Kimberly Martin Husband: Is She Married to Jeffrey Roberts?

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Kimberly Martin Husband: Is She Married to Jeffrey Roberts?

Jeffrey Roberts is married to Kimberly A. Martin, the esteemed NFL reporter at ESPN and the chief reporter for N.J. Advance Media. Born on June 10, Jeffrey is an accomplished journalist, writer, editor, and reporter, having received recognition for his work. The couple exchanged vows on July 3, 2014, and their bond has remained strong ever since.

Kimberly A. Martin has garnered significant attention for her work as a sports reporter and in various other aspects of her career. This has sparked a growing interest among the public to learn more about her personal life, including details about her husband and his profession. Let’s delve into the love story between Kimberly Martin and Jeffrey Roberts.

Kimberly Martin Husband

Kimberly Martin Husband

Kimberly Martin and her husband, Jeffrey Roberts, enjoy a deeply fulfilling marriage characterized by mutual respect, understanding, and shared values. Their union, which began in 2014, is a testament to their unwavering love and commitment to each other. Together, they have faced life’s challenges, drawing strength from their relationship and supporting each other through thick and thin.

The couple cherishes their time together, creating cherished memories and fortifying their connection. Open and honest communication, along with empathy and love, are central to their approach to resolving conflicts.

Who is Jeffrey Roberts?

Jeffrey Roberts shares a common profession with his wife, both being journalists. While they have similarities, there are notable differences, notably Jeffrey’s preference for privacy regarding his personal life, unlike Kimberly, who is more public-facing. Consequently, details about Jeffrey’s early life and family background remain undisclosed.

Despite his low profile, Jeffrey is highly esteemed in the journalism community, having garnered numerous awards throughout his 22-year career for his exemplary work as a reporter and writer across diverse topics including education, sports, criminal justice, business, and health. He graduated from Saint Peter’s University with a BA in English literature and a minor in communication, boasting an impressive GPA of 3.85.

Recently, Jeffrey secured the position of editor for the Topics & Features team and News Innovation at Nj.com/The Star-Ledger, in addition to serving as a managing producer at NJ Advance Media. Although he maintains a distance from platforms like Instagram and Facebook, Jeffrey is active on Twitter, with a substantial following and over 17 million tweets. His handle is @TheJRob, where he shares insights on various subjects.

Summary of Jeffrey Roberts’ 

Full nameJeffrey Roberts
Date of birthJune 10
Zodiac SignGemini
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
Jeffrey Roberts’ WifeKimberly Atkins Martin
Jeffrey Roberts’ Height in Inches5 feet, 9 inches
Jeffrey Roberts’ Height in Centimeters175 cm
Famous forbeing the husband of Kimberly A Martin, who is an NFL reporter at ESPN and the chief reporter for N.J. Advance Media

The Journalist is An Alumnus of Saint Peter’s College

Jeffrey Roberts has chosen to keep certain aspects of his educational background private, including details about his primary and high school education. However, it is widely known that he attended Saint Peter’s College, a prestigious Jesuit institution in New Jersey, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature with a minor in communication.

Roberts excelled academically, graduating with an impressive GPA of 3.85. During his time at Saint Peter’s College, he served as the news and sports editor for the college newspaper and was honored with induction into Alpha Sigma Nu, the prestigious honor society for Jesuit universities.

Kimberly A Martin And Jeffrey Roberts’s Relationship

Kimberly A Martin And Jeffrey Roberts’s Relationship

After several years of dating, Kimberly and Jeffrey decided to formalize their relationship by getting married in 2014. Their intimate wedding took place on July 3, 2014, in Arverne, New York City, attended only by close friends and family.

While Jeffrey maintains a distance from social media, Kimberly regularly shares glimpses of their life on platforms like Instagram, particularly on their anniversary. Despite their eight-year-long relationship, the couple’s only “child” for now is their beloved pet dog, who resides with them in Washington, D.C.

Although they both express a desire to have children in the future, Kimberly and Jeffrey are currently prioritizing their careers and feel they are not yet ready to start a family.

The Couple Had a Quiet, Small Wedding in New York

The Couple Had a Quiet, Small Wedding in New York

Despite their fame, Kimberly Martin and her husband Jeffrey Roberts opted for a low-key wedding, reflecting Jeffrey’s reserved nature and focus on his journalism career. Their private ceremony took place in Arverne, New York, with only a select group of close friends and family in attendance. Despite its simplicity, reports indicate that the event was still a wonderful occasion.

Do Kimberly Martin & Jeffrey Roberts have any kids?

After nearly nine years of marriage, Kimberly Martin and her husband have cultivated a strong and affectionate bond. They have made a mutual decision not to have children, considering their desires, aspirations, and lifestyle preferences. Opting for a different path, they prioritize nurturing their relationship, pursuing personal goals, and embracing the freedom and flexibility that come with their choice.

Is the news of Kimberly Martin’s divorce true?

There is currently no official confirmation regarding whether Kimberly Martin is getting a divorce from her husband, as she has not provided any updates about her relationship status. In the meantime, you can learn about their married life below.

Why is Jeffrey Roberts famous?

Jeffery Roberts maintains a high level of privacy and is primarily active on LinkedIn. He shares a passion for writing and news with his wife and has accumulated over 20 years of experience in the field.

Starting his career as a sports assistant, editor, and writer at The Record and Herald News, Jeff has since held roles such as a story writer at Vox Media and a senior associate editor at AM Best Publications. His most recent position was at NJ Advance Media, where he served as an associate director, lead writer, and managing producer or director.

With a BA in English literature from Saint Peter’s University, Jeff honed his skills as a news and sports writer for the college newspaper. He covers a wide range of topics, including sports, business, health, crime, and education.

Jeffery is highly respected in the journalism community, having received 21 national, regional, and state awards for his storytelling prowess.

Kimberly Martin And Husband Jeffrey Roberts Age Difference

Kimberly Martin, born on January 9, 1984, hails from Brooklyn, New York, making her 37 years old presently and turning 38 in a few days. While her husband Jeffrey Roberts’s age remains undisclosed, judging from his appearance in photographs, he appears to be in his late 30s, suggesting a minimal age gap between them.

Jeffrey Roberts serves as a lead reporter and editor at NJ Advance Media. The couple exchanged vows in a private ceremony on July 3, 2014, in Arverne, New York, surrounded by their close friends and family, marking over seven years of marriage.

Their Union Has Not Been Without Criticisms

Unfortunately, Kimberly Martin and Jeffrey Roberts’ marriage has been scrutinized due to their various ethnicities. Their marriage has been criticized and racially discriminated against because Kimberly is black and Jeffrey is white.

Jeffrey has reportedly left various social media forums to avoid these critics’ constant criticism. Race or skin color don’t matter to Jeffrey in his marriage. He emphasizes mutual respect, understanding, and similar ideals in their relationship since he believes love and compatibility transcend such apparent differences.

Kimberly and Jeffrey stay together despite social prejudices. They persevere through these challenges with love and support.

What Does Kimberly A. Martin’s Husband Do for a Living?

Jeffrey Roberts began his career in journalism with a BA in English literature and a minor in communication. In 2002, he became a local sports coordinator and sportswriter at the Record Newspaper in Hackensack, New Jersey, where he spent five years perfecting his skills.

Jeffrey became a sports editor at the Herald News in Woodland Park, New Jersey, for a year in 2007 before returning to the Record Newspaper as a senior sports writer for seven years.

He became the local sports editor for the same organization in 2015, demonstrating his adaptability and drive.

Jeffrey worked as a feature writer and contributor at Vox Media, Inc./Big Blue View, demonstrating his versatility as a journalist. He became a lead reporter for NJ Advance Media in 2019, a career milestone. His leadership and editing talents earned him a promotion to manager and producer the following year, which he still holds.

Jeffrey Roberts’ 21 state, regional, and national awards demonstrate his outstanding achievements in journalism.

What is Kimberly Martin’s net worth?

As of 2022, Kimberly Martin has an estimated $800,000 net worth from her journalism success. Her assets, capital investments, and career earnings make up her net worth.

Kimberly’s main source of income is $85,000 as an NFL reporter. Kimberly’s job track at 37 implies future financial success.

FAQs about Kimberly Martin and Jeffrey Roberts:

Q: Who is Jeffrey Roberts?

A: Jeffrey Roberts is a respected journalist, writer, editor, and reporter. He is famous for marrying ESPN NFL reporter and N.J. Advance Media lead reporter Kimberly A. Martin.

Q: How long has Kimberly Martin been married to Jeffrey Roberts?

A: Kimberly Martin and Jeffrey Roberts married on July 3, 2014, commemorating nine years of blissful marriage.

Q: Do Kimberly Martin and Jeffrey Roberts have kids?

A: Kimberly Martin and Jeffrey Roberts are childless. They intentionally prioritize their work and enjoy their time together.

Q: Jeffrey Roberts’ occupation is what?

A: The journalist Jeffrey Roberts has almost 20 years of expertise. He is the Topics & Features Editor and News Innovation Editor at Nj.com/The Star-Ledger and a Managing Producer at NJ Advance Media.

Q: Kimberly Martin’s net worth?

A: Kimberly Martin’s anticipated 2022 net worth is $800,000. Her lucrative media job, especially as an NFL correspondent, earns her $85,000 every year.


Jeffrey Roberts and Kimberly Martin enjoy a strong, loving relationship based on respect, understanding, and shared values. With almost nine years of marriage and friendship, their relationship has survived. To focus on their work and enjoy their time together, they have kept many aspects of their personal lives private.

Jeffrey’s distinguished journalism career and Kimberly’s sports reporting success demonstrate their talents and dedication to their fields. Although in the spotlight, they have graciously preserved a sense of solitude, allowing their romance to blossom.

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