of the problem
  • The significance of your efforts
  • The advantages of carrying out research

Defining Hook In The Introduction Paragraph

Most of the time you are supposed to start the introductory paragraph with some hook. So often, we simply call it a hook.  In other words, Ms. Ware aims to hook and immerse the reader. Just like you would employ hooks and baits in order to catch fish in a pond. These are normally introductory features that are used to lure the reader into reading your piece of work more.

How To Prepare A Hook In The Introduction? 

Something important worth noting is that most of the viewers of your research paper topics will apparently have prior information on the content. So you have to find a way to say things that people already know in a slightly different and interesting manner. The trick is to use statistics, facts, quotations, and questions to make things interesting to the readers. These are called hooks.

Let’s have a look at authentic examples of the hook: 

Example of a Hook 

This is a statement that opens. Here, we’re attempting to demonstrate the seriousness of breast cancer. There is not much punch to this sentence. It doesn’t adequately express the gravity of the situation and is really boring.

Breast cancer is still widespread and it affects a great number of women within the population of the United States.

We will now extend the assertion utilised by incorporating some statistics. As any reader will understand once they read this remark, one gets to grasp the severity of breast cancer since you have used statistics to explain the problem. Such as this, and the reader will instantly be pulled into the text and desire to read more of your work to see if you can provide any means of avoiding such a dreadful situation.

Highly Effective Introductory Paragraph Examples 

Let’s examine a few introductory paragraph examples. To make it easier for you to grasp, we have selected some samples. We have selected instances from many disciplines and forms.

Example #1: is a paper in the field of social sciences written by a student in the second year of the bachelor’s degree program.

Some ideas of an introduction on artificial intelligence (AI) for a research paper in the social sciences:Here in the first lines, we are providing a brief overview of the speech topics or the matter. This is the topic of the show: the latest trends and advances in artificial intelligence.

AI is being applied in numerous industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, security among others hence the interest in the application of AI has been rising in the recent past. There have been some approaches developed in recent years for building software that could be easily reprogrammable to be intelligent. 

The production process raised several concerns, such as the fact that AI may lead to human unemployment in the future. The creation of new programmes will ensure a more effective realisation of the potential of artificial intelligence.

Secondly, we have to state the problem. The problem is that AI can lead to the complete automation of all jobs and the total unemployment of all people in the future. The rationale for conducting research on the matter is therefore given in the next sentence to determine the likelihood of the impact of artificial intelligence on our future lives.

As you can see, this passage provides everything: the background information is provided, the description of the issue is accurate, and the information about why further research on the subject is necessary is given.

Example #2: A paper on business and marketing

This sample of an opening passage is taken from a business and marketing document. In order to demonstrate why it is crucial and appropriate to carry out study in this area, we provide numerous statistics in this example. We are informing the readers that there are millions of Asians residing in the United Kingdom, and that number is rising annually. 

They have enormous purchasing power, and very few studies have examined the ways and locations in which they allocate their funds. It is now time to investigate this market.  The readers are given access to a wealth of fascinating information and facts. And for that reason, this introduction is excellent.

According to the data, in 2022 it was more than 60. 5 million Asian people living in the UK. This figure is projected to rise by about 13 in the next five years. 19%. By 2025, this group’s purchasing power is predicted to surpass $2.26 trillion. 

This market is expanding and has not received much attention in the marketing literature. Because of this, scholars and industry professionals ought to be curious about this market’s growing significance and the economic opportunities it presents.

Example #3: A paper on medicine

This is an example of an introductory paragraph from a medical article. By presenting a compelling obesity statistic at the beginning of the passage, we are hooking the reader. We are focusing on a more specific issue after making a general one at first. We are hinting that the topic of our paper is vitamin D and obesity. 

We are establishing the topic’s importance with the following statement. We argue that vitamin D deficiency is a major cause of health problems and that obesity is killing a lot of people, therefore we need to take action.

Obesity is a disease internationally . As reported by WHO, in 2020 over 2 billion persons above the age of 18 were overweight. The scientific community as a whole agrees that obesity and vitamin D are directly related. The lack of vitamin D has been associated with various diseases, And obesity is the fifth cause of mortality.

 Currently this makes it a timely subject. If one understands this link, medical professionals will diagnose and manage various diseases that affect the obese population more effectively.

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