Manny Khoshbin Net Worth, Bio, Age, Career, Wife, and More.

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Manny Khoshbin Net Worth, Bio, Age, Career, Wife, and More.

Manny Khoshbin Net Worth

$110 million.

Manny Khoshbin, a major digital and business personality, has $110 million. His $18 million annual income comes from a diverse mix of profitable companies. Khoshbin’s extensive property portfolio is the foundation of his financial success, thanks to his smart real estate acquisitions.

 His writing has earned him book royalties, demonstrating his capacity to share entrepreneurial skills. Khoshbin’s charisma and motivating skills have made him a sought-after speaker, inspiring audiences worldwide with his stories and strategic ideas. Manny Khoshbin remains a powerful businessman and influencer in both traditional and digital sectors thanks to his diverse income streams.

Manny’s Net Worth

Manny Khoshbin’s “rags to riches” story embodies the American ideal. Khoshbin rose from minimum wage occupations to fortune via perseverance and strategy. Khoshbin’s $100 million net worth shows that entrepreneurship and determination may lead to endless prospects.

Khoshbin’s riches are built on smart real estate investments. Khoshbin has built a diverse property portfolio with strategic development and profitable operations through smart purchases and decision-making. His ability to spot and act on real estate possibilities propelled him to financial success.

In addition to real estate, Khoshbin’s entrepreneurial efforts have built his riches. His varied work contributes to his financial success. From successful businesses to smart collaborations, Khoshbin’s entrepreneurial attitude has made him a notable corporate personality.

Manny Khoshbin’s story shows how hard work, persistence, and determination can change lives. Khoshbin’s story of overcoming difficulties and reaching great success shows that people who dream and work hard can achieve anything.

Manny Khoshbin Net Worth 2023

Net Worth$110 Million
Annual Income$18 Million
YouTube Earnings$600,000
Podcast Revenue$1.3 Million
Book Royalties$5 Million
Bank Balance$28 Million
Crypto Investments$10 Million

Net Worth Timeline

From humble beginnings to financial success, Manny Khoshbin’s net worth has grown significantly. His $90 million net worth in 2000 was a tribute to his early entrepreneurial success. It dropped to $1 million by 2005, demonstrating financial venture volatility. Khoshbin persevered, and by 2010, his net worth had reached $16 million, indicating a comeback in wealth gain. His wealth skyrocketed from $35 million in 2015 to $100 million in 2023. Khoshbin’s rise to corporate mogul with a strong financial portfolio shows his persistence, strategic aptitude, and capacity to overcome obstacles.

Manny’s Net Worth 2005$100 million
Manny’s Net Worth 2010$35 million
Manny’s Net Worth 2023$16 million
Manny’ Net Worth 2005$1 million
Manny’ Net Worth 2000$90 million

Who is  Manny Khoshbin?

Who is  Manny Khoshbin?

Manny Khoshbin is one of the world’s richest businessmen, worth over $100 million. Khoshbin was born in Iran on January 14, 1971, and he now lives in the US. Khoshbin made his fortune through a variety of activities, mostly real estate investments, using his strong insights and strategic vision to manage the volatile property market. 

Khoshbin has also used his magnetism to build a large following and profitable revenue on YouTube. Khoshbin’s literary works on enterprise and money accumulation have also boosted his finances. Manny Khoshbin’s diversified income production strategy has made him a powerful company and entrepreneur, pushing others to follow their ambitions.

Manny Khoshbin’s Bio

Manny Khoshbin’s Bio

Iranian businessman Manny Khoshbin is worth $100 million. Being president and CEO of “The Khoshbin Company,” a successful commercial real estate corporation, has made him a strong figure in the sector. Manny’s story is inspiring: he and his family relocated from Iran to the US at 14. They became homeless and lived in their car due to difficulty. Manny’s persistence and determination helped him overcome these early challenges and reach business success. His success today shows the power of resilience and hard effort in the face of adversity.

Quick Facts about Manny Khoshbin

Real NameManny Khoshbin
Date of BirthJanuary 14, 1971
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Place of BirthIran
CollegeWestminster High School, Westminster
ProfessionBusinessman, YouTuber, Author
Estimated Net Worth$100 Million

Early Life & Education of Manny Khoshbin

Iranian parents gave birth to Manny Khoshbin on January 14, 1971. Khoshbin, a Capricorn, began his trip in a country with a rich culture and history. He was raised by varied influences due to his Iranian nationality and Caucasian background.

Khoshbin and his family immigrated to the US in 1984 at 14 to escape war-torn Iran. This move started Khoshbin’s road to the American dream, distinguished by tenacity, determination, and unflinching ambition.

However, moving to a new country was difficult. Despite the language and cultural challenges, Khoshbin persevered throughout his first years in the US. 

Khoshbin persevered in his schooling and personal progress. Westminster High School prepared him for his future. Following his 1989 graduation, Khoshbin achieved great success.

Khoshbin got his real estate license in 1999 and entered the exciting world of property investment. This choice set the stage for his successful real estate business.

Manny Khoshbin turned tragedy into opportunity and inspired young entrepreneurs worldwide through hard work, strategic vision, and a tireless will to succeed. His story shows how perseverance, resilience, and dreaming can change lives.

Manny Khoshbin’s Personal Life

Manny Khoshbin's Personal Life

Khoshbin married Iranian Canadian actress Leyla Milani in June 2011, creating a family. They have two children: Enzo, their son, and Priscilla, their beloved daughter. WWE has featured Milani, showing her talent and charisma worldwide. Meanwhile, Khoshbin has been on popular TV shows like Deal or No Deal and Curb Your Enthusiasm, strengthening his public image. Khoshbin and his family enjoy the comforts of home in Newport Coast, California, surrounded by nature. 

Manny Khoshbin Family  

Manny Khoshbin, a successful entrepreneur and investor, lives lavishly with his family. His father is Nasser Khoshbin, although his family history is unknown. Manny’s four brothers loved him in Iran until the war forced his family to move to the US in 1985. Manny attended English classes to overcome the linguistic barrier while adapting to a new place and language. Despite these obstacles, his entrepreneurial flair showed in high school when he sold things at a local swap fair on weekends. Manny’s mixed ethnicity enriches his identity and shows his tenacity and adaptation to life’s challenges. 

Manny Khoshbin’s Wife’s Name

Manny Khoshbin's Wife’s Name

Manny Khoshbin’s romantic journey has had highs and lows, but it ends in wonderful fulfillment. He married Iranian-Canadian actress Leyla Milani, known for her roles in ‘Entourage’ and ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’, in 2011. While their courtship is private, their unwavering love is clear. After years of dating, the couple married in Orange County, California, in a beautiful ceremony. As proud parents of two lovely children, Priscilla Khoshbin and Enzo Pasha, their family life is filled with warmth and joy. Manny and Leyla demonstrate the strength of love and partnership through their journey. 

Personal Information

Relationship StatusCommitted
Marital StatusMarried
Wedding LocationOrange County, California, United States
Wife NameLeyla Milani
ChildrenPriscilla Khoshbin, Enzo Pasha

Manny Khoshbin’s Physical Appearance

Manny Khoshbin’s charismatic beauty is maintained by dedication to fitness. At 6 feet 1 inch (185 centimeters), he exudes confidence and composure. Khoshbin works out often to keep in shape. At 89 kilograms (196 pounds), he balances strength and agility. Khoshbin’s training regimen improves his appearance and reflects his disciplined lifestyle, promoting health and vigor.

Manny Khoshbin Body Measurements (Height / Weight)

Height (approx.)In Feet Inches: 6′ 1″In Meters: 1.85 mIn Centimeters: 185 cm
Weight (approx.)In Kilograms: 89 kgIn Pounds: 196 lbs.
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Shoe Size10 US (9 UK)
TattoosWill Update
Body MeasurementsChest-38, Waist-36, Bicep-16

Manny Khoshbin Career

Manny Khoshbin started his business at K-Mart aged sixteen. He worked hard collecting carts and mopping floors for $3.15 per hour. By selling candies and nuts door-to-door, Khoshbin showed early entrepreneurial spirit. Buying food in bulk and selling it directly to clients, he started his first business in his senior year of high school to increase profits. His entrepreneurial passion was dashed when a health inspector demanded permits he couldn’t pay, closing his business.

Despite failures, Khoshbin persevered to succeed. He placed his savings in a petrol station with a little down payment aged twenty, following his father’s friends’ advice. This business was a financial scam, bankrupting Khoshbin and putting him in danger.

Khoshbin became a home loan officer after overcoming obstacles. Despite his brief term, he understood the need for change and pursued his real estate passion. After getting a real estate license in 1992, Khoshbin founded a mortgage and real estate company. His company grew to over 2.5 million square feet of real estate in seven states via smart decisions and dedication. Khoshbin’s story shows tenacity, determination, and the transforming potential of grasping chances in adversity.

The Multiple Sources Of Income Fueling Manny Khoshbin’s Success

Real Estate of Manny Khoshbin

Manny Khoshbin’s real estate investments are the foundation of his riches. The Khoshbin Company, founded by Khoshbin, showcases his property industry vision and entrepreneurship. The Khoshbin Company is a leading real estate company that acquires, develops, and manages commercial assets.

Over the years, Khoshbin’s organization has accumulated millions of square feet of outstanding commercial real estate. Through judicious acquisitions and careful management, Khoshbin has generated large revenue streams from various properties, increasing his net worth.

Khoshbin has become a shrewd investor and business leader by mastering the real estate market and seizing lucrative possibilities. His dedication to perfection and ability to spot and capitalize on trends have helped him succeed in real estate.

Khoshbin’s real estate success shows his ability to spot and seize growth and wealth, making him a strong force in property development and investing.

Social Media and Video Platforms

Car aficionados worldwide have noticed Manny Khoshbin’s love of premium cars. Khoshbin started a YouTube channel to show off his incredible automotive collection and chronicle his daily life. His YouTube channel has over 1 million subscribers and generates revenue via ads, sponsorships, and brand collaborations.

Khoshbin shares his vehicle purchases, customization projects, and road trips through intriguing content and storytelling. His personality and passion for vehicles attract a dedicated following that eagerly awaits each upload.

Besides providing automotive amusement and education, Khoshbin’s YouTube channel has become a vital money stream, expanding his broad income portfolio. Khoshbin reinforces his status as a luxury automobile connoisseur and astute entrepreneur using digital platforms to boost his brand and financial success as he expands his digital presence and connects with people globally.

Author and Public Speaker

Manny Khoshbin writes books and gives motivational talks in addition to his real estate and automotive businesses. One prominent publication, “Driven,” chronicles Khoshbin’s rise from poor origins to greatness. Khoshbin gives personal stories and practical guidance to help readers overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Khoshbin’s literary success and financial success have come from the book’s popularity.

Khoshbin also inspires audiences with his energetic speaking and storytelling. Khoshbin empowers people to follow their dreams and reach their potential using his own story and knowledge. Khoshbin uses these public engagements to share his wisdom and gain additional cash, boosting his finances.

In essence, Khoshbin’s writing and public speaking demonstrate his devotion to personal and professional growth and to inspiring others to succeed. These efforts help Khoshbin spread his transforming message and leave an enduring legacy.


Along with his business and entrepreneurial success, Manny Khoshbin is a savvy investor who diversifies his portfolio across asset classes. Khoshbin has invested in equities, bonds, and other income-generating assets, but his portfolio is private. Khoshbin’s varied investing strategy shows his financial aptitude and devotion to long-term prosperity through diversification.

Khoshbin has positioned himself to capitalize on upcoming opportunities and navigate market swings by using his financial experience and market insights. He has built a passive income portfolio through smart investment choices, boosting his wealth.

While Khoshbin’s investment strategies are kept secret, his success and wealth accumulation show his financial competence. His strategic investing approach shows his insight and rigorous wealth management, establishing his image as a smart investor and capital steward.


Manny Khoshbin’s amazing successes have drawn the attention of big brands and corporations eager to align with his influence. Khoshbin’s engagement with premium watchmaker Jacob & Co. shows his taste and industry leadership. This cooperation produced the “Epic X Chrono Manny Khoshbin,” a rare and sought-after item that represents Khoshbin’s flair and sophistication.

Beyond luxury watches, such cooperation boosts Khoshbin’s public image and finances. Khoshbin boosts his brand equity and revenue by partnering with respected brands like Jacob & Co. These strategic alliances demonstrate Khoshbin’s ability to use his influence and network to build mutually advantageous ties with industry leaders, establishing his position as a luxury lifestyle leader.

These collaborations boost Khoshbin’s brand and tastemaker status. Khoshbin’s strategic relationships with luxury companies continue to attract audiences and innovate the luxury sector, confirming his position as a visionary entrepreneur and icon of extravagance.

His Bugatti Affinity

Manny Khoshbin’s passion for cars goes beyond collection to all aspects of his automotive entrepreneurial ventures. Khoshbin started automobile businesses to meet car lovers’ desire for high-quality components and accessories. His businesses range from selling high-performance parts to meticulously refurbishing classic cars.

His endeavors have had a lasting impression on the automotive sector. Aficionados and industry insiders praise his dedication to quality and detail in every element of his business. Khoshbin’s skills make him a sought-after speaker and mentor for automotive professionals.

As a lecturer and coach, Khoshbin offers his years of experience to inspire young hobbyists and entrepreneurs. His unique perspective and practical guidance inspire automotive sector newcomers to follow their ambitions and succeed.

Manny Khoshbin’s impact on the automobile industry goes beyond entrepreneurship; it shows passion and dedication to excellence. His projects improve industry quality and inspire others who share his passion for cars.

Manny Khoshbin Car Collection

Manny Khoshbin Car Collection

Manny Khoshbin’s garage is a museum of rare and exotic cars. His collection shows:

  • This rare supercar combines Bugatti’s engineering expertise with Hermes’ luxurious looks. One of three made, each costing $18 million, this limited-edition vehicle has a stunning black and beige exterior with calfskin leather and carbon fiber interiors.
  • Hermes Edition McLaren Speed Rail: British and Italian luxury brands collaborated on this one-of-three-model supercar. A custom paint job and a combination of Hermes leather and cashmere make it a luxury on wheels.
  • Pagani Huayra Hermes Edition: This Pagani-Hermes collaboration sold for $2.5 million. A carbon fiber exterior with Hermes details conveys sophistication and exclusivity. The meticulously detailed interiors make driving luxurious.
  • Bugatti Veyron Rembrandt: This limited-edition supercar is bronze-colored like Rembrandt van Rijn’s works. This vehicle’s art and engineering make it desirable to collectors and enthusiasts.
  • In addition to his amazing collection, Khoshbin owns the rare Mercedes-McLaren SLR HDK, a tribute to the 722 GT prototype. With chassis number 3, this unique model was meticulously transformed, adding aerodynamic upgrades for performance and uniqueness.

Manny Khoshbin Houses Owned

Manny Khoshbin Houses Owned
  1. Khoshbin Compound, Newport Coast, CA: Manny Khoshbin’s main property is this 17,000-square-foot mansion in a gated oceanfront community. A pool house, guest house, and 15-car garage are among its opulent amenities.
  2. Orange County’s Car Vault: Besides storage, this 15,000-square-foot building houses Khoshbin’s remarkable automotive collection. In addition to storage, it has a lounge, a modern movie theater, and a vehicle wash for his car obsession.
  3. California’s Crystal Cove Titan: The Titan, is a 14,000-square-foot French chateau-style estate, with seven bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, and many amenities. A home theater, gym, wine cellar, and ocean-view rooftop deck are among these.
  4. The Jet, La Quinta CA: Designed like airplane hangars, this 19,000-square-foot estate has six bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and recreational spaces. A home theater, gym, bowling rink, and indoor basketball court offer fun and luxury.

  The Rock, Beverly Hills, California: This 1920s 10,000-square-foot house offers city vistas in Beverly Hills. It offers magnificent living in a historic setting with six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a pool, a tennis court, and a guest house.

The Las Vegas Pagoda: The pagoda-like 11,000-square-foot home pays homage to Japanese architecture. It has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a home cinema, gym, sauna, and a waterfall-adorned pool, offering a tranquil getaway in Las Vegas.

Manny Khoshbin Business Empire

Entrepreneurial success story Manny Khoshbin has a strong company portfolio. A closer look at his business ventures that made him famous: 

  1. The Khoshbin Company, founded in 1990, is a major commercial real estate player. The corporation acquires and manages 9 million square feet of office, industrial, and retail center real estate. Manny Khoshbin’s $1.7 billion portfolio shows his sector competence.
  2. Newport Auto Center in Orange County, California, demonstrates Khoshbin’s love of luxury cars. Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and McLarens are among the luxury cars available at this U.S. dealership, one of the largest.
  3. Beyond selling cars, Khoshbin creates a home for his premium cars. The Orange County Collector Car Vault is a modern storage facility with more than one room. The club, film theater, and vehicle wash make it a luxury destination for automotive enthusiasts.
  1. Manny Khoshbin Academy: Khoshbin founded the academy to impart his knowledge. This online platform teaches real estate investing and entrepreneurship, covering deals, marketing, and leadership. It’s useful for business hopefuls.

Manny Khoshbin Philanthropic Endeavors:

Beyond business, Khoshbin loves philanthropy. He supported many initiatives and gave back to the community:

Khoshbin Foundation: Khoshbin leads this non-profit that supports education, healthcare, and social services. The nonprofit touches communities by helping veterans, empowering poor children, and promoting education.

American Red Cross: Khoshbin generously supports American Red Cross disaster relief activities worldwide.

Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC): Khoshbin strongly supports CHOC, ensuring children receive top-notch healthcare and vital medical treatments.

To show his compassion for the destitute, Khoshbin supports the Orange County Rescue Mission, which provides shelter, food, and crucial services.

Saddleback College: Khoshbin has donated heavily to Saddleback College, increasing scholarship programs and educational activities to empower students.

Manny Khoshbin Supercar Charity Event: Khoshbin uses his platform to help the community by hosting charity events to raise money for various organizations.

Awards and Recognitions:

Many awards have recognized Manny Khoshbin’s rise from humble origins to real estate magnate: 

Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award (2010): The Orange County Business Journal honored Khoshbin’s entrepreneurial skills and contributions to Orange County’s business community.

International Automotive Aftermarket Hall of Fame (2011): Khoshbin was inducted into the hall for his automotive sector achievements and entrepreneurship.

Top 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders (2018): Real Estate Executive Magazine named Khoshbin one of the top 100 most influential real estate leaders in the industry.

200 Most Successful Real Estate Investors 2020: Real Estate Bees named Khoshbin one of the top 200 real estate investors.

The Fastest-Growing American Real Estate Companies (2021): The Khoshbin Company was named one of America’s fastest-growing real estate companies by Inc. 5000.

Manny Khoshbin Social Media Accounts

As of 2024, Manny Khoshbin is one of the wealthiest US celebrities with a net worth above $100 million. Khoshbin’s finances have grown steadily, and this tendency is expected to continue. His wealth has more than doubled since 2022, demonstrating his popularity and financial skill. Forbes named Khoshbin one of the highest-paid businesspeople, noting his commercial prowess. The wealth trajectory of Manny Khoshbin is detailed below, highlighting its significant rise and corporate recognition. If his wealth is of interest, more information can be shared

Accounts NameFollowersUsernames
Facebook621KManny Khoshbin
YouTube1.7MManny Khoshbin

FAQs about Manny Khoshbin:

  • Manny Khoshbin’s wealth?
  • Manny Khoshbin’s 2023 net worth is projected at $110 million.
  • Manny Khoshbin’s main income sources?
  • Real estate investments, YouTube revenues, podcast revenue, book royalties, and cryptocurrency investments are among Khoshbin’s sources of income.
  • Manny Khoshbin’s childhood and background?
  • Iranian-born Manny Khoshbin was born on January 14, 1971. He and his family fled Iran’s war aged 14 to the US. Despite initial challenges, especially the language barrier, Khoshbin built a successful real estate profession.
  • Who is Manny Khoshbin married to and how many kids?
  • Manny Khoshbin married Iranian-Canadian actress Leyla Milani in June 2011.
  • They are proud parents to Enzo and Priscilla.
  • What does Manny Khoshbin look like?
  • Manny Khoshbin is 6’1″ and weighs 196 lbs. He has unique black hair and brown eyes. His measurements are 38-inch chest, 36-inch waist, and 16-inch biceps.
  • Conclusion:

Manny Khoshbin’s rise from poverty to success in real estate, digital media, and literature is the classic rags-to-riches story. By 2023, Khoshbin’s net worth was projected at $110 million because of smart real estate investments, a diverse income portfolio, and a strong social media presence. His entrepreneurial skills and philanthropy have made him a commercial titan and philanthropic leader.

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