Jessie James Decker Height: How Tall is Jessie James Decker? Bio, Career & Net Worth

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jessie james decker height
jessie james decker height


In the energetic universe of music and diversion, height frequently assumes a vital part in characterizing a craftsman’s presence. Enter Jessie James Decker, the multi-gifted American nation pop sensation whose powerful stage persona is all around as enrapturing as her undeniable ability. Remaining at a level of 1.55 meters (5 feet 1 inch), Jessie James Decker easily orders consideration, her modest yet significant height impeccably supplementing her attractive energy in front of an audience. As a refined performer, TV character, and gave mother, Decker’s process epitomizes versatility and energy, separating her as an amazing powerhouse in the business. We should dig into the interesting quintessence of Jessie James Decker, where her level is only one feature of her awesome presence.

Jessie James Decker Height

Standing at a height of 1.55 meters, Jessie James Decker possesses a stature that perfectly aligns with her vibrant stage persona, enhancing her unique presence within the music and entertainment realm.

Height in Feet5′ 1″
Height in Centimeters155 cm
Weight in Kilograms54 kg
Weight in Pounds119 pounds
Bra Size34C
Cup SizeC
Dress Size8

Who is Jessie James Decker?

Jessie James Decker, an American nation pop artist, musician, and unscripted television character, earned respect for her collection ‘Southern Young lady City Lights.’ Decker persevered despite being turned down by major country record labels as a teen because she knew she needed to get better at singing. Looking for direction from Carla Wallace of Enormous Yellow Canine Music, she went through specific preparation, bringing about critical improvement. In the long run, Decker’s ability grabbed the eye of Mercury Records, prompting a record bargain. Her presentation collection sent off in 2009, trailed by ‘Southern Young lady City Lights,’ which beat Announcement’s US Top Blue grass Collections Outline. Beginning around 2014, she’s delivered four EPs, two of which, ‘Comin.

Jessie James Decker Biography

Jessica Rose James, born on April 12th, 1988, in Vivenza, Veneto, Italy, experienced a nomadic upbringing as a “military brat” due to her father’s service in the U.S. Air Force. Growing up, she traversed various states, including Iowa, Kentucky, Texas, Louisiana, and Georgia.

From a young age, Jessica, raised alongside two younger siblings and two step-siblings, displayed a passion for singing, starting her vocal journey at the tender age of two. As she honed her talent, she ventured into public performances, securing victories in numerous talent competitions. Despite her early success, her pursuit of a music career faced setbacks as she encountered rejection from most major labels in Nashville, despite her regular visits to the city to advance her aspirations.

Jessie James Decker Education

Following her time at Warner Robins High School, Jessie James Decker graduated in 2006. However, information about her further education is scarce, leaving uncertainty about whether she pursued college studies.

Jessie James Decker Career

At the age of seventeen, Jessie Decker recognized the need to refine her singing style after facing rejection from major recording labels for two years. Seeking guidance from Carla Wallace of Big Yellow Dog Music, she not only focused on her vocal technique but also honed her songwriting skills. This effort paid off when her song ‘Gypsy Girl’ caught the attention of American Idol winner Carrie Underwood, exposing Decker to a wider audience and leading to a contract with Mercury Records. Despite Decker’s inclination towards country music, producers aimed to infuse her sound with a more pop-like vibe, even collaborating with hip-hop producers.

Her self-titled debut album, released on August 11, 2009, debuted at number 23 on the Billboard 200 in the United States. While it received mixed reviews, with ratings ranging from two to three-and-a-half stars, the album featured popular singles such as ‘Wanted’, ‘I Look So Good (Without You)’, ‘My Cowboy’, and ‘Blue Jeans’.

Following her debut album, Decker released four EPs between 2014 and 2017, with ‘Comin’ Home’ and ‘Gold’ both reaching number five on Billboard’s US Country Chart.

Her second studio album, ‘Southern Girl City Lights’, released on October 13, 2017, through Epic Records, was a commercial success. Debuting at number one on the Top Country Albums chart and number 18 on the US Billboard 200, it featured hit singles like ‘Southern Girl City Lights’, ‘Almost Over You’, ‘All Filled Up’, ‘Flip My Hair’, and ‘Pretty Girl’.

In addition to her music career, Decker appeared on television alongside her husband Eric Decker in the reality show ‘Eric & Jessie: Game On’, which aired on ‘E!’. Decker also served as the executive producer of the show, which enjoyed a three-season run.

Jessie James Decker Net Worth

Jessie James, or Jessie James Decker, is perceived as an Italian-American nation artist and unscripted television character with an expected total assets of $10 million. While she wandered into the music business at 15, it was a couple of years after the fact that she built up forward movement. Marking with Mercury Records prepared for her self-named debut collection in 2009.

Past her music profession, Jessie James is famous as the spouse of NFL wide collector Eric Decker. Several has shared the screen as a general rule shows like “Eric and Jessie: Go for it!” Jessie keeps on seeking after music, delivering the EP “Comin’ Home” in 2014 and “Blackbird Meetings” in 2017. Her second full-length collection appeared later in 2017, and in 2020, she inked another record manage Atlantic/Warner. In spite of plans for a 2020 visit, the Coronavirus pandemic required delay.

Jessie James Decker Real Estate

In 2017, Eric and Jessie James Decker set up a Georgia home available to be purchased at $1.45 million. The luxurious property flaunts eight rooms, eight washrooms, and two half-restrooms. Inherent 2006, the rambling home traverses 10,000 square feet and incorporates conveniences like a wine basement, two kitchens, and a bath formed like a boat.

Then, at that point, in 2019, the Deckers went overboard on a Nashville chateau, dishing out $4.25 million for a rich domain spread across 3 sections of land. There are eleven bathrooms and six bedrooms in the property. Quick forward to January 2023, and the couple chose to head out in different directions from their Nashville house, posting it for a faltering $10.3 million. For a more critical look, look at this video visit displaying the magnificence of the Decker’s Nashville chateau.

Jessie James Decker Family

Jessie’s upbringing was deeply influenced by her family’s military background. Born to Steve Parker, a United States Air Force officer, she experienced a nomadic childhood, relocating to different cities including Iowa, Kentucky, Texas, and Louisiana.

Alongside her military family, Jessie shared her formative years with two younger siblings: Sydney Rae Bass, born on April 27, 1991, and John James, born in 1994. Sydney Rae Bass, known for her work in television, notably co-stars with Jessie in the reality TV show “Eric and Jessie: Game On,” which also features Jessie’s husband.

Jessie James Decker Personal Life

In 2013, Jessie James sealed the deal with Eric Decker, a wide collector then playing for the Denver Horses. Soon after, they happily shared insight about their approaching life as a parent, with their most memorable kid showing up in 2014. The couple extended their family further in 2015 with the introduction of another youngster, and again in 2018 when they invited their third kid. Following her union with Eric, Jessie James took on the expert moniker Jessie James Decker.

Jessie James Decker Relationships

Jessie James Decker is joyfully hitched to Eric Decker, a NFL player, and together they are fulfilled guardians of three young people: Vivianne Rose Decker, Eric Thomas Decker II, and Forrest Decker.

All through her employment, Jessie James Decker has by and large stayed away from discusses. Regardless, she wound up caught in a discussion when she posted a selfie breastfeeding her kid.


Measurement: Jessie James Decker stands at a height of 1.55 meters, which is equivalent to 5 feet 1 inch.

Vibrant Stage Persona: Her stature of 1.55 meters perfectly aligns with her vibrant stage persona, enhancing her unique presence within the music and entertainment realm.

Conversion: In other units, her height is approximately 155 centimeters.

Height Comparison: Standing at 1.55 meters, Jessie James Decker possesses a petite yet impactful stature, contributing to her distinct image as an American country pop artist and television personality.


Jessie James Decker, an American nation pop craftsman, performer, and TV character, remains at a level of 1.55 meters (5 feet 1 inch). Brought into the world on April twelfth, 1988, in Vivenza, Veneto, Italy, she experienced childhood in a tactical family, driving a traveling youth across different states in the US. In spite of confronting dismissal from significant keep marks in Nashville during her high school years, she endured and at last endorsed with Mercury Records, launching her music vocation.

“Jessie James,” Decker’s 2009 debut album, featured elements of both country and pop. In spite of blended audits, it highlighted well known singles like “Needed” and “I Look So Great (Without You).” Her resulting collections and EPs, including “Southern Young lady City Lights,” earned business achievement, setting her situation in the music business.

Aside from her music vocation, Decker showed up on TV close by her significant other, NFL player Eric Decker, in the unscripted TV drama “Eric and Jessie: Go for it!” The couple has three children together and has been involved in numerous projects.


What is Jessie James Decker’s height? 

Jessie James Decker stands at a height of 1.55 meters, which is equivalent to 5 feet 1 inch.

What is the conversion of Jessie James Decker’s height in other units? 

In other units, her height is approximately 155 centimeters.

How does Jessie James Decker’s height contribute to her stage presence? 

Jessie James Decker’s height of 1.55 meters complements her vibrant stage persona, enhancing her unique presence within the music and entertainment realm.

What notable achievements has Jessie James Decker accomplished in her music career? 

Jessie James Decker has released several albums and EPs, with her debut album “Jessie James” and subsequent album “Southern Girl City Lights” receiving commercial success. She is known for hit singles like “Wanted” and “Southern Girl City Lights.”

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