Gabriella Annalisa Height: Weight, Age, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth Or More

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gabriella annalisa height

Gabriella Annalisa Height

5 Feet 7 Inches

gabriella annalisa height

Gabriella Annalisa Height And Weight

Gabriella Annalisa height is 5 feet 3 inches and weighs approximately 50 kilograms. With her striking brown eyes and luscious brown hair, she possesses a natural beauty that captivates those around her. Her slender and graceful physique adds to her allure, reflecting her dedication to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Gabriella’s presence radiates confidence and charm, drawing people in with her warm smile and engaging personality. Whether she’s pursuing her passions or simply enjoying life’s moments, her inner beauty shines through, leaving a lasting impression on everyone she meets.

Height in feet5’7″
Height in centimetres170
Weight in pounds121
Weight in kilograms55
Body measurements in inches34-28-35
Body measurements in centimetres86-71-89
Hair colourBrunette (dyed blonde)
Eye colourHazel

Who Is Gabriella Annalisa?

Who Is Gabriella Annalisa?

Gabriella Annalisa, a content creator and social media influencer based in the United States, has made a name for herself on TikTok. Her profile is well-known for its diverse range of content, spanning from entertaining dance routines and lip-sync performances to comedic sketches that resonate with her audience. Through her engaging videos, she has cultivated a significant following, with viewers eagerly anticipating her next upload.

Collaboration is a key aspect of Gabriella’s journey, and she has teamed up with other prominent social media personalities to create compelling content. Notable collaborations include partnerships with Jesse Heffels and Lucas Dobre, allowing her to expand her reach and connect with new audiences.

With her creative flair and ability to connect with her followers, Gabriella continues to leave a mark in the digital sphere, inspiring others with her content and spreading positivity through her online presence.

Profile Summary

Profile Summary
Full nameGabriella Annalisa
Date of birth13 March 2001
Age22 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac signPisces
Place of birthPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Current residenceMiami, Florida, United States
Relationship statusDating
BoyfriendDennis Carroll
High SchoolCouncil Rock High School South
ProfessionTikTok star, model, entrepreneur, social media influencer
Net worth$700,000

Gabriella Annalisa’s Biography

Gabriella, the content creator, was born and brought up in the vibrant city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States. As an American citizen with Italian roots, she embraces the rich cultural heritage that shapes her identity. Currently, Gabriella calls the sunny shores of Miami, Florida, her home, where she finds inspiration for her creative endeavors.

Her formative years were spent at Council Rock High School South, where she graduated in 2019. During her time there, Gabriella immersed herself in various activities, including dancing and cheerleading competitions. These experiences not only honed her skills but also instilled in her a sense of discipline and determination that she carries with her to this day.

Gabriella Annalisa Age

Gabriella Annalisa Age

As of 2001, Annalisa, the actress, is 21 years old, cherishing her birthday on the 13th of March every year. This pivotal age finds her at a juncture filled with promise and possibility, where she’s actively pursuing her dreams and aspirations with unwavering determination. Each passing year adds a layer of richness to her journey, allowing her to mature and blossom into the person she aspires to be. In her pursuit of growth and self-discovery, Annalisa embraces the challenges and triumphs that come her way, eagerly seizing new opportunities and experiences as they unfold.

Born in the vibrant state of California, United States, Annalisa’s roots are firmly planted in the land of opportunity. While details about her family remain scarce, her upbringing in the Golden State likely played a significant role in shaping her values and aspirations. As she continues to carve her path in the world of acting, Annalisa carries with her the spirit of resilience and determination instilled in her by her California upbringing.

Gabriella Annalisa Family

As for her personal life, the actress maintains a level of privacy, choosing not to share details about her family on her social media platforms. There are no glimpses of her family members, and she has never publicly mentioned her siblings or parents in any profile or statement. This reserved approach allows her to focus on her career and maintain boundaries between her public persona and private life.

At 21 years old as of 2001, the actress embodies a blend of youthful energy and burgeoning maturity. This stage of her life is characterized by a sense of exploration and self-discovery, as she navigates the complexities of adulthood while pursuing her dreams in the entertainment industry. With each passing year, she embraces the opportunities for growth and self-reflection, eager to carve out her path in the world.

Gabriella Annalisa Rise To Stardom

Gabriella Annalisa Rise To Stardom

Gabriella always dreamed of making it big in the entertainment industry, so she took her first steps towards her goal by joining the musical platform TikTok at a young age. With determination and passion, she began sharing her lip-sync, dancing, and comedic content on the app. Over time, her videos gained traction and captured the interest of viewers, propelling her to popularity. Today, she boasts millions of followers on TikTok and is celebrated as one of the most prominent content creators in California.

Gabriella Annalisa Youtube

Gabriella’s journey on YouTube began after gaining fame on TikTok. Her self-titled channel debuted on August 14, 2011, but it wasn’t until November 28, 2019, when she uploaded her first video, “FOREIGN YOUTUBER TRIES AMERICAN CANDY! Ft. Jesse Heffels.” The positive response from viewers spurred her on, and she continued to create diverse content for her growing fanbase.

Vlogs form the backbone of Gabriella’s channel, where she shares snippets of her life. From “MOVING TO MIAMI” to “our FIRST VACATION with my BOYFRIEND!!!” and “MY 20TH BIRTHDAY IN VEGAS,” her audience gets a glimpse into her adventures. Alongside vlogs, Gabriella spices things up with pranks, challenges, fashion hauls, and daily routines.

Collaboration is key for Gabriella, often featuring her friends and boyfriend in her videos. Some of her most viral content includes “I bought a puppy! – Toy Poodle – Dog,” “this went very wrong… DISASTER ft. Jordan Beckham and Karina Prieto,” “ASKING GUYS QUESTIONS GIRLS HAVE ft. Jordan Beckham and Kayla Patterson,” and “HOW OLD I REALLY AM…”

Consistency is her strength, with Gabriella uploading a video each week, keeping her audience engaged and eagerly awaiting her next upload.

Gabriella Annalisa Instagram And Modeling

Gabriella Annalisa Instagram And Modeling

Gabriella doesn’t just stop at TikTok and YouTube; she’s also rocking it on Instagram. Her feed is a mix of bold, captivating, and sizzling photos that keep her followers hooked. But it’s not just about the looks; she’s using her platform to promote various swimwear, lingerie, apparel, and makeup brands. With her charm and style, she’s managed to gather a huge following on the app, captivating thousands of followers with each post.

Gabriella Annalisa Personal Life 

In 2023, Gabriella’s heart is spoken for. She hasn’t tied the knot yet, but she’s been in a steady relationship with her boyfriend for a good chunk of time—over two years, to be exact. How they first crossed paths is a bit of a mystery, but what’s for sure is the deep love and commitment they share. You might catch them whisking away on romantic getaways, and who knows, there could be even more exciting plans brewing.

Their relationship seems to be the real deal, filled with genuine happiness and a strong bond. It’s clear that they’ve found comfort and joy in each other’s company, forming a connection that’s truly special. As for Gabriella’s romantic past, well, it’s a bit of a closed book. There’s not much out there about her boyfriend or any previous relationships, but what matters most is the love they share in the present.

Gabriella Annalisa’s Net Worth

Gabriella Annalisa’s Net Worth

Gabriella Annalisa’s worth is estimated at around $1.5 million in 2023, quite a jump from the $0.5 million she had the previous year. Her income streams mainly flow from social media platforms, brand deals, commercials, modeling gigs, and business ventures. With her career on the rise, it’s expected that her wealth will continue to grow in the years to come.

On Instagram, she’s not just posting pretty pictures; she’s also promoting various brands in swimwear, lingerie, apparel, and makeup, pulling in thousands of followers along the way. Her TikTok videos are a hit, racking up millions of views and boosting her popularity.

Then there’s her YouTube channel, where she shares vlogs, fashion hauls, and travel adventures, amassing thousands of subscribers. With all this going on, she’s pulling in roughly $0.5 million a year—a testament to her growing influence and success in the digital world.

Gabriella Annalisa Social Media

Profile Summary
Gabriella Annalisa  InstagramClick Here
Gabriella Annalisa  TikTokClick Here
Gabriella Annalisa  YouTubeClick Here

You’ll find Gabriella Annalisa sharing her vibrant life on Instagram, where she keeps her followers engaged with her stunning photos and promotions for various brands. On TikTok, her captivating videos have won her a huge following, showcasing her charm and creativity. And on YouTube, her channel gives us a glimpse into her world with vlogs, fashion hauls, and travel adventures, attracting thousands of subscribers. With her presence on these platforms, Gabriella continues to captivate audiences and establish her place in the digital world.


  • Gabriella is from the United States.
  • She’s well-known as a TikTok Star, Instagram Star, and social media personality.
  • Gabriella has amassed millions of followers on TikTok and thousands on Instagram.
  • As a model, she’s collaborated with numerous brands, companies, and photographers.
  • It’s possible we’ll soon see her gracing the covers of style and fashion editorials.
  • She’s an avid traveler, having visited scenic destinations such as London, Paris, and Dubai.


In conclusion, Gabriella Annalisa’s rise to fame as a social media influencer is nothing short of remarkable. With her captivating presence on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, coupled with her successful modeling career and passion for travel, she continues to inspire and enchant audiences worldwide. As she navigates her way through the ever-evolving landscape of digital media, one thing is certain—Gabriella’s star is only shining brighter, promising even greater success and adventures in the future.

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