Quinton Anderson Reynolds: Who Is Burt Reynolds’ Son? 

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Quinton Anderson Reynolds: Who Is Burt Reynolds’ Son? 

Quinton Anderson Reynolds excels in digital image technology, editing, and camera assistance, establishing his own identity beyond his famous parentage. Quinton, son of actress Loni Anderson and the late Burt Reynolds, crafts his own journey in Hollywood behind the scenes. Despite growing up in fame’s aura, Quinton abstained from using his parents’ influence, preferring to earn success through diligence. Burt Reynolds’ 2018 heart attack left Quinton devastated, emphasizing their profound bond despite demanding careers. Quinton’s path showcases his independence and resolve, carving his niche in Hollywood while honoring his iconic parents’ legacy.

Who Is Quinton Anderson Reynolds? 

Who Is Quinton Anderson Reynolds? 

Quinton Anderson Reynolds excels in camera operation, editing, post-production, and digital image technology, showcasing his multifaceted expertise. His expertise spans across various domains within the intricate tapestry of Hollywood. Quinton’s tenure in Hollywood dates back to 2011, marking a significant period of contribution and immersion within the entertainment industry. Quinton’s career showcases versatility and dedication, earning him respect and recognition from peers in the industry.

Quinton Anderson Reynolds’ Biography 

Quinton Anderson Reynolds' Biography 

Quinton Reynolds entered the world on August 31st, 1988, in California, USA, as the cherished child of Burton Reynolds and Loni Anderson. Despite diligent searches, no public information has surfaced regarding his biological lineage. Nevertheless, Quinton found unwavering love and support in the arms of his adoptive parents, particularly his renowned mother, Loni Anderson, an accomplished actress with multiple Golden Globe nominations.

Loni Anderson’s marital history, marked by four unions, includes her first marriage to Bruce Hasselberg, from which her daughter, Deidre Hoffman, was born. Quinton, despite being the only child of Burton Reynolds, thrived in the bustling household, surrounded by the warmth and affection of his blended family.

Burt Reynolds, Quinton’s adoptive father, tragically passed away on September 6th, 2018, succumbing to a fatal heart attack at 82. Despite this profound loss, Quinton’s bond with his mother, Loni, remained steadfast. Quinton quietly carves his path in Hollywood, honoring his adoptive father’s legacy while forging his own.

Quinton Anderson Reynolds’ Profile Summary

Full nameQuinton Anderson Reynolds
Date of birth31 August 1988
Age35 years old (as of 2023)
Birth signVirgo
Place of birthCalifornia, United States of America
Current residenceLos Angeles, California, United States of America
Height in feet5’10”
Height in centimeters177
Eye colorBrown
Hair ColorDark brown
Marital statusSingle
ParentsBurt Reynolds (father), Loni Anderson (mother)
SiblingsDeidra Hoffman
Alma materCalifornia State University
ProfessionCamera assistant, Digital imaging technician, Editor
Known forBeing Burt Reynolds’ son

How Old Is Quinton Anderson Reynolds?

Quinton Anderson Reynolds came into the world on August 31, 1988, making him 35 years old as of now. Although details about his biological parents remain undisclosed, it’s widely known that he was adopted by Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson shortly after his birth, following their marriage on April 29, 1988.

Their union, which occurred after six years of courtship since they first met in 1981, was celebrated among a close circle of over 60 friends and family members. Quinton’s adoption into their family cemented their bond, creating a loving environment for him to grow up in.

What Is Quinton Anderson Reynolds’ Ethnicity? 

Quinton Anderson Reynolds takes pride in his American citizenship, rooted in a diverse cultural heritage that reflects the tapestry of the United States. His lineage traces back to a White ethnic background, embodying a blend of traditions and values that have influenced his identity. Growing up in America’s melting pot, Quinton appreciates the unity found in diversity, cherishing the shared experiences that connect people from various backgrounds. Committed to inclusivity, he embraces principles of equality and understanding, striving to make positive contributions to his community and society at large. Quinton carries the legacy of his American roots with him as he journeys through life, honoring the richness of diversity that defines his nation’s fabric.

Quinton Anderson Reynolds’ Educational Background 

With a strong commitment to education, Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson prioritized providing their son with a quality learning experience. Building upon this foundation, Quinton pursued further academic endeavors by attending California State University. There, he pursued a course of study that culminated in the achievement of a degree in the field of Arts.

Quinton Anderson Reynolds’ Body Measurements 

Quinton stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters) and weighs approximately 75 kilograms (165 pounds). His body measurements are recorded as 40 inches for the chest, 34 inches for the waist, and 35 inches for the hips.

Who Is Quinton Anderson Reynolds’ Mother? 

Who Is Quinton Anderson Reynolds' Mother? 

Loni Kaye Anderson, a celebrated American actress, rose to prominence with her debut role as Steve McQueen in the 1966 film “Nevada Smith.”. However, it was her portrayal of Jennifer Marlowe on the CBS sitcom “WKRP in Cincinnati” (1978–1982) that catapulted her to global stardom. Her performance garnered widespread acclaim, earning her three Golden Globe Award nominations and two Emmy nominations. Currently, in her fourth marriage, Loni tied the knot with her current husband, Bob Flick, in 2008.

Who Is Quinton Anderson Reynolds’ Father? 

Who Is Quinton Anderson Reynolds' Father? 

Quinton’s father, Burton Leon Reynolds Jr., left an indelible mark on 1970s American popular culture as an iconic figure. Renowned for his roles in television series such as “Gunsmoke” (1962–1965), “Hawk” (1966), and “Dan August” (1970–1971), he captivated audiences with his charismatic performances. Additionally, he showcased his talent on the big screen with memorable roles in films like “The Longest Yard” (2005) and “Broken Bridges” (2006).

Did Burt Reynolds Adopt His Son? 

At just three days old, Quinton Anderson Reynolds was welcomed into the family by Burt Reynolds and Loni Kaye Anderson through adoption in 1988. Their union lasted from April 29 to June 17, 1994, after which Quinton resided with his mother in California following their separation.

Who Is Quinton Anderson Reynolds’ Sister? 

Quinton Anderson Reynolds has a sister named Deidra Hoffman, born Dedra Kaye Hasselberg. Deidra is the daughter of Quinton’s mother, actress Loni Kaye Anderson, from her first marriage to Bruce Hasselberg. Quinton’s father, Burt Reynolds, was Loni’s third spouse.

Who Are Quinton Anderson Reynolds’ Grandparents? 

Quinton Anderson Reynolds’ maternal grandparents were Maxine Hazel Kallin and Klaydon Carl “Andy” Anderson. Maxine Hazel Kallin, born in 1924 and deceased in 1985, was renowned as a model. Her husband, Klaydon Carl “Andy” Anderson, an environmental chemist, was born in 1922 and passed away in 1977.

On the paternal side, Quinton’s grandparents were Fern H. Reynolds and Burton Milo Reynolds Sr. Burton Milo Reynolds Sr., born in 1906 and deceased in 2002, served as a police chief and was a veteran of World War II. His wife, Harriet Fernette, passed away in 1996.

Who Is Quinton Anderson Reynolds’ biological Father? 

Quinton Anderson Reynolds and his family have maintained complete silence regarding his biological father, keeping this information strictly private. To the public’s knowledge, Quinton is recognized solely as the adopted son of the esteemed American actress Loni Anderson and the celebrated actor Burt Reynolds.

How Many Kids Did Burt Reynolds Have?

Quinton Anderson Reynolds is the sole offspring of the deceased American actor. Following his separation from Quinton’s mother, Loni Anderson, Burt Reynolds tied the knot with English actress Judy Carne in 1963. However, their marriage ended in divorce in 1965, without the couple having any children together.

Quinton Anderson Reynolds’ Wife 

Quinton Anderson Reynolds’ marital status remains undisclosed. Despite being a public figure, he keeps a low profile, leading to limited information about his personal life. Additionally, Quinton, aged 35, does not engage in social media, further contributing to the mystery surrounding his relationship status.

Quinton Anderson Career

Quinton Anderson Career

Having grown up amidst the captivating allure of the entertainment industry, Quinton Anderson Reynolds was naturally drawn to the enchantment of film and television at a young age. Displaying his prowess as a versatile professional, Quinton demonstrates excellence across various roles, including camera operation, editing, digital imaging technology, and post-production assistance. His extensive body of work boasts an impressive portfolio comprising 24 editorial credits and 34 credits within the camera and electrical department, thereby spotlighting his diverse talents and unwavering commitment to his craft. Highlighted below are some notable credits that underscore Quinton’s significant contributions to the industry:

Editorial Credits

2011Mega Python vs. Gatoroid
2011Almighty Thor
2011The Amityville Haunting
2011Zombie Apocalypse
2011A Haunting in Salem
2011Battle of Los Angeles
2012Nazis at the Center of the Earth
2012Grimm’s Snow White
2012Nazis at the Center of the Earth
20122-Headed Shark Attack
2013100 Degrees Below Zero
2015Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story

Camera And Electrical Department Credits

2013Escape from Polygamy
2013Zombie Night
2013Dear Secret Santa
2013All I Want for Christmas
2014One-Minute Time Machine
2014Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys
2014Christmas in Palm Springs
2015Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
2015The Flight Before Christmas
2016His Double Life
2018Minutes to Midnight
2022Wait for It

Quinton’s deep engagement across diverse facets of production speaks volumes about his versatility and significant impact on the film and television landscape. His multifaceted contributions play a pivotal role in shaping the final product, reflecting his unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the industry.

2015Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
2015Supernova 45
2015Tales of Halloween
2015Most Likely To Die
2015The Flight Before Christmas
2015Silent War
2016Director’s Cut
2016Paint It Black
2016His Double Life
2016Officer Downe
2016Ouija: Origin of Evil
2016A Christmas in Vermont
2016Minutes to Midnight
2016Sniper: Special Ops
2023Wait for It

Son Of A Hollywood Icon

Quinton Reynolds’ association as the offspring of a prominent figure in Hollywood has profoundly influenced both his personal evolution and career path. The towering legacy of Burt Reynolds has undeniably influenced Quinton’s journey, providing him with distinctive openings within the entertainment sphere. His familial lineage has acted as a catalyst, propelling him into the inner echelons of the industry and offering him a stage to showcase his talents and capabilities.

  • Legacy and Expectations: Quinton Reynolds faced the challenge of living up to his father’s esteemed reputation in Hollywood. Despite this, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery, determined to establish his own identity in the acting world.
  • Access and Opportunities: Quinton has leveraged his father’s legacy to gain access to various opportunities and resources that might have otherwise been inaccessible to him. This has facilitated his entry into the industry’s inner circles.
  • Public Scrutiny: Due to his father’s celebrity status, Quinton has often found himself scrutinized by the public eye.
  • Emotional Impact: The relationship between Quinton and his father, Burt Reynolds, has deeply influenced Quinton’s emotional well-being. Their bond has left a lasting impression on Quinton’s life, shaping his perspective and experiences.

Actor And Producer

Quinton Reynolds seamlessly balances dual roles within the entertainment industry, excelling both as an actor and a producer, each contributing significantly to his acclaim. His on-screen presence captivates audiences with talent and charisma, infusing depth and authenticity into his performances. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Quinton operates as a strategic producer, overseeing the creative and financial aspects of film and television projects.

This unique blend of roles grants Quinton a holistic understanding of the filmmaking process. His experiences in front of the camera inform his decisions as a producer, and vice versa, enabling him to leverage insights from both perspectives. This synergy allows him to craft projects that deeply resonate with audiences, showcasing his multifaceted talents and creative vision.

Close Relationship With Father

As Quinton matured, his collaboration with his father grew deeper, leading to joint ventures on various projects. This hands-on involvement granted Quinton practical insights into the complexities of filmmaking, instilling in him a profound appreciation for diligence, resilience, and professionalism.

Quinton’s journey also provided him with unparalleled access to mentorship and guidance from one of Hollywood’s most esteemed figures, nurturing his confidence and offering unwavering support as he forged his path in the entertainment industry.

Charming Personality

1: Quinton Reynolds’ magnetic charm and unwavering dedication have propelled him to success within the entertainment industry.

2: Renowned for his affable nature and quick wit, Quinton captivates audiences both on and off-screen, forging genuine connections.

3: His innate charisma and approachable demeanor endear him to fans and colleagues, fostering an environment of warmth and camaraderie.

4: Quinton possesses a natural ability to put people at ease, creating an atmosphere conducive to collaboration and creativity.

5: His tireless work ethic serves as a testament to his commitment to excellence, consistently going above and beyond in every project.

6: Whether in front of the camera or behind the scenes, Quinton’s willingness to push boundaries and embrace challenges ensures the success of each endeavor.

Legacy Of Burt Reynolds

Quinton Reynolds, son of the renowned actor Burt Reynolds, has actively sought to pay tribute to his father’s enduring legacy within the entertainment realm. This homage is discernible through various significant elements:

  • Following in His Father’s Footsteps: Quinton Reynolds has chosen to pursue a career in acting, mirroring the path forged by his father, Burt Reynolds, in the entertainment industry.
  • Embracing His Father’s Values: Inspired by his father’s example, Quinton Reynolds has adopted a set of values and principles that guide his professional endeavors. His unwavering work ethic and commitment to excellence reflect the ethos instilled by his father.
  • Preserving His Father’s Memory: Quinton Reynolds is dedicated to upholding and honoring his father’s lasting legacy.

Rising Star

Quinton Anderson Reynolds epitomizes the qualities of a rising star within the entertainment industry. Through compelling performances on screen and astute ventures behind the scenes, he commands attention and earns widespread admiration. Quinton’s innate charisma and unwavering dedication distinguish him as a formidable presence in Hollywood, poised to make a significant and enduring impact on the industry. As he progresses along his journey, Quinton’s boundless potential serves as a beacon of promise, solidifying his status as a luminary in his own right.


Quinton Anderson Reynolds is deeply committed to philanthropy, reflecting his genuine desire to create positive change in the world. Despite his affluent background as the son of Burt Reynolds, Quinton maintains a humble demeanor and a strong sense of responsibility towards his community. Leveraging his influence and resources, he actively contributes to a range of charitable endeavors, exemplifying a profound spirit of empathy and altruism.

Quinton Is Involved In Several Philanthropic Endeavors, Including

  • Supporting organizations that provide food and shelter to the homeless.
  • Working with organizations that provide educational opportunities to underprivileged children.
  • Raising funds for cancer research.

What Does Quinton Anderson Reynolds Do For A Living? 

Quinton Reynolds is a seasoned professional in the entertainment industry, boasting a diverse skill set that encompasses roles ranging from editor to camera operator, post-production assistant, and digital imaging technician. His extensive background has seen him contribute his talents to numerous television shows and films, showcasing his versatility and expertise. Among his notable projects are “Minutes to Midnight” (2018), “A Christmas in Vermont” (2016), “Ouija: Origin of Evil” (2016), and “Officer Downe” (2016), demonstrating his proficiency across various genres and formats.

What Happened To Quinton Reynolds? 

Quinton Reynolds faced the stark reality of being omitted from Burt Reynolds’ will, a legal document drafted by the actor in 2011. The will’s contents were unveiled to the public following Burt’s passing on September 6, 2018, at Jupiter Medical Center in Florida. This disclosure represented a pivotal moment in the aftermath of Burt’s death, providing insight into the allocation of his estate and, notably, Quinton’s exclusion from the list of beneficiaries.

Why Did Burt Reynolds Leave Quinton Out Of His Will? 

Following his passing, iconic actor Burt Reynolds, renowned for his memorable role in “Deliverance,” left behind an estate estimated at $5 million. However, it emerged that he intentionally excluded his sole child, Quinton, from his will, citing tax considerations as the primary rationale behind this decision.

What Is Quinton Anderson Reynolds’ Net Worth?

Quinton Anderson Reynolds has accumulated an estimated net worth of around $800,000, stemming mainly from a combination of his trust fund and his endeavors in the entertainment sector. His diverse skill set has allowed him to thrive in various capacities, including camera operation, editing, digital image technology, and post-production assistance. In comparison, his mother, Loni Anderson, boasts a net worth of approximately $12 million. However, his father, Burt Reynolds, experienced a notable decline in financial prosperity over time. Despite once earning an impressive $10 million annually during the pinnacle of his career, Burt’s financial stability faltered due to ill-advised investments in the restaurant industry, resulting in substantial losses totaling approximately $20 million.

Interesting Facts About Anderson Reynolds

  1. Adoption and Early Life: Quinton Anderson Reynolds entered the Reynolds family through adoption just three days after his birth in 1988, under the care of his parents, Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson. While details about his biological parents remain undisclosed, he was embraced with love and care within the Reynolds household.
  2. Educational Pursuits: Education held paramount importance in Quinton’s upbringing. He pursued higher education at California State University, where he focused on earning a degree in the Arts, showcasing his dedication to personal growth and academic achievement.
  3. Versatile Career: Quinton has showcased his versatility within the entertainment industry, excelling in various roles such as camera operation, editing, digital imaging technology, and post-production assistance. His extensive portfolio includes numerous credits across both film and television, highlighting his diverse skill set and dedication to his craft.
  4. Family Dynamics: Despite the complexities surrounding his parents’ marital history, Quinton shares a close bond with both Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson.
  5. Exclusion from Will: Quinton faced the unexpected exclusion from Burt Reynolds’ will, a document drafted in 2011, which marked a significant development in the aftermath of his father’s passing.
  6. Net Worth: Quinton’s estimated net worth stands at approximately $800,000, primarily accumulated through his trust fund and his endeavors within the entertainment industry, reflecting his financial stability and professional success.
  7. Philanthropic Endeavors: Quinton actively engages in philanthropic initiatives, supporting organizations dedicated to addressing homelessness, providing educational opportunities for underprivileged children, and contributing to cancer research. His commitment to giving back to the community underscores his compassionate nature and desire to make a positive impact on the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who is Quinton Anderson Reynolds?

Quinton Anderson Reynolds is a multifaceted professional in Hollywood, working as a camera operator, editor, post-production assistant, and digital image technician. He is also recognized as the son of the late American actor Burt Reynolds and actress Loni Anderson.

Q: Was Quinton Anderson Reynolds adopted?

Quinton Anderson Reynolds was adopted by Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson shortly after his birth in 1988.

Q: Why was Quinton Anderson Reynolds excluded from Burt Reynolds’ will?

Quinton Anderson Reynolds was excluded from Burt Reynolds’ will, which was drafted in 2011, primarily due to tax considerations. Despite exclusion from the will, Quinton wasn’t disinherited; the document clarified his status regarding his father’s estate.

Q: What is Quinton Anderson Reynolds’ net worth?

Quinton Anderson Reynolds’ net worth is around $800,000, mainly from his trust fund and entertainment career.

Q: What are Quinton Anderson Reynolds’ career highlights?

Quinton Anderson Reynolds has contributed to various projects in the entertainment industry, showcasing his talents in editing and camera work. Some notable highlights include his involvement in films such as “Sharknado” and “Ouija: Origin of Evil,” among others.


Quinton Anderson Reynolds, though born into the esteemed lineage of Hollywood legends Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson, has forged his unique path within the entertainment realm. Demonstrating prowess in diverse behind-the-scenes capacities, he has garnered acclaim for his talent and unwavering commitment. While Quinton’s omission from Burt Reynolds will pique public curiosity, his steadfast dedication to his craft and philanthropic ventures remains unwavering. Sporting a net worth of $800,000 and boasting a versatile portfolio, Quinton persists in leaving an indelible imprint on Hollywood while upholding the esteemed legacy of his family.

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