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jayne posner
jayne posner

Jayne Posner is a recognized American instructor and previous mate of a big name.

She earned respect as the previous spouse of Neil Jewel, a flexible American craftsman famous for his singing, songwriting, acting, and abilities to create.

On the off chance that you’re keen on looking further into Jayne Posner’s age, foundation, total assets, spouse, level, and vocation, keep pursuing to find more about this enamoring person.

Jayne Posner Biography & Profile Summary

Jayne Posner was a popular American figure, known for being the primary spouse of the notorious performer, vocalist, and lyricist Neil Jewel.

Regardless of the consideration that accompanies being the accomplice of a well known individual, Jayne liked to keep her own life hidden.

She gave next to no data to the media, leaving her fans and the general population with numerous unanswered inquiries.

In this article, we will investigate all that we are familiar with Jayne Posner’s memoir and her relationship with Neil Precious stone.


Full nameJayne Posner
Year of birth1940
Age83 years (as of Feb 2023)
Place of birthNew York, USA
Sexual orientationStraight
Hair colorGrey
Eye colorHazel
Marital statusDivorced
Ex-spouseNeil Diamond
ChildrenMajorie and Elyn Diamond
Famous forBeing Neil Diamond’s ex-wife

Jayne Posner Early Life and Education

Jayne Posner was brought up in the US of America.

In any case, she has not unveiled her precise birth date to the media, passing on her fans and admirers to conjecture about her age.

Her zodiac sign’s remaining parts are obscure.

Jayne is of Caucasian nationality and has Christian strict convictions.

Sadly, there is no data accessible about her family ancestry, including the names of her folks and kin.

Jayne went to Abraham Lincoln Secondary School, where she finished her secondary school instruction.

Sadly, we have hardly any insight into her scholarly foundation past her secondary school years.

Jayne Posner Husband

Jayne Posner was broadly known as the main spouse of Neil Precious Stone, whom she met while they were still in secondary school.

Following a couple of long periods of dating, they got hitched in 1963. Their marriage created two little girls, Marjorie and Elyn.

Tragically, their romantic tale didn’t have a cheerful consummation, and they got separated in 1969.

Notwithstanding the conclusion of their heartfelt friendship, they stayed enjoying a positive outlook for their youngsters.


There is restricted data accessible about Jayne Posner’s vocation, making her expert life fairly baffling.

By the way, it is accepted that she might have functioned as a teacher before her union with Neil Precious stone.

Following their separation, there is a theory that Jayne possibly sought after different business tries, albeit these cases still can’t seem to be checked.

Neil Leslie Jewel, who is her ex, is a very gifted American artist musician.

With his mind blowing melodic capacities, he has figured out how to universally dazzle the hearts of millions and sell north of 130 million records.

This surprising achievement has certainly established his status as perhaps history’s most monetarily effective performer.

Personal Life

Jayne Posner, 83, became popular as Neil Jewel’s most memorable spouse.

They met while they were both secondary school understudies and ultimately wedded in 1963.

All through their marriage, they invited two girls, Marjorie and Elyn.

Tragically, their relationship finished in 1969 when they settled on a separation.

Notwithstanding the disintegration of their heartfelt bond, Jayne and Neil kept a cheerful relationship for their youngsters.

Jayne Posner Professional Life

Jayne Posner’s expert life is generally obscure.

In any case, a few sources propose that she functioned as a teacher prior to Neil Jewel.

After their separation, Jayne could have been engaged with some undertakings, however this data stays unverified.

Jayne Posner Net Worth

Jayne Posner’s total assets are assessed to be around $500 thousand as of January 2023.

While this might appear to be a significant sum, it could not hope to compare to her ex Neil Jewel’s total assets of $200 million.

Neil amassed his fortune from his fruitful profession as a vocalist, writer, and performer.

Jayne Posner Height and Weight

Jayne Posner has kept a position of safety and kept her own life out of the public eye.

Subsequently, there is no precise data about her body estimations, including her level and weight.

Notwithstanding, we really do realize that she has delightful dim earthy colored hair and dull earthy colored eyes.

Jayne Posner Legacy

Regardless of carrying on with a confidential life, She stays a huge piece of Neil Jewel’s heritage.

Their romantic tale is a demonstration of the force of youthful love and how it can shape our other lives.

In spite of the fact that their close connection didn’t stand the test of time, they stayed conscious of one another, and their youngsters keep on profiting from their genial relationship.

Where is Jayne Posner now?

In the wake of heading out in different directions from Neil Precious stone, she appeared to vanish from the public eye.

Sadly, since she isn’t dynamic via web-based entertainment, viewing photos of her has demonstrated as very troublesome.

In any case, sources have uncovered that she has devoted her life to bringing up her kids fully backed up by their dad.

Sadly, data about her girls’ location isn’t accessible right now.

In the interim, Neil Precious Stone has continued on with his own personal business. Since his most memorable separation, he has been hitched two times.

In the wake of separating from Marcia in 1994, he went into a relationship with Rae Farley, despite the fact that they never sealed the deal.

During this time, Neil composed and formed the melodies on his collection Home Before Dull while supporting Rae through her constant back torment.

In September 2011, Neil reported his commitment to Katie McNeil on Twitter, and the couple traded promises the next year.

He has acknowledged their relationship as the motivation behind his collection Tune Street.

While Jayne Posner might have vanished from the public eye, Neil Jewel keeps on making music and track down adoration.


  1. Full Name: Jayne Posner
  2. Year of Birth: 1940
  3. Age: 83 years (as of February 2023)
  4. Place of Birth: New York, USA
  5. Nationality: American
  6. Ethnicity: Caucasian
  7. Marital Status: Divorced
  8. Ex-Spouse: Neil Diamond
  9. Children: Majorie and Elyn Diamond
  10. Famous For: Being Neil Diamond’s ex-wife


Jayne Posner is a notable American educator and the former spouse of famed musician Neil Diamond. Born in 1940 in New York, USA, Jayne gained recognition primarily due to her marriage to Neil Diamond, with whom she has two daughters, Majorie and Elyn. Despite being in the public eye due to her high-profile marriage, Jayne has maintained a low profile, keeping her personal life private. She was married to Neil Diamond from 1963 until their divorce in 1969. Jayne’s professional life remains largely unknown, but it is believed she worked as a teacher. Currently, she is estimated to have a net worth of around $500,000. Jayne has remained out of the public eye since her divorce, focusing on raising her children.


Q: Who is Jayne Posner?
A: Jayne Posner is the former wife of Neil Diamond, a famous American musician. She is also recognized as an educator.

Q: When was Jayne Posner born?
A: Jayne Posner was born in 1940.

Q: How old is Jayne Posner?
A: Jayne Posner is 83 years old as of February 2023.

Q: Who are Jayne Posner’s children?
A: Jayne Posner has two daughters, Majorie and Elyn Diamond.

Q: What is Jayne Posner’s nationality?
A: Jayne Posner is American.

Q: What is Jayne Posner’s net worth?
A: Jayne Posner’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000 as of January 2023.

Q: Who was Jayne Posner married to?
A: Jayne Posner was married to Neil Diamond from 1963 to 1969.

Q: Where is Jayne Posner now?
A: Jayne Posner has kept a low profile since her divorce from Neil Diamond and is focused on her personal life and raising her children.

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