Shirley Strawberry’s age is given by her bio, wiki, height, career, education, net worth, family, boyfriend, and other factors. 

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how old is shirley strawberry
how old is shirley strawberry

How old is shirley strawberry

Shirley Strawberry will be 69 years of age in 2024. Online sources display that she was brought into the world on July 28, 1954.

Who is Shirley Strawberry?

Shirley Strawberry, an excited American radio DJ and creator, is most notable as the enthusiastic co-host of The Steve Harvey Morning Show. Her cycle started on July 28, 1954, in the clamoring city of Chicago, Illinois. 

It was there, in the midst of the vivacious energy of the Blustery City, that Shirley moved into the universe of expert radio during the 1980s. 

Her occupation took an essential turn during the 2000s when she joined The Steve Harvey Morning Show as a co-have, broadcasting from Los Angeles. Shirley’s overwhelming fervor and undeniable horrendous voice immediately made her a darling presence on the far off transmissions. 

All through her calling, she has captivated swarms with her radiance, mind, and drawing in character, making an enduring etching on the universe of radio.

Early Life and Education

Shirley Strawberry, at first Shirley Strawberry Renfro, entered the world on July 28, 1954, in the fiery city of Chicago, Illinois. 

While encounters regarding her family foundation and early years remain usually private, obviously Shirley’s energy for radio and music arose during her adolescent years. Invigorating her advantage, Shirley sought after her fantasies by seeking after a telecom exchange school resulting to progressing forward from discretionary school. 

There, she committed herself to administering the specialty of live working with and making, chipping away at her abilities for the solid universe of radio. It was a major second in her life, showing her a way toward a useful and satisfying bringing in the business she esteemed.


Full NameShirley Strawberry
BirthdayJuly 28, 1954
Birth PlaceChicago, Illinois
Age69 Years old
Height5 feet 5 inches
SpouseErnesto Motiejunas (m. 2015-present)
EducationBroadcasting trade school
Early CareerChicago radio stations in the 1970s
Notable Radio HostingWGCI-FM Chicago, KKBT-FM LA, The Steve Harvey Morning Show
Most Known ForDistinctive raspy voice, lively radio persona
Other VenturesAuthor, motivational speaker
AwardsRadio Hall of Fame, Gracie Award, NAACP Image Award
Net Worth$1.5 million
Social MediaTwitter, Instagram
Fun FactsLoves cruises, introvert off-air, ordained minister

Shirley Strawberry Height

Shirley Strawberry is 5 feet, 5 inches, or 165 cm, tall, which is about typical. She gives off an impression of being astounding an immediate consequence of her vivacious radio person.

Eye and Hair Color

Shirley Strawberry’s striking looks, which consolidate short dim hair and entering dull natural hued eyes, match her searing live presence. Her one of a kind carefree look is a short reap of hair. Shirley wears sharp displays on her shows as well.

Shirley Strawberry Family, Friends, And Siblings

Ernesto Motiejunas, a bank delegate, and Shirley Strawberry, her durable darling, were hitched in 2015. 

Going before her marriage, Shirley’s own ties and family establishment were not prominent. Clearly she would like to keep this piece of her life hidden away from the general populace. 

Shirley has uncovered that, when she’s not on the radio or in interviews, she considers herself to be a maverick, despite her excited demeanor. 

She prizes her time alone, away from the glaring spotlight, and tracks down comfort in her private space’s quietness.

Shirley Strawberry Dating And Husband

Since Shirley Strawberry likes to stay discreet, her own life is an inside and out confidential. We truth be told do understand that she is eventually wed to Ernesto Williams, yet sadly, the nuances of their relationship and how they at first met are right now hazy. 

It’s dazzling to see that Shirley was actually hitched, yet wide society is as of now uninformed about who her ex is. 

Regardless, sheridan, her childhood from her earlier marriage, is hers. No matter what her public profile as a radio person, Shirley has chosen to keep her own issues stowed away. 

This decision shows her desire for separation. In spite of the way that she rarely talks about her life on the radio, she keeps various bits of it concealed for her as well as her loved ones.

Career Beginnings

The last piece of the 1970s saw Shirley Strawberry’s radio job start in the point of convergence of Chicago, her old area. She began at the base and moved continuously up, getting ideal time assignments directly following working with until further notice and week’s end occupations. 

In any case, Shirley’s calling showed up at new levels in 1985 when she was enlisted to have the morning program at Chicago’s WGCI-FM, a striking R&B station. 

She transformed into the station’s generally paramount female DJ to have the morning position, thusly this was a colossal accomplishment. 

During her five years at WGCI, Shirley’s irresistible excitement and cordial demeanor won her a gave following among Chicago crowd individuals. Her dynamic person on the radio roused a profound reaction from crowd individuals, establishing her place as the city’s radio star.

Shirley Strawberry Awards

Shirley Strawberry has swayed a couple of praises her well known lifetime, some of which are: 2016 Radio Hallway of Prevalence Inductee The 2018 Gracie Award for Best Live Capacity Best New Maker NAACP Picture Award (2011) Recipient of the Many Radio Ink Most Powerful Women in Radio honor.

Shirley Strawberry’s Net Worth And Income

Shirley Strawberry’s changed work and soul of business are clear in her monetary accomplishment. She has amassed an ordinary complete assets of $1.5 million from her long bringing in radio and different other business endeavors. 

Shirley gets cash from different sources despite her radio occupation, including book sways, talking responsibility, and endorsing oversees associations. 

She has had the choice to get herself as a famous person in the calling for a seriously significant time-frame, gathering rich prospects that go past her radio remuneration. 

Shirley has set out a strong groundwork for herself as a powerful media character and cash chief by helping a natural financial situation through her mastery, troublesome work, and wise associations.

Shirley Strawberry Car Collection

There is at this point a shortfall of information on Shirley Strawberry’s vehicle collection. Shirley has an unforeseen approach in contrast with various celebrities who show their expensive vehicles and sumptuous lifestyles through virtual diversion. 

She chooses not to cause to see her own life by displaying her assets or participating in ostentatious shows of wealth. Shirley keeps a particular proportion of safety past her work life, whether or not admirers would be excited about looking into her craving for vehicles. 

She invests more complement on her effort and the associations she works with her group than she does on pompous vehicles or exorbitant effects. 

Shirley’s perceptive decision to stay aware of the assurance of her own life includes her commitment to dependability and shows her grounded character. 

She leans toward certified affiliations and huge exchanges, both on and away from plain view, over material items with the end goal of endorsement.

Social Media Accounts

@ShirleyStrawber has 61K allies on Twitter. @mygirlshirley has 328K lovers on Instagram. Through virtual diversion, she generally advances her public transmission and master accomplishments. Shirley irregularly posts supportive proclamations close by a family photo.

Life Beyond the Recording Studio

Despite her radio occupation, Shirley Strawberry is a happy American public with a lively life past the studio. She puts vigorously in being a grandmother and opposes age principles with her strong and vivacious appearance. Shirley’s effect shows up at past the area of radio, as shown by her commitment with the Shirley Strawberry Festivity 2023, further highlighting her impact and presence in various pieces of life.

Effects of Shirley Strawberry

Shirley Strawberry’s age is a customary point of convergence, given her astounding accomplishment and continuing on through calling in the telecom business. In addition, her master association with Steve Harvey has touched off interest among fans. 

As a co-have on The Steve Harvey Morning Show, she plays had a basic effect in framing the show’s flourishing, setting her status as an undeniable and powerful figure in the domain of radio. Certainly, at 63 years old, Shirley Strawberry enduringly influences the universe of radio telecom. 

Her age is only a number, as her calling achievements and extravagant person go about as a persistent wellspring of inspiration for some. 

Whether it’s her significant complete resources, the accomplishments in her calling, or her own life, Shirley Strawberry’s cycle is one that holds a persuading story worth researching and celebrating.


  1. Full Name: Shirley Strawberry
  2. Birthday: July 28, 1954
  3. Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois
  4. Age: 69 years old (as of 2024)
  5. Height: 5 feet 5 inches
  6. Spouse: Ernesto Motiejunas (married since 2015)
  7. Education: Broadcasting trade school
  8. Early Career: Started in Chicago radio stations in the 1970s
  9. Notable Radio Hosting: WGCI-FM Chicago, KKBT-FM LA, The Steve Harvey Morning Show
  10. Most Known For: Distinctive raspy voice, lively radio persona
  11. Other Ventures: Author, motivational speaker
  12. Awards: Radio Hall of Fame, Gracie Award, NAACP Image Award
  13. Net Worth: $1.5 million
  14. Social Media: Active on Twitter and Instagram
  15. Fun Facts: Enjoys cruises, is an introvert off-air, and is an ordained minister


Shirley Strawberry, brought into the world on July 28, 1954, in Chicago, Illinois, is a prestigious American radio DJ and maker most popular for her energetic co-facilitating on The Steve Harvey Morning Show. With an unmistakable rough voice and drawing in character, she has enthralled crowds since the 1980s. Shirley’s profession started in Chicago radio broadcasts, and she later joined The Steve Harvey Morning Show in Los Angeles, turning into a dearest figure on the wireless transmissions.


How old is Shirley Strawberry?

Shirley Strawberry is 69 years old as of 2024, born on July 28, 1954.

Who is Shirley Strawberry?

Shirley Strawberry is an American radio DJ and producer, best known for co-hosting The Steve Harvey Morning Show.

What is Shirley Strawberry’s height?

Shirley Strawberry is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Who is Shirley Strawberry’s spouse?

Shirley Strawberry is married to Ernesto Motiejunas since 2015.

What is Shirley Strawberry’s educational background?

Shirley Strawberry attended a broadcasting trade school.

Where did Shirley Strawberry start her radio career?

Shirley Strawberry started her radio career in Chicago radio stations in the 1970s.

What is Shirley Strawberry most known for?

Shirley Strawberry is most known for her distinctive raspy voice and lively radio persona.

What are some of Shirley Strawberry’s other ventures?

Shirley Strawberry is also an author and motivational speaker.

What awards has Shirley Strawberry won?

Shirley Strawberry has won the Radio Hall of Fame, Gracie Award, and NAACP Image Award.

What is Shirley Strawberry’s net worth? S

hirley Strawberry’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

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