Myron Golden Net Worth: Bio, Wiki, Education, Age, Height, Weight, Career, Awards & Others

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myron golden net worth
myron golden net worth


Myron Brilliant stands tall as an unmistakable figure in the domains of business training, persuasive talking, and composing. Through his significant experiences and noteworthy systems, he has enabled various hopeful business people and laid out organizations the same to understand their monetary objectives. With his abundance of information and effective direction, Brilliant has made a permanent imprint on the scene of business venture. As of 2024, his amassed wealth serves as a subject of curiosity for many, reflective of his illustrious career and substantial influence in the business sphere.

Myron Golden Net Worth

Myron Golden’s financial standing has sparked considerable curiosity among enthusiasts and budding entrepreneurs.

While numerous estimations have circulated, our meticulous examination reveals a distinct truth.

Contrary to the commonly referenced sum of $1 million, our findings indicate that Myron Golden’s net worth stands at a remarkable $25 million as of 2024.

Net Worth Matrix

Net Worth$25,000,000
Earnings Per Year$37,000,000
Per Month$3,083,333
Per Week$711,543
Per Day$101,649
Per Hour$4,235
Per Minute$70.58
Per Second$1.17

Who is Myron Golden?

Myron Golden is widely recognized as a thriving business expansion advisor, entrepreneur, speaker, and acclaimed author of multiple best-selling works, including titles such as ‘From The Trash Man To The Cash Man: How Anyone Can Get Rich Starting From Anywhere,’ ‘B.O.S.S. Moves,’ and ‘The Science of Getting Rich.’

Moreover, he serves as the visionary behind Golden Enterprises International, an esteemed entity dedicated to delivering training, coaching, and consulting solutions to individuals and enterprises striving to enhance their earnings and influence.

Myron Golden Biography

Myron Golden came into the world on May 14, 1961, in Tampa, Florida. At a mere six months old, he fell victim to polio, a viral affliction notorious for its potential to induce paralysis and deformity. This insidious illness left its mark on his left leg, rendering it shorter and weaker compared to its counterpart. Throughout his life, he grappled with the constraints of a metal brace affixed to his leg, a constant companion that restricted his movement and inflicted enduring discomfort and anguish.

Myron Golden Wiki

Real NameMyron Golden
Date of BirthMay 14, 1961
Birth PlaceTampa, Florida
WifeChevaunne Ingrid Powell
Age62 Years
Height5 Feet, 2 Inch
Weight72 Kg
Zodiac SignTaurus

Myron Golden Education

Myron Golden stands as an entrepreneur of formidable education, holding a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the esteemed Harvard University, a Master’s degree in Theology from another distinguished institution, and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Howard University. Further enhancing his credentials, he boasts certifications from reputable entities such as the John Maxwell Team and Russell Brunson’s Inner Circle.

Drawing from the tutelage of industry luminaries and mentors, Myron honed his craft, acquiring a wealth of skills, knowledge, and qualifications vital to his professional journey. Despite confronting daunting hurdles including polio, poverty, and the constraints imposed by a metal brace during his educational pursuits, he persevered, leveraging his academic achievements to fulfill his aspirations and extend a helping hand to others striving for success and fulfillment.

Myron Golden Age, Height & Weight

Myron Brilliant, matured 62, is prestigious as a business mentor and persuasive orator. Remaining at 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing roughly 72 kg, he radiates certainty and authority, described by his striking dark hair and dull earthy colored eyes. Notably, Myron bears a metal brace on his left leg, a testament to his lifelong struggle with the polio condition contracted during infancy.

Myron Golden Career

A critical defining moment in Myron Splendid’s vocation happened in 2008 when he passed on the US Organization for Global Improvement to seek after his enterprising dreams. At the point when he established Skillionaire Adventures, he set off on an excursion inspired by imagination, enthusiasm, and a firm commitment to accomplishment.

His business ventures were successful, bringing him notoriety as the writer of two best-selling novels. Myron’s aspirations didn’t end there, though, as he introduced the Make More Deal Challenge in 2023, an innovative project aimed at transforming marketing tactics.

Myron’s remarkable ascent to prominence has garnered attention far and wide. He has shared stages with influential people from throughout the world, enthralling audiences with his knowledge and perception. His reputation as a leader in the business and marketing domains has been cemented by the demand for his knowledge from prestigious venues such as TED X, Entrepreneur Magazine, and many more.

Myron Golden Awards

Myron Brilliant has set up a good foundation for himself as a top rated creator, writing acclaimed works like ‘From The Garbage Man To The Money Man: How Anybody Can Get Rich Beginning From Anyplace,’ ‘B.O.S.S. Moves,’ and ‘The Study of Getting Rich.’ In any case, his impact stretches out a long ways past the domain of composing; he has graced a portion of the world’s most renowned and famous occasions and stages, including Channel Hacking Live, 10X Development Meeting, and The Tycoon Psyche Escalated, where his bits of knowledge have charmed crowds. In acknowledgment of his momentous accomplishments and huge commitments to the business world, he has been gave with a Lifetime Accomplishment Grant.

Myron Golden Personal Life

Chevaunne Ingrid Powell is the devoted wife of Myron Golden, sharing a companionship that spans over three decades. Prior to her union with Myron, she had been married once before and has two children from her previous marriage. Myron’s first wife, Gwendolyn Inman Bethea, tragically passed away in November 1978, leaving behind their daughter, Malaika Solange.

With Chevaunne, Myron shares a son named Anthony Golden. He cherishes his wife and family dearly, often expressing his love for them and sharing glimpses of their journey together on social media.

Myron Golden Daughter

Malaika Solange is the daughter of Myron Golden from his first marriage to Gwendolyn Inman Bethea, who sadly passed away in November 1978. Malaika has carved her own path as the founder and CEO of Malaika Solange International. Through her company, she empowers women entrepreneurs to expand their businesses and increase their incomes, leaving a positive impact on the entrepreneurial landscape.

Myron Golden House

Myron Golden enjoys the sun-drenched weather and scenic surroundings of his opulent and spacious home hidden in Florida. His mansion is a blend of flair, elegance, and uniqueness, reflecting his riches and accomplishments.

Chic accents, striking artwork, and contemporary furniture abound throughout Myron’s home, all of which combine to create a sophisticated yet refined ambiance. He has created a special home office within this haven where he works hard on his creative and commercial activities. To further contribute to his dynamic and varied endeavors, he has constructed a home studio where he creates his captivating podcasts and movies.

Social Media Activities

In today’s digital age marked by interconnectedness, Myron Golden harnesses the power of social media to enhance his earning capacity.

Boasting a collective audience surpassing 443,000 followers across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, Golden wields considerable influence in the realm of social media. This substantial following translates into a formidable social media earning potential, with each sponsored post fetching an estimated $4.5K, underscoring his ability to monetize his digital presence effectively.

NameSocial Media
Myron GoldenInstagram
Myron GoldenYoutube
Myron GoldenFacebook
Myron GoldenWebsite


Net Worth: As of 2024, Myron Golden’s net worth stands at an impressive $25 million.

Earnings: He earns approximately $37 million per year, translating to around $3.1 million per month.

Career: Myron Golden is renowned as a successful business expansion advisor, entrepreneur, speaker, and author of several best-selling books.

Education: He holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Harvard University, a Master’s degree in Theology, and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Howard University.

Personal Life: Myron Golden is married to Chevaunne Ingrid Powell, and they have a son together. He also has a daughter from a previous marriage.

Health Struggles: Myron Golden battled polio since infancy, resulting in a shorter and weaker left leg, which required a metal brace throughout his life.

Achievements: He founded Skillionaire Adventures and authored successful books like ‘From The Trash Man To The Cash Man: How Anyone Can Get Rich Starting From Anywhere.’

Recognition: Myron Golden’s influence extends to prestigious events like Channel Hacking Live and TEDx, where his insights captivate audiences.

Social Media Presence: With over 443,000 followers across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, he leverages social media effectively for monetization.


Myron Golden, a renowned business expansion advisor, entrepreneur, and author, boasts a net worth of $25 million as of 2024. Despite battling polio since infancy, he has achieved remarkable success, earning $37 million annually and garnering widespread recognition for his expertise. With a strong educational background and a thriving social media presence, Myron Golden continues to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.


1. How much is Myron Golden’s net worth? 

As of 2024, Myron Golden’s net worth is $25 million.

2. What is Myron Golden’s annual earnings? 

Myron Golden earns approximately $37 million per year.

3. What health struggles did Myron Golden face? 

Myron Golden battled polio since infancy, resulting in a shorter and weaker left leg, which required a metal brace throughout his life.

4. What are some of Myron Golden’s notable achievements? 

Myron Golden founded Skillionaire Adventures, authored successful books like ‘From The Trash Man To The Cash Man,’ and has been a sought-after speaker at prestigious events like Channel Hacking Live and TEDx.

5. How does Myron Golden utilize social media? 

Myron Golden has a substantial social media presence with over 443,000 followers across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, allowing him to effectively monetize his digital presence.

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