Ka Ho Cho: Biography, Nationality, Net Worth, and Life After Redd Foxx’s Passing

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Ka Ho Cho: Biography, Nationality, Net Worth, and Life After Redd Foxx’s Passing

Ka Ho Cho, a South Korean-American celebrity, was the fourth and final spouse of Redd Foxx, previously known as John Elroy Sanford. Ka Ho Cho, born in 1959, was shocked when her husband, Redd Foxx, died three months after their wedding. This complete investigation of Ka Ho Cho’s biography reveals her financial worth, age, physical qualities, relationships, and family background. Join us as we explore Ka Ho Cho’s mysterious identity.

Who is Ka Ho Cho? 

Who is Ka Ho Cho? 

Ka Ho Cho represents elegance and resilience in hardship. As a South Korean-American celebrity, her marriage to Redd Foxx propelled her to fame. Ka Ho’s influence is felt by everybody who meets her, despite their brief marriage owing to Redd Foxx’s death. She is admired in the entertainment world for her versatility and perseverance.

Ka Ho has distinguished herself with her accomplishments and compassion beyond her relationship with Redd Foxx. She is kind and generous, putting others first. Ka Ho inspires others with her resilience and positivity despite her challenges.

Ka Ho’s story shows tenacity and endurance. Her tale inspires people of all ages to believe that adversity can be overcome and achievements reached with effort. Ka Ho Cho’s perseverance and altruism inspire us and give us hope.

Ka Ho Cho Biography 

In 1959, Seoul native Ka Ho Cho was born, beginning a journey that would connect her to Redd Foxx. Ka Ho’s Asian ethnicity and mysterious childhood lend fascination to her story. She has survived life’s storms with grace and dignity at 65, a monument to human tenacity.

Due to her marriage to Redd Foxx, Ka Ho’s personal life is mostly unknown. Her past is a canvas waiting to be painted with the colors of her untold story, even though she holds citizenship in South Korea, her birth country, and the US, earned through marriage.

Ka Ho was a stepmother to Debraca Denise Foxx, a connection to her late husband’s previous marriage. Ka Ho Cho’s true nature remains unknown beyond these scraps of information. She’s more mysterious because she keeps her personal life private, leaving interested minds to wonder about her path.

Ka Ho Cho is a figure of fascination, her life a tapestry of mystery and perseverance. Ka Ho’s journey after her husband’s death reminds her of the intricacy and depth of every story.

Profile Summary of Ka Ho Cho’s

Full nameKa Ho Cho
NicknameKa Ho
Date of birth1959 (date and month unknown)
Age63 years of age (2022)
BirthplaceSeoul, South Korea
Romantic orientationHeterosexual
Current nationalitySouth Korean/American (rumored dual citizenship)
Marital statusWidowed (John Elroy Sanford)
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye colourDark Brown
ChildrenDebraca Denise Foxx (stepdaughter)
Native languageKorean, English

Kaho Cho’s Early Life 

Born in 1959 in Seoul, South Korea, Kaho Cho is 62 and embraces her Asian heritage while being white. She has dual citizenship in the US and Korea, giving her a rich cultural background. Kaho’s exquisite appearance, complemented by her lovely brown hair and slim frame, reflects her Asian origin, as shown in several internet images.

Kaho’s education is unknown despite her fame. She stays discreet, enabling the media to speculate about her family, friends, and academic ambitions. Her union with

Ka Ho Cho Height & weight

Ka Ho Cho, born in 1959, turns 64 in 2023. She radiates ageless beauty and grace at 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 cm) and 63 kilograms. Despite her age, Ka Ho Cho exudes youth and charm, drawing admirers everywhere she goes.

Our favorite celebrities’ appearances reveal their charm and attractiveness, including Ka Ho Cho. She inspires global awe with her flawless elegance and self-care.

These details of Ka Ho Cho’s personality enhance our admiration for her. From her statuesque size to her effortless elegance, her physical presence adds to her magnetic charm and ageless appeal.

Ka Ho Cho’s age-defying beauty and engaging charm demonstrate her timeless elegance and leave an unforgettable imprint on those who meet her.

Ka Ho Cho’s Origin and Ethnicity

Ka Ho Cho’s origin and cultural heritage are unknown despite her marriage to a Hollywood star, adding to her ambiguity. Even though she loves the spotlight, she has managed to keep her personal life private.

Ka Ho Cho’s ability to avoid stardom in a digital age where everything is scrutinized and chronicled shows her elusiveness. Despite being close to Hollywood, she chose a life away from the spotlight.

The lack of photos enhances Ka Ho Cho’s mystique, giving curious spectators just glimpses of her. In a world where popularity often overshadows individuality, Ka Ho Cho’s ability to maintain her anonymity is unique and praiseworthy, adding intrigue to her already compelling presence.

Ka Ho Cho’s ability to remain enigmatic under Hollywood’s continuous scrutiny shows her strength of character and commitment to privacy. Her enigmatic presence reminds us of the allure of mystery in an age of oversharing and constant scrutiny as she navigates fame and money.

Ka Ho Cho’s Education

First and foremost, Ka Ho Cho’s schooling shows her dedication to greatness. Her business management degree makes her a model of academic and entrepreneurial success. Ka Ho used her education to start and run profitable businesses. She founded and ran a successful liquor shop company, demonstrating her financial skills and strategic vision. Ka Ho’s entrepreneurial ventures have shown her business management skills and capacity to turn chances into success, making an unforgettable influence on commerce.

Ka Ho Cho’s Family

Family is Ka Ho Cho’s foundation, giving her love, support, and steadfast companionship. She was reared by South Korean parents in a loving, funny home. Ka Ho found consolation and friendship in her siblings, her closest confidants and staunchest allies, at home.

Her parents taught Ka Ho resilience and tenacity from a young age and encouraged her to follow her dreams with fervor. Their unshakable faith in her helped Ka Ho achieve success and realize her potential.

The affection between Ka Ho’s siblings shows the power of family. They have supported and loyally supported each other through life’s ups and downs. Ka Ho feels safe and secure because of their unbreakable friendship.

Ka Ho Cho’s family shaped her. Her success and fulfillment have been driven by their love and support. Ka Ho is forever grateful for her family’s unwavering support and their deep impact on her life. They are her pillars of strength and love.

Ka Ho Cho Marriage

Ka Ho Cho Marriage

Las Vegas was the setting for Ka Ho Cho and Redd Foxx’s love tale. Their chance meeting at Bally’s Hotel and Casino started a passionate romance. Fortune brought Ka Ho and Redd Foxx together in a whirlwind of love and destiny after his third divorce from Yun Chi Chung.

Their gentle courtship reflected a timeless romance as they endured love’s ups and downs with unwavering devotion. After meeting and wooing, Ka Ho Cho and Redd Foxx married in July 1991 at Las Vegas Little Church of the West.

Their wedding was a joyous celebration of love and commitment. After exchanging vows, Ka Ho and Redd celebrated their new marriage at the Hacienda Hotel, one of Las Vegas’s most luxurious locations.

The story of Ka Ho Cho and Redd Foxx’s chance meeting to marriage exemplifies love’s undying strength. Their romance is a tribute to the lasting bonds formed in Las Vegas’s glittering streets.

Ka Ho Cho and Redd Foxx Kids

Redd Foxx loved and cared for others even though he had no children. When he joyfully adopted Debraca Denise, Betty Jean Harris’ daughter from a prior relationship, his father instincts shined through. A touching display of unconditional love and commitment, Redd welcomed Debraca into his family with open arms and unlimited affection. Redd Foxx showed the genuine meaning of dad through adoption, showing that love transcends biological ties and that family is defined by connection and heart.

Ka Ho Cho’s Husband

Redd Foxx was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on December 9, 1922. Stand-up comedian and actor, he was famous for parts in “Cotton Comes to Harlem,” “Harlem Nights,” “All The Fine Young Cannibals,” and “Sanford and Son.” In honor of his reddish skin and baseball icon Jimmie Foxx, he was known as “Redd Foxx” and became famous for his comedy.

John married three times before marrying Ka Ho Cho, each affecting his life. His first marriage to Evelyn Killebrew in 1948 ended in divorce three years later without children. He married Betty Jean Harris, a LaWanda Page dancer, in 1956. John adopted Betty’s daughter from a previous relationship, Debraca Denis, born in 1957, during their marriage. The turbulent tale ended after 19 years when John’s infidelity ended their marriage.

Foxx married Joi Yun Chi Chung at the Thunderbird Hotel in Las Vegas on December 31, 1976, his third marriage. After celebrating, their marriage collapsed due to marital conflict, leading to divorce proceedings by both parties.

Despite a 37-year age gap, John married Ka Ho Cho in July 1991. Due to financial issues and mismanagement, their union was brief. Betty accused Ka Ho of wasting John’s money, but the claims are unconfirmed. John’s $3.5 million tax debt complicated their volatile relationship.

After a heart attack on “The Royal Family.” set on October 11, 1991, John Foxx died. His lone heir, Debraca, and Ka Ho Cho fought over his fortune without a will, ending an era of victories and tribulations.

Ka Ho Cho’s Husband (Redd Foxx’s) Death 

Redd Foxx, the comedic genius, died tragically on October 11, 1991, three months after marrying his fourth and final wife, Ka Ho Cho. The death of this legendary actor and comedian rippled through Hollywood and beyond, leaving admirers mourning.

Reports say Redd Foxx died of a heart attack while taking a break from filming “The Royal Family Arrangement.” The entertainment industry was shaken by his sudden passing, highlighting life’s fragility and fate.

As Redd Foxx’s death was announced, colleagues, friends, and fans paid tribute to his legendary talent and contributions to comedy and entertainment. Although he has died, his legacy lives on in the laughter he gave audiences during his career.

Redd Foxx Net Worth

In 2023, estimating Redd Foxx’s net worth is difficult due to his death over 30 years ago. He left an indelible mark on entertainment. Redd Foxx is a comic icon who has influenced audiences worldwide.

Due to his longevity and popularity, Redd Foxx’s net worth was estimated at $3.5 million after his death. His wit, charm, and irreverent humor captivated audiences across generations.

In the legendary TV series “Sanford and Son,” Redd Foxx played the cranky but endearing junk trader Fred G. Sanford, his most famous character. The show made Redd Foxx famous and cemented his hilarious legacy.

Beyond “Sanford and Son,” Redd Foxx’s comedy, film, and stand-up appearances contributed to his legend. His ability to move audiences to laughter and delight is unmatched.

While Redd Foxx’s net worth is unknown, his immense contributions to the entertainment business continue to resonate with viewers worldwide. Redd Foxx’s status as a comedian and cultural icon ensures that his laughter will go on.

Ka Ho Cho’s Career and Achievement

Ka Ho’s career has been extraordinary, distinguished by accolades and achievements. She loved singing and charming audiences from a young age, sparking her career.

With each performance, Ka Ho improved her art through perseverance and dedication. Her natural ability captivated anyone who saw her perform on stage and TV.

With each project, Ka Ho showed range and depth, gracefully switching roles and genres. She was dedicated to her art, bringing characters to life and making an unforgettable mark on audiences and critics.

Ka Ho has received critical recognition and peer esteem throughout her career. Her deep, emotional, and brilliant performances have made her an entertainment business powerhouse.

Despite her many accomplishments, Ka Ho stays humble and grounded, pushing herself to new heights and embracing growth and exploration. Her story shows the power of enthusiasm, perseverance, and dedication, motivating many to follow their ambitions.

Ka Ho Cho’s legacy and impact

Ka Ho Cho’s legacy beyond the entertainment world left an indelible mark on those who met her. Her short time with Redd Foxx had a lasting impression on her, proving love can overcome adversity. Ka Ho’s strength in the face of tragedy inspires many to confront their trials with grace.

Beyond her struggles, Ka Ho’s entertainment contributions have been significant. Many admire her talent and drive, making her a strong industry force. Ka Ho has broken barriers and inspired future artists with her dedication to excellence.

Ka Ho’s unconditional love and support for her family may be her greatest legacy. Her unconditional love for her parents, siblings, and pets shows how family relationships change lives. Ka Ho shows how unconditional love and family strength are important through her loving presence.

Ka Ho Cho left a legacy of strength, kindness, and determination. Her influence goes beyond entertainment, leaving a lasting impression on all who have been touched by her. Ka Ho’s legacy inspires young and old alike by showing how one person can change others’ lives. We are lucky to have her.

Ka Ho Cho’s Net Worth 

Ka Ho Cho’s $3.5 million net worth reflects her achievements and possibilities as Redd Foxx’s wife. This fortune has given her a life of luxury and valuable things, but true worth is more than money. Ka Ho’s talents, accomplishments, and family love make her important, not her wealth.

Ka Ho inspires many with her hard work and dedication. Her story shows that effort and desire can lead to success. Ka Ho’s contributions to the entertainment business and others’ lives are enormous, highlighting her value beyond her net worth.

Although Ka Ho Cho’s net worth is quantifiable, her actual value is in her character and legacy. Her capacity to inspire and motivate people shows the power of kindness, tenacity, and craft dedication.

Interesting Facts of Kaho Cho 

  1. No connection produced biological children for Redd Foxx.
  2. He cared for Debraca Denise, his second wife’s kid.
  3. Redd Foxx adopted Debraca Denise, his sole legal successor
  4. .Debraca allegedly mismanaged Redd Foxx’s funds, according to his fourth and final wife, Kaho Cho
  5.  Debraca Denise was sued by Kaho Cho for misusing Redd Foxx’s assets.

Ka Ho Cho’s Hobbies

  • Ka Ho paints wonderful pictures with brilliant colors.
  • She loves getting caught in thrilling books that take her to other worlds.
  • Ka Ho loves traveling and discovering different cultures, which fuels her curiosity and adventure.
  • Ka Ho loves playing with her pets and kittens.
  • Ka Ho enjoys trying new dishes and making tasty meals.
  • Ka Ho hikes and performs yoga to be athletic and emotionally healthy.
  • Ka Ho enjoys volunteering and helping others, demonstrating her compassion and altruism.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who’s Ka Ho Cho?

A: Ka Ho Cho, a South Korean-American star, married Redd Foxx, aka John Elroy Sanford.

Q: When was Ka Ho Cho born?

A: Seoul-born Ka Ho Cho was born in 1959.

Q: Ka Ho Cho’s wealth?

A: Ka Ho Cho’s estimated valuation is $3.5 million.

Q: How tall is Ka Ho Cho?

A: Ka Ho Cho is 5’5″ (1.65 cm).

Q: Does Ka Ho Cho have kids?

A: Ka Ho Cho’s stepmother Debraca Denise Foxx, Redd Foxx’s daughter by Betty Jean Harris, however, she has no biological children.

Q: Before Ka Ho Cho, Redd Foxx married what?

A: Redd Foxx married three times before marrying Ka Ho Cho.

Q: Redd Foxx died when?

A: On October 11, 1991, three months after marrying Ka Ho Cho, Redd Foxx died.

Q: At his death, how much did Redd Foxx have?

A: Redd Foxx’s death net worth was assessed at $3.5 million.

Q: Ka Ho Cho’s hobbies?

A: Ka Ho Cho likes painting, reading, traveling, pets, cooking, yoga, hiking, and volunteering.


Fame, love, and loss weave a complex tapestry of Ka Ho Cho’s life. Despite her brief relationship with Redd Foxx, her influence is felt by those who met her. Ka Ho’s story is one of resilience, determination, and family loyalty from Seoul, South Korea, to Hollywood.

Ka Ho handled celebrity life gracefully as stepmother to Debraca Denise Foxx and Redd Foxx’s loving wife. Her business and entertainment activities and unwavering commitment to her family show her character.

Ka Ho’s narrative inspires beneath the glamour. Her perseverance, enthusiasm, and love for her family guide her through life’s challenges and accomplishments.

Her wealth may quantify her financial success, but her compassion, inventiveness, and resilience determine her worth. Ka Ho Cho’s legacy lives on in her fans’ hearts beyond Hollywood’s glitter.

Ka Ho’s legacy will go on as her story unfolds.

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