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laura marie holtzmann
laura marie holtzmann

Who is Laura Marie Holtzmann?

Despite her family’s prominent status, Laura Marie Holtzmann, the eldest daughter of the well-known author and preacher Joyce Meyer, has managed to live a private life. Experiencing childhood in the shadow of her mom’s service, Laura has without a doubt been impacted by the lessons and values granted by her folks. 

She has, however, made a conscious decision to follow a path that places privacy ahead of publicity. While her relationship with Joyce Meyer’s service without a doubt shapes her convictions and values, Laura has put forth purposeful attempts to keep her own life away from public scrutiny. Her desire for normalcy and autonomy in contrast to the fame and scrutiny that accompany her family’s fame is emphasized by this choice. 

Notwithstanding the valuable open doors her mom’s popularity might bear, Laura’s decision to keep a position of safety mirrors her obligation to carrying on with a day to day existence that lines up with her own standards and inclinations. She demonstrates her independence and autonomy by avoiding the spotlight and creating a space where she can define herself on her own terms.

Laura Marie Holtzmann’s Wiki

Full/Real nameLaura Marie Holtzmann
NicknameLaura Marie
Birth dateApril 5, 1968
BirthplaceSt. Louis, Missouri, United States
Age (As of 2024)56 years old
Zodiac SignAries
Sexual OrientationStraight
FatherDave Meyer
MotherJoyce Meyer
SiblingsDaniel B. Meyer, David Meyer, Sandra Ellen McCollom
Marital statusMarried
SpouseDouglas Holtzmann Sr. (rumored)
ChildrenEmily Wood, Abigail Welch, Austin Taylor, and Doug Holtzmann II 
Famous ForBeing the daughter of Joyce Meyer
SchoolLocal High School in Hometown
College, UniversityLocal Christian College in California
High QualificationGraduation
ProfessionTelevision Personality
Notable RoleContributing to Christian teachings

Early life and family background

Laura Marie Holtzmann was born on April 5, 1968, in the United States. She and her siblings Sandra, David, and Daniel came from a close-knit Christian family. With her folks, Joyce and Dave Meyer, in charge, Laura’s early stages were saturated with the authentic lessons and love. 

Brought up in a climate where Christianity was a conviction as well as a lifestyle, Laura retained the standards of empathy and administration since the beginning. Encircled by the passionate illustration of her family, Laura’s childhood laid a durable preparation for her future undertakings. As she set out on the path of her life, the values she was taught, which were based on charity and ministry, became her guiding lights. Not only did this upbringing shape her character, but it also sparked a strong desire in her to make a real difference in the lives of other people. 

Today, Laura stays enduring in her obligation to these center standards, conveying forward the tradition of her childhood through her generous endeavors and devotion to serving others. In encapsulating the lessons she learned in her childhood, Laura keeps on affecting her general surroundings, propagating the getting through impact of her family’s confidence and values.

Laura Marie Holtzmann’s Body stats

Laura Marie Holtzmann possesses striking hazel eyes complemented by her dark brown hair. She carries herself with an air of elegance despite her graceful height of 5’7″ (170 cm). Her thin figure, demonstrative of her thin body type, keeps a weight running between 55 kg to 60 kg (121-132 lbs). These physical attributes collectively contribute to her distinctive presence, adding to the allure of her personality.

Laura Marie Holtzmann’s Education

Laura Marie Holtzmann pursued her education with a focus on personal growth and faith. After completing high school in the US, she continued her studies at a local Christian college in California. While she keeps details private, her choice reflects a commitment to integrating her academic pursuits with her spiritual beliefs, underscoring her holistic approach to education.

Laura Marie Holtzmann’s Age

Laura Marie Holtzmann, who was born on April 5, 1968, is an example of the independence and determination that are associated with her astrological sign. Laura Marie, who is 56 years old, has forged her path with tenacity and resilience, accepting both the difficulties and successes that life has thrown at her.As a female individual, she brings her unique perspective and strength to every aspect of her journey. Whether known by her full name or affectionately called Laura Marie, she continues to navigate life’s adventures with grace and authenticity.

Laura Marie Holtzmann’s Family

Laura Marie Holtzmann is recognized as the daughter of esteemed speaker Joyce Meyer and her husband, Dave Meyer, Vice President of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Their profound impact on the Christian community has greatly influenced Laura’s life and values.

Father (Dave Meyer)

American pastor Dave Meyer is the vice president of Joyce Meyer Ministries and is well-known for being the spouse of eminent speaker Joyce Meyer. Dave was born in the United States on July 31, 1940, and grew up in a supportive household setting. Following his time in the American Army, he devoted more than thirty years to his work in the church.

In 1967, Dave and Joyce Meyer exchanged vows, marking the beginning of 56 years filled with memories and shared faith. As Vice President of Joyce Meyer Ministries, he played a crucial role in establishing a Bible-sharing organization. Together, they launched “Enjoying Everyday Life,” a global television show promoting faith, optimism, and practical living, in 1993.

Dave Meyer is widely respected in Christian ministry for his steadfast faith and unwavering support of Joyce’s endeavors.

Mother (Joyce Meyer)

Joyce Meyer is a prominent figure in the American Charismatic Christian community, renowned for her roles as an author, speaker, and president of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Her journey began at age nine when she became a born-again Christian. In 1976, she launched her ministry, “Life in the Word,” expanding through radio broadcasts. With her husband Dave’s suggestion in 1993, she started her television show, “Enjoying Everyday Life,” reaching diverse audiences with messages of faith and positivity. Meyer’s success extends to her authorship, with significant deals such as the $10 million agreement with Hachette Book Group in 2002, cementing her status as a notable American Christian personality.

Laura Marie Holtzmann’s Siblings

Laura Marie Holtzmann grew up in a close-knit family deeply involved in their mother’s ministries. Her brother David L. Meyer is a pastor and CEO of Hand of Hope Outreach. Sandra Ellen McCollum serves as a pastor and author, while Daniel Meyer is the CEO of Joyce Meyer Ministries’ U.S. Operations. Together, they play integral roles in their mother’s ministry, each contributing uniquely to its growth and impact.

Laura Marie Holtzmann’s Career

Laura Marie Holtzmann’s involvement in the “Hands of Hope” wing of Joyce Meyer’s Ministry underscores her compassionate nature and unwavering commitment to assisting those facing adversity. As the eldest daughter of Joyce and Dave Meyer, Laura actively engages in charitable endeavors alongside her siblings. The global outreach of the “Hands of Hope” initiative, offering aid to individuals impacted by crises in regions like Asia and Africa, highlights Laura’s dedication to making a positive difference on a global scale.

In spite of her inclination for a confidential life, Laura’s selfless soul radiates through her dynamic support in these beneficent endeavors. Through her association with “Hands of Trust,” Laura encapsulates the standards of compassion and administration imparted in her childhood. Her immovable obligation to making the world a superior spot mirrors her readiness to help those out of luck, paying little mind to area. Because she demonstrates that even insignificant acts of kindness can have a significant impact, Laura serves as an inspiring illustration of the power of compassion.

Laura Marie Holtzmann’s Net worth

Despite Laura Marie Holtzmann’s decision to keep her earnings and wealth private, a 2003 St. A report by the Louis Post-Dispatch shed light on her mother’s substantial wealth, which included multiple million-dollar homes, luxury vehicles, and a corporate jet. Despite the fact that there aren’t a points of interest about Laura’s funds, obviously she carries on with an agreeable life. Beginning around 2023, Laura’s mother, Joyce Meyer, is represented to have an all out resources surveyed at $8 million.

Laura Marie Holtzmann’s Husband and childrens

Laura Marie Holtzmann shares her life journey with her beloved husband, Douglas Holtzmann Sr. Their union has been blessed with the joy of parenthood, as they nurture a family of four children: Doug (DJ) Holtzmann II, Austin Taylor, Abigail (Holtzmann) Welch, and Emily (Holtzmann) Wood.

Their household resonates with the laughter and love that comes from raising a family together. Doug (DJ) Holtzmann II, likely named after his father, brings his own unique energy and personality to the family dynamic. Austin Taylor adds another layer of joy with his presence, while Abigail (Holtzmann) Welch and Emily (Holtzmann) Wood bring their individual strengths and talents, enriching the family tapestry.

Every youngster bears a piece of their folks’ heritage while cutting out their own ways throughout everyday life. Laura Marie Holtzmann and Douglas Holtzmann Sr. navigate the joys and complexities of parenthood with unwavering love and support for their children, from shared celebrations to the inevitable challenges they face together. Their family bond fills in as a demonstration of the strength and flexibility that comes from an establishment based on adoration, solidarity, and shared values.


  • Laura Marie Holtzmann was born on April 5, 1968, in St. Louis, Missouri, United States.
  • She is the eldest daughter of Joyce Meyer, a renowned author and preacher, and Dave Meyer, the Vice President of Joyce Meyer Ministries.
  • Laura Marie has three siblings: David L. Meyer, Sandra Ellen McCollum, and Daniel Meyer.
  • She attended a local high school in her hometown before pursuing further education at a Christian college in California.
  • Laura Marie has a strong commitment to charity and ministry, actively participating in the “Hands of Hope” initiative of Joyce Meyer Ministries.
  • Despite her family’s prominent status, Laura Marie chooses to live a private life away from the public eye.
  • Laura Marie is married to Douglas Holtzmann Sr., and together they have four children: Doug (DJ) Holtzmann II, Austin Taylor, Abigail (Holtzmann) Welch, and Emily (Holtzmann) Wood.


What is Laura Marie Holtzmann’s profession?

Laura Marie Holtzmann is a television personality, known for her contributions to Christian teachings.

What is Laura Marie Holtzmann’s net worth?

Laura Marie Holtzmann has chosen to keep her earnings and wealth private, but her mother, Joyce Meyer, is reported to have a net worth estimated at $8 million.

What is Laura Marie Holtzmann’s involvement in her mother’s ministry?

Laura Marie actively participates in the “Hands of Hope” wing of Joyce Meyer Ministries, demonstrating her compassionate nature and commitment to helping those in need.

Is Laura Marie Holtzmann married?

Yes, Laura Marie Holtzmann is married to Douglas Holtzmann Sr.

How many children does Laura Marie Holtzmann have?

Laura Marie Holtzmann and Douglas Holtzmann Sr. have four children together.


Despite her family’s prominent Christian status, Joyce Meyer’s eldest daughter, Laura Marie Holtzmann, maintains a private life. Brought up in an affectionate Christian family, Laura Marie embraces the upsides of empathy and administration imparted by her folks. She effectively partakes in beneficent undertakings, especially the “Hands of Trust” drive of Joyce Meyer Services. Laura Marie is hitched to Douglas Holtzmann Sr. furthermore, together they have four youngsters. In spite of her craving for protection, Laura Marie’s obligation to having a beneficial outcome on the world radiates through her contribution in magnanimous exercises and her commitment to her loved ones.

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