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pedro tovar height
pedro tovar height


Pedro Tovar originates from the United States, with deep roots in Mexican culture, and is widely recognized as the lead singer and co-founder of Eslabón Armado, a band deeply immersed in regional Mexican music. Growing up in Los Angeles, Pedro, alongside his brother Brian and their friend Gabriel, formed the trio during their teenage years. Their exceptional talent quickly captured the attention of audiences on platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, ultimately leading to a record deal with DEL Records. Beyond his remarkable vocal abilities, Pedro is a versatile artist, contributing to the band as a musician, composer, and influencer across various social media platforms. His diverse skill set has been instrumental in propelling the success of Eslabón Armado, as he actively participates in co-producing tracks and showcasing his musical talents.

Pedro Tovar Height

Pedro Tovar’s height is around 5 feet 5 inches, translating to approximately 165 centimeters, with a weight of about 65 kilograms. His demeanor reflects a strong commitment to maintaining a positive outlook and overall wellness, underscoring his dedication not only to his public persona but also to the continuous advancement of his career.

Measurement TypeHeight
Centimeters (cm)165.1 centimetres
Millimeters (mm)1651 millimetres
Feet and Inches5 feet 5 inche

Who is Pedro Tovar?

In the realm of web diversion, Pedro Tovar Jr. is a notable American artist and entertainer. When he became a member of the well-known band Eslabón Armado in 2017, his musical career had a change in mood. Pedro Tovar Jr. is a singer and composer who has had a lasting impact on the music business with his riveting voice and moving lyrics. Ever since, Pedro has made a substantial contribution to the musical aspirations of the band by infusing each performance with his own energy and flare.

 Along with his musical abilities, Pedro has made the most of social media to engage with people all over the world. By providing snippets of his life and career, he has amassed a devoted following. His commitment to his work as well.

Pedro Tovar Biography

Pedro Tovar, born in Los Angeles on July 22, 2002, has been making a name for himself in the regional Mexican music circuit. Raised alongside his brother Brian, music was a fundamental part of their upbringing. Pedro became proficient in guitar, bass guitar, and drums, honing his skills over the years. In his role within Eslabón Armado, he not only co-produces their tracks but also plays a crucial part in shaping their unique sound. His musical roots draw from ranchera and norteño genres, deeply influenced by his family heritage. While there’s little information available about his schooling, he’s currently navigating his junior year of high school, showcasing his ability to juggle academics with his musical passion.

Pedro Tovar Wiki

Full namePedro Tovar Jr.
Date of birthJuly 22, 2002
Age21 years (as of 2023)
Zodiac signCancer
Place of birthBay Area, California, United States
Current residencePatterson, California, United States
Height5’5” (165 cm)
Weight132 lbs. (60 kg)
Hair colorDark brown
Eye colorBrown
FatherPedro Tovar
MotherNelida Osegueraea
Marital statusMarried
ProfessionSinger, songwriter, social media personality
Net worth$400,000

Early Life & Education

Pedro Tovar entered this world on July 22, 2002, right in the heart of California, surrounded by the love of his tight-knit Latin-American family. Growing up, he and his brother Brian Tovar were practically joined at the hip, with Brian ruling the bass guitar in their band. Together, they explored the rich landscapes of Rancheras and Norteno music, weaving melodies from their very souls.

As for Pedro’s academic journey and qualifications, it’s a bit of a mystery. All we can confirm is that he’s currently navigating his final year of high school. But don’t underestimate him as just another student buried in textbooks all day. Pedro is a force to be reckoned with, showcasing serious talent as both a vocalist and guitarist. The story of how he honed those skills remains a tale waiting to be fully unveiled. Nevertheless, Pedro’s undeniable musical prowess speaks volumes about his drive and ambition in the music scene.

Pedro Tovar Age

Pedro Angel Tovar Jr. was born on July 22, 2002, making him 21 years old today. He’s emerging as a bright talent in the American music scene, filled with youthful vigor and promise.

Rise to Fame

Pedro Tovar isn’t just a pretty face; he’s a talented lyricist and co-creator, with an impressive lineup of nine standout tracks. You’ve likely found yourself dancing along to hits such as “Con Tus Besos,” “La Mejor de Todas,” “Mi Vicio,” and “Me Prendes.” Those tunes really stick with you!

Now, let’s talk about their distinctive sound. Pedro’s band draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of Mexican music, with Pedro leading the creative charge on most of their tracks. Their debut album, released in 2020, was a smash hit, rocketing to no. 18 on the Top 200 Albums in Regional Music from Mexico and Latin America. And get this—Pedro even claimed the coveted top spot on the Billboard Latin Artist chart. Not too shabby for a debut, huh?

But they didn’t stop there. Their second album, “Corta Venas,” kept the momentum going, dominating the charts with their irresistible beats. Even after their third member went their separate way, Pedro and his brother kept the fire burning, forming a dynamic duo that’s been making waves in the music world.

In 2021, they joined forces with Ulices Chaidez on the chart-topping single “Te Encontre,” and released several original tracks like “Lamento Bolivia” and “Entre La Lumbre.” And to cap it all off, they clinched the prestigious Billboard Music Award for Top Latin/Duo group—a well-earned victory for this unstoppable pair.

And let’s not forget their latest masterpiece, “Te Veneno Mortal Vol 2,” which skyrocketed to no. 5 on the Latin music charts, solidifying Pedro and his brother’s status as rockin’ rollers in the music industry.

Pedro Tovar Career

Pedro Tovar’s musical journey traces back to his childhood, where he and his brother shared a deep passion for singing and playing instruments. As a vital member of Eslabón Armado, Pedro played a pivotal role in both co-producing and shaping the band’s success. Their early foray into Sierra music and regional Mexican genres caught the attention of Ángel del Villar, eventually leading to a deal with DEL Records. Among Eslabón Armado’s achievements are notable honors like the Billboard Music Awards and the Premios Juventud for Best Latin Duo/Group.

Pedro is a skilled musician, songwriter, and co-producer in addition to being a remarkable performer. His songs include “Con Tus Besos,” “La Mejor de Todas,” “Mi Vicio,” and “Me Prendes.” He also has a sizable fan following on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok.

The Eslabón Armado Band’sAwards

Pedro Tovar’s band, Eslabón Armado, has garnered almost 60 award nominations, mainly from renowned ceremonies such as the Billboard Music Awards, Billboard Latin Music Awards, and Latin American Music Awards. Between 2021 and November 2023, they’ve clinched an impressive 15 awards.

Billboard Music Awards2021Top Latin Duo/Group
Billboard Music Awards2021Duo/Group Top Latin Albums Artist of the Year
Billboard Music Awards2021Regional Mexican Album of the Year
Latin American Music Awards2021Favorite Duo or Group
Latin American Music Awards2021Favorite Regional Mexican Duo or Group
Billboard Music Awards2022Top Latin Duo/Group
Billboard Music Awards2022Top Latin Albums Artist of the Year, Duo/Group
Billboard Music Awards2022Regional Mexican Artist of the Year, Duo or Group
iHeartRadio Music Awards2022Regional Mexican Album of the Year
Premios Juventud2023Best Regional Mexican Song
Premios Tu Música Urbano2023Top Artist – Regional Mexican Urban
Billboard Music Awards2023Hot Latin Song of the Year, Vocal Event
Billboard Music Awards2023Streaming Song of the Year
Billboard Music Awards2023Regional Mexican Song of the Year
Billboard Music Awards2023Hot Latin Song of the Year

Pedro Tovar Net Worth

Starting around 2024, Pedro Tovar has amassed roughly $400,000 in his financial balance. He has already achieved significant success as a songwriter, singer, and essential Eslabón Armado member despite his young age. It’s not just about the money for Pedro, even though he’s enjoying the results of his labor with luxuries like a fancy car and a spacious home.Life is certainly smiling upon him.

YearNet Worth

Pedro Tovar Personal Life

Pedro Tovar Jr. is an American singer, performer, and online celebrity. When he joined the well-known band Eslabón Armado in 2017, his musical career took a big turn. As a performer and lyricist, Pedro Tovar Jr. essentially affects the music business by enamoring crowds with his strong voice and moving verses. By adding his own flair and excitement to the sound, his abilities have greatly enhanced the musical endeavors of the band.

Encircled by the affection of their fans as they begin this new chapter of their journey, their union transforms into a joyful celebration of love, harmony, and respect for one another. They promise to stick by each other through the highs and lows of life, prepared to face any obstacles that may come, encouraged.

Pedro Tovar Family

Pedro Tovar was raised in California, USA, in a close-knit Latin family. Alongside his brother Brian, music played a significant role in their childhood. Despite the lack of information regarding his parents, it is obvious that they had a big influence on Pedro’s musical career. It’s possible that growing up in such a nurturing atmosphere had a significant influence on his professional path and his enduring love of music.

Pedro Tovar Social Media

In addition to his musical pursuits, Pedro uses his TikTok account—which presently has 18.9 million likes and 963K followers—to amuse his audience with lip-syncing, dancing, and humorous videos.

In addition, he works alongside his brother on the 2.55 million-subscriber Eslabón Armado YouTube channel, which was launched in 2019.

Pedro is active on social media as well. He has 1.2 million followers on Instagram. His Twitter account has more than 4.7K followers as well.


  • Pedro Tovar’s height is approximately 5 feet 5 inches, which translates to around 165 centimeters.
  • He weighs about 65 kilograms, reflecting a commitment to wellness and maintaining a positive outlook.
  • Pedro Tovar’s stature, while modest in height, doesn’t diminish his significant impact as the lead singer and co-founder of Eslabón Armado, a band deeply rooted in Mexican culture.
  • Despite his height, Pedro’s talent as a musician, composer, and influencer shines through, contributing to the success of Eslabón Armado on various platforms.
  • His height may not be towering, but his presence in the music industry is substantial, showcasing his versatility and dedication to his craft.


Pedro Tovar, born and raised in the United States with strong ties to Mexican culture, stands at around 5 feet 5 inches tall. As the lead singer and co-founder of Eslabón Armado, Pedro’s influence extends far beyond his height. His exceptional musical talents, combined with his dedication to wellness and positivity, have propelled him to success in the regional Mexican music scene. Despite his modest stature, Pedro’s impact as a musician, composer, and social media influencer is undeniable, making him a notable figure in the industry.


How tall is Pedro Tovar? Pedro Tovar stands at approximately 5 feet 5 inches tall, or around 165 centimeters.

What is Pedro Tovar’s weight? Pedro Tovar weighs about 65 kilograms.

Is Pedro Tovar’s height a hindrance to his music career? Despite his modest height, Pedro Tovar’s talent as a musician, composer, and lead singer of Eslabón Armado has led to significant success in the music industry. His height has not hindered his ability to make an impact in the realm of regional Mexican music.

How does Pedro Tovar maintain a positive outlook despite his height? Pedro Tovar’s commitment to maintaining a positive outlook stems from his dedication to wellness and his passion for music. His focus on his career and his artistic expression outweigh any concerns about his height.

Does Pedro Tovar’s height affect his performance on stage? Pedro Tovar’s height does not detract from his dynamic performances on stage. His commanding presence, vocal abilities, and musical talent captivate audiences regardless of his stature.

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