How to play European Championship mode in EA Sports FC 24

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The Euros are off to a flying start, and it’s time for you to join in on the action through FC 24’s latest Festival of Football update. This brings UEFA Euro 2024 to your gaming screens, allowing you to relive the exhilarating action of the actual tournament as it unfolds. It’s time to take a step away from Ultimate Team; you’re probably exhausted from looking for cheap FIFA coins PC anyway!

What is the European Championship Mode in FC 24?

EA has a habit of launching dedicated limited-time game modes for major international tournaments as they take place. We saw the same in 2022 with the World Cup in Qatar, and they have decided to continue to trend with FC 24 Euro 2024. Keep in mind, though, that there won’t be much of an opportunity to use FC 24 boosting services like in some of the other game modes!

What that means for players like you and me is that we get to immerse ourselves in matches that very closely replicate the actual experience itself. This is done through the use of official matchballs, authentic stadiums, and realistic scoreboards. 

What are the different ways to play this mode?

Of course, EA has added a multitude of gaming options within the FC 24 Euro update itself. This includes the following game modes:

  • Kickoff: Much like the regular Kickoff mode, except that you can only select European nations, and of course, the use of dedicated scoreboards, stadiums, and matchballs. Best go for the teams that are actually qualified to keep the experience as realistic as possible.
  • Tournament Mode: Experience the FC 24 Euro as it’s meant to feel through qualifying through the group stage and making your way through the brackets one by one.
  • Lead Your Nation Mode: Use a real player and play through their eyes as they lead their nation to the European dream. Or better yet, create your own player to make the journey even more personal.
  • European Journey Mode: This is a set of challenges spanning across different game modes, allowing you to earn a range of rewards.
  • Euros Online Friendlies: Similar to the regular online friendlies mode, allowing you to play matches online with players all over the world, complete with the proper FC 24 Euro feel.

How do you get the FC 24 Euro game mode?

That’s simple enough. Whether you’re on the Xbox, Playstation, or PC, you’ll notice that there is a new update available called the Festival of Football. The FC 24 Euro mode is included within this patch, so go ahead and download the update.

Other FC 24 Updates on Festival of Football

Some of the additional updates include:

  • New Skill Move: The “Double Touch Lane Change” has been added to the game and allows you to quickly change your dribbling lane to leave the opponent in the dust. Execute with holding L2/LT + holding the Right Analog.
  • New Celebration: Cole Palmer’s celebration is the newest one in the game.

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