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Meltem Conant is the wife of the renowned American celebrity chef, Scott Conant. They’ve been married for more than 15 years, having exchanged vows in 2007. Scott kept their relationship under wraps, so there aren’t many details about how they met or when they started dating.

According to a snippet from Forbes, Scott and Meltem chose Tahiti for their honeymoon, opting for a stay in an overwater bungalow. However, Scott found it a tad boring and couldn’t wait to get back to work. They also ventured to a private island named Tahaa, where Scott humorously mentioned that a single salad set him back about $50, but it was enough to sustain them for a week, depending on the salad’s price.

Meltem seems to prefer staying out of the limelight, as there’s not much information available about her early life or profession, despite being married to a celebrity chef. Her exact birthdate is unknown, but judging from her appearance in Scott’s social media posts, she appears to be in her late 40s. Though the age gap between the couple isn’t explicitly mentioned, it’s estimated to be around four to five years.

Described as a tall and lovely woman, Meltem has been a steadfast support to her husband throughout their years together. She’s likely dedicated much of her time to their family and her partner, being a faithful companion by his side.

The couple shares the joys of parenthood, with two daughters named Ayla, born in 2010, and their second daughter born in 2012. Scott’s Instagram feed is adorned with snapshots of their cherished moments with their beloved daughters.

Meltem Conant Age

Meltem Conant Age

Meltem Bozkurt Conant’s age, date of birth, and birthday are currently not publicly known. Unfortunately, there isn’t any information available about these details at the moment. However, should this information become available in the future, we’ll make sure to update this section accordingly. Everyone’s just curious about her, but for now, it’s a bit of a mystery.

Meltem Conant Physical Appearance 

Meltem seems to have an average height, but she gives off a tall impression in her photos, especially when compared to her surroundings. However, we don’t have specific details about her height or any other body measurements at the moment. It’s all just guesswork based on what we can see. If we get our hands on more concrete information, we’ll be sure to update this section. It’s like trying to solve a puzzle without all the pieces!

Meltem Conant Family

Meltem’s roots trace back to Turkey, where she spent her formative years under the guidance of her parents. However, despite our earnest attempts to unearth more about her family background, we hit a dead end. It’s as if her family history is veiled in secrecy, leaving us with more questions than answers. The identity of her parents remains elusive, and whether she has any siblings is a mystery waiting to be solved. It’s like searching for hidden treasure in a vast sea of unknowns. But fear not, as we remain committed to unraveling the enigma surrounding Meltem’s familial ties. Rest assured, if any new information surfaces, we’ll be sure to update this section promptly.

Meltem Conant Personal Life 

Meltem is happily married to her longtime sweetheart, Scott Conant, since their wedding ceremony in 2007, which took place in Bodrum, Turkey. Together, they’ve been blessed with two lovely daughters, one of whom is named Ayla Conant. While the name of their other daughter remains undisclosed, their family seems to be filled with joy and love.

Now, let’s delve into Scott’s past a bit. Before tying the knot with Meltem, Scott was previously married to his business partner and entrepreneur, Chris Cannon. Together, they owned two successful restaurants. Unfortunately, their marriage hit a rough patch and eventually ended in divorce. Adding to the complexity, their business partnership in Alto and L’Impero also dissolved in 2007, leading to legal disputes and lawsuits between the former partners. It’s a reminder that even in the world of food and business, relationships can sometimes prove to be challenging to sustain.

Scott Conant’s Kids, Karya And Ayla, Are His Favorite Sous Chefs

Scott Conant's Kids, Karya And Ayla, Are His Favorite Sous Chefs

Scott Conant, 49, shares a loving family life with his wife, Meltem Bozkurt, and their two adorable daughters, Ayla Sophia Reina and Karya Eva Maria. Ayla, aged 10, holds a special place in Scott’s heart as his favorite cooking companion, while Karya, turning 8 in September 2020, recently took on the role of camera operator for her dad’s IGTV cooking tutorials.

Their home base is in Scottsdale, Arizona, near Phoenix, where Scott’s restaurant Mora is located. Additionally, he owns the Cellaio Steakhouse in the Catskill Mountains of New York. The family splits their time between these two locations, especially since Scott often films his Food Network shows in New York City at the network’s studios in Chelsea.

New York holds significance for Scott, as it’s where his former restaurant, Scarpetta, was situated. Though the restaurant has moved to the James Hotel Nomad, Scott is no longer involved with its operations. Despite the bustling schedules and multiple locales, the Conant family finds joy in spending time together and sharing their passion for food and cooking.

Quick Facts About Scott Conant

Value Attribute 
NameScott Conant
BirthdateFebruary 19, 1971
BirthplaceWaterbury, Connecticut, U.S.
Age51 years
WifeMeltem Conant(m.2007)
ChildrenTwo daughters
Cooking StyleItalian
Net Worth$5 million

Scott Conant’s Television Show Career

Scott Conant's Television Show Career

Scott Conant stepped into the spotlight as the host and head judge of the reality food-competition show “24 Hour Restaurant Battle” on the Food Network in July 2010. The concept was thrilling—two teams duking it out to open a restaurant from scratch in just 24 hours. Fans loved the adrenaline rush it brought, making it a hit for two seasons.

But that’s not all. Scott’s claim to fame soared even higher when he became the longest-serving judge on the beloved television series “Chopped” for over a decade. His expertise and charm won over audiences worldwide. And when he ventured into hosting “Chopped Sweets,” a spinoff focusing on dessert-themed recipes, fans couldn’t get enough of his sweet insights.

Scott’s culinary prowess didn’t stop there. He took on the role of host in “Best Baker in America” for seasons two and three, showcasing his versatility in the kitchen. With appearances on shows like “Beat Bobby Flay,” “The Today Show,” “Rachael Ray Show,” “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” and “Good Morning America,” Scott proved to be an all-around culinary wizard. Whether he’s judging, hosting, or cooking, Scott Conant’s passion for food shines through in every dish and every appearance.

Scott Conant’s Books

Scott Conant, the acclaimed American celebrity chef, isn’t just known for his culinary skills—he’s also a prolific author with multiple cookbooks under his belt. Throughout his illustrious career, which includes running restaurants across the nation and making frequent appearances on Food Network shows, Scott decided to share his expertise with the world through his written works.

In his books like “The Scarpetta Cookbook,” “Bold Italian,” and “New Italian Cooking,” Scott goes beyond mere recipes. He delves into the techniques and insights needed to truly understand the art of cooking, elevating it from a simple set of instructions to a deeper culinary journey.

Take “Bold Italian,” for example. With over 125 recipes from various regions of Italy, Scott upgrades, updates, and interprets them specifically for the American kitchen, offering a taste of Italy with a modern twist. Similarly, “New Italian Cooking” introduces fresh and daring approaches to traditional Italian cuisine, inviting readers to explore new flavors and techniques.

In “Peace, Love, and Pasta,” Scott shares easy-to-follow Italian recipes that are close to his heart—ones he grew up eating and now prepares for his own family. These dishes are more than just meals; they’re a celebration of love, a testament to Scott’s passion for flavor, and a reminder of the simple joys of good food and company.

Scott Conant’s Net Worth

Scott Conant's Net Worth

Scott Conant, the celebrated American celebrity chef and restaurateur, has amassed an impressive net worth of $5 million, largely from his illustrious culinary career and television appearances.

His journey began with internships at renowned establishments like San Domenico in New York City while studying at the Culinary Institute of America. After mastering pastry in Munich, Germany, he returned to the States and made waves as sous chef at San Domenico, earning the restaurant three stars from The New York Times.

Scott’s innovative approach to Italian cuisine gained him recognition, leading to executive chef positions at notable eateries like Barolo and Chianti. In 2002, he opened L’Impero, quickly earning three-star reviews and acclaim for his refined flavors and skillful execution.

Following the success of L’Impero, Scott continued to make culinary waves with establishments like Alto and Scarpetta, receiving accolades from The New York Times and James Beard Foundation.

Today, Scott’s culinary empire spans across the United States, with restaurants in cities like New York City, Miami, Toronto, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. His commitment to excellence and passion for Italian cuisine have solidified his status as one of America’s top chefs.


1. What is Scott Conant’s net worth?

Scott Conant’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

2. How many daughters does Scott Conant have?

Scott Conant is the proud father of two daughters: Ayla Sophia Reina and Karya Eva Maria.

3. Where does Scott Conant and his family live?

Scott Conant and his family primarily reside in Scottsdale, Arizona, which is close to Phoenix.

4. What are some of Scott Conant’s notable restaurants?

Scott Conant owns several renowned restaurants, including Mora in Phoenix, Arizona, and Cellaio Steakhouse in the picturesque Catskill Mountains of New York.

5. Where does Scott Conant film his Food Network shows?

Scott Conant often films his Food Network shows in New York City, specifically at the network’s studios located in Chelsea.

 Wrapping up

In wrapping up, Scott Conant’s culinary journey is like a flavorful recipe—filled with passion, dedication, and a dash of innovation. From his early days to becoming a household name in the culinary world, Scott’s story is one of hard work and perseverance.

Through his successful restaurants, engaging television appearances, and insightful cookbooks, Scott has become a beacon of inspiration for budding chefs and food enthusiasts alike. And let’s not forget the heartwarming support of his wife, Meltem Bozkurt, and their two delightful daughters. They’re the secret ingredients that add extra warmth and joy to Scott’s culinary adventures.

As he continues to share his love for food and cooking with the world, there’s no doubt that Scott Conant’s legacy will linger on, leaving a lasting impression on taste buds and hearts for generations to come.

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