Ruby Ever Copeland: Bio, Family, Career, Net Worth & More

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Ruby Ever Copeland: Bio, Family, Career, Net Worth & More

Adam Joseph Copeland, known as Edge, is a proud father of two daughters. Ruby Ever Copeland, born on May 31, 2016, and Lyric Rose Copeland, born on December 12, 2013, are his beloved children with his wife Beth Phoenix. As a former wrestler deeply rooted in the wrestling world, Edge cherishes his family life. Both Ruby and Lyric enjoy a close bond in their warm household, shielded from public scrutiny by their parents. Despite Edge and Beth’s fame, they prioritize their daughters’ privacy, allowing them to grow and thrive.

Who is Ruby Ever Copeland?

Who is Ruby Ever Copeland?

Ruby Ever Copeland, hailed as a celebrity child, emerges as a prominent figure in the limelight. Born into the esteemed lineage of former WWE Superstar Adam Joseph Copeland, famously recognized as Edge, and his accomplished wife Beth Phoenix, a former WWE Women’s Champion, Ruby inherits a legacy deeply entrenched in the professional wrestling realm. As the younger sibling to Lyric Rose Copeland, Ruby’s familial ties and association with her renowned father have captivated public interest.

Thriving amidst her family’s prominence, Ruby finds herself amidst the allure of the spotlight. With occasional glimpses into their lives shared on social media, Ruby’s presence resonates with fans and enthusiasts alike. Her journey as a celebrity child reflects not only her familial connections but also her burgeoning individuality within the realm of public attention.

Ruby Ever Wiki

Full NameRuby Ever Copeland
Famous asAdam Joseph Copeland’s Daughter
Date of BirthMay 31, 2016
Place of BirthUnited States of America
Zodiac SignGemini
OccupationCelebrity Child
Marital StatusSingle
FatherAdam Joseph Copeland
MotherBeth Phoenix
SiblingsLyrics by Rose Copeland
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Net WorthNot Known

How Old Ruby Ever Copeland?

How Old Ruby Ever Copeland?

Ruby Ever Copeland, gracing the world with her presence on May 31, 2016, currently stands at the age of 7. Under the celestial influence of the Gemini zodiac sign, Ruby embodies qualities of curiosity, adaptability, and sociability. Born in the United States, her birthplace bestows upon her the nationality of an American, enriching her identity with the vibrant culture and diversity of her homeland. As Ruby continues her journey through childhood, her American heritage serves as a foundation for her growth and development in an ever-evolving world.

Ruby Ever Copeland’s Early Life

Ruby Ever Copeland entered the world on May 31, 2016, within the borders of the United States, marking her auspicious arrival as the second offspring in the esteemed family lineage of wrestling icons Edge and Beth Phoenix. In the embrace of her nurturing household, Ruby shares a cherished bond with her elder sister, Lyric Rose Copeland.

Diving into the tapestry of her ancestry, Ruby’s heritage weaves together a fascinating blend of Canadian, Irish, and Puerto Rican origins, influenced by her mother’s diverse background. Growing up in an environment steeped in warmth and affection, Ruby is nurtured by the rich tapestry of cultural traditions and values that define her family’s legacy. As she traverses the pathways of childhood, Ruby’s upbringing is shaped by the harmonious interplay of her multicultural roots, fostering a sense of belonging and identity within her familial embrace.

Ruby Ever Copeland’s Educational Journey

Ruby Ever Copeland, now a diligent student, is actively engaged in her educational pursuits, currently enrolled in school. Despite her parents’ illustrious careers and public personas, Edge and Beth Phoenix have deliberately chosen to maintain a veil of privacy around Ruby’s academic journey. Respecting their daughter’s autonomy and personal development, they have opted to keep details regarding her academic history and future aspirations confidential. 

This deliberate decision underscores their unwavering commitment to safeguarding Ruby’s personal life and interests from the intrusive gaze of the public eye. By prioritizing her privacy, Edge and Beth ensure that Ruby is afforded the space and freedom to flourish and explore her educational endeavors without external scrutiny.

Adam Joseph Copeland: Ruby Ever Copeland’s Father

Adam Joseph Copeland: Ruby Ever Copeland’s Father

Adam Joseph Copeland, known by his legendary moniker “Edge,” stands tall as a Canadian luminary in the world of professional wrestling and acting. Born on October 30, 1973, in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, Edge carved his path to fame with unparalleled charisma and talent.

Throughout his storied tenure in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), Edge ascended to the ranks of wrestling’s elite, securing multiple WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship titles. Renowned for his magnetic personality, commanding microphone skills, and remarkable prowess inside the ring, Edge captivated audiences worldwide with his electrifying performances.

Transitioning seamlessly into the realm of acting, Edge showcased his versatility and depth, gracing television screens and film sets with his compelling presence. Despite his ventures beyond wrestling, Edge’s passion for the sport remained unwavering.

In a triumphant display of dedication and resilience, Edge made a triumphant return to in-ring competition in WWE, reaffirming his commitment to his craft and reigniting the adoration of fans across the globe. Through his enduring legacy, Edge continues to inspire generations of wrestling aficionados with his indelible mark on the industry.

Ruby Ever Copeland’s Mother: Beth Phoenix

Ruby Ever Copeland’s Mother: Beth Phoenix

Beth Phoenix, originally named Elizabeth Kocianski, emerges as a luminary in the realm of professional wrestling. Born on November 24, 1980, in Elmira, New York, USA, Beth embarked on a remarkable journey that would etch her name in WWE history.

Throughout her tenure in WWE from 2006 to 2012, Beth Phoenix soared to unprecedented heights, establishing herself as one of the most accomplished female wrestlers of all time. Dubbed “The Glamazon,” Beth’s dominance in the women’s division earned her widespread acclaim and admiration.

With a formidable presence in the ring, Beth secured the WWE Women’s Championship and clinched the WWE Divas Championship thrice, solidifying her status as a force to be reckoned with. Known for her unparalleled strength, athleticism, and technical prowess, Beth captivated audiences with her awe-inspiring performances.

Following her retirement from in-ring competition, Beth transitioned seamlessly into a new role as a commentator and analyst for WWE programming. Her insightful commentary and unparalleled expertise further solidified her standing as a respected figure in the world of professional wrestling.

With a lasting legacy that transcends the confines of the ring, Beth Phoenix remains a trailblazer and an inspiration to aspiring wrestlers worldwide. Her contributions to the industry continue to resonate, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of fans and fellow wrestlers alike.

Lyric Rose Copeland: Ruby Ever Copeland’s Sibling

Lyric Rose Copeland, the firstborn daughter of Adam Joseph Copeland and Beth Phoenix, holds a special place within the Copeland family. Born on December 12, 2013, Lyric’s presence has enriched the family dynamic, shaping the bond between herself and her younger sister, Ruby Ever Copeland.

As the elder sibling, Lyric assumes a nurturing role in Ruby’s life, fostering a close-knit familial connection. Together, Lyric and Ruby form an inseparable duo, supported by the love and guidance of their devoted parents, Edge and Beth Phoenix.

Now at nine years old, Lyric continues to contribute to the harmony and unity of the Copeland household, embodying the values of compassion, camaraderie, and familial solidarity. Their shared experiences and mutual affection serve as the foundation for a lifelong bond, strengthening the fabric of their familial ties.

Is Ruby Ever Copeland Single?

At her tender age, Ruby Ever Copeland remains uninvolved in romantic relationships, prioritizing her academic pursuits and personal development. With a steadfast focus on her studies and individual growth, Ruby’s journey unfolds with a dedication to learning, self-discovery, and the simple joys of childhood.

As of now, details regarding Ruby’s dating life are not disclosed, emphasizing her privacy and the importance of safeguarding her personal experiences. Instead, Ruby’s path is characterized by a commitment to exploration, education, and embracing the wonders of youth.

Navigating the formative years of childhood, Ruby’s narrative revolves around fostering curiosity, nurturing talents, and cherishing the bonds of family and friendship. With a world of possibilities ahead, Ruby embarks on a journey filled with discovery, resilience, and the boundless potential of youth.

Ruby Ever Copeland’s Career

While Ruby Ever Copeland has yet to step into the professional wrestling arena, her presence has already graced the WWE world in a poignant moment at the 2019 WWE SummerSlam event. Walking alongside her father, Edge, Ruby became a part of a heartwarming moment that captured the essence of familial love and support.

This event marked Edge’s triumphant return to the ring after a nine-year hiatus due to a neck injury, making it a momentous occasion for both father and daughter. The WWE Network documentary series, “Edge: The Second Mountain,” provided fans with an intimate glimpse into this touching father-daughter moment, showcasing the special bond shared between Ruby and her iconic father.

As Ruby’s journey unfolds, her brief cameo in the WWE spotlight serves as a testament to the enduring connection between family members and the profound impact they have on each other’s lives. While her future in professional wrestling remains uncertain, Ruby’s presence alongside her father symbolizes the unwavering support and love that binds them together.

Net Worth of Ruby Ever Copeland and Her Parents

Net Worth of Ruby Ever Copeland and Her Parents

As a young student, Ruby Ever Copeland’s net worth remains undisclosed, given her age and focus on education. However, her family’s financial prosperity in the wrestling industry is noteworthy. Ruby’s father, Edge, has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $14 million, stemming from his illustrious career in WWE.

Likewise, Ruby’s mother, Beth Phoenix, boasts a net worth estimated at $4 million, reflecting her success as a professional wrestler and commentator. With such accomplished parents as role models, Ruby is poised to inherit valuable lessons in financial management and success as she navigates her path in the future. Their wealth serves as a testament to their hard work, dedication, and achievements in the wrestling world, laying a solid foundation for Ruby’s financial aspirations and endeavors.

Social Media Presence

As a young child, Ruby Ever Copeland maintained a minimal presence on social media, as her parents prioritized shielding her from the spotlight. Conversely, her father, Edge, enjoys an active online presence with a devoted fan base across platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Edge frequently offers glimpses into his family life, sharing photos of Ruby and her sister, Lyric. Through these posts, Edge provides fans and followers with insight into his private life, while also respecting his daughter’s privacy.

This deliberate approach reflects Edge’s commitment to maintaining a balance between engaging with his audience and safeguarding his family’s personal space. By sharing selective moments, Edge allows fans to connect with him on a more personal level while ensuring that Ruby’s privacy remains a top priority.

Facts About Ruby Ever Copeland

  1. Birth and Family: Ruby Ever Copeland was born on May 31, 2016, in the United States. She is the daughter of renowned WWE wrestlers Adam Copeland (Edge) and Beth Phoenix.
  2. Siblings: Ruby shares a close bond with her older sister, Lyric Rose Copeland, born in December 2013.
  3. Parental Background: Adam Copeland, known as Edge, is a Canadian professional wrestler and actor with a distinguished career in WWE. Beth Phoenix also enjoyed a successful stint as a professional wrestler in the WWE.
  4. Early Appearances: Despite her young age, Ruby has appeared alongside her father, Edge, in the WWE community. Notably, she accompanied him at the 2019 WWE SummerSlam event, marking his return to the ring after nine years.
  5. Net Worth: Ruby’s wealth remains undisclosed as she is still a young student. However, her parents, Edge and Beth Phoenix have accumulated significant wealth from their wrestling careers, with estimated net worths of $14 million and $4 million, respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who are Ruby Ever Copeland’s parents?

Ruby Ever Copeland is the daughter of former WWE Superstar Adam Joseph Copeland, known as Edge, and his wife Beth Phoenix, a former WWE Women’s Champion.

Q: When was Ruby Ever Copeland born?

Ruby Ever Copeland was born on May 31, 2016.

Q: Does Ruby Ever Copeland have any siblings?

A: Yes, Ruby has an older sister named Lyric Rose Copeland, born on December 12, 2013.

Q: Has Ruby Ever Copeland made any appearances in WWE?

Ruby has appeared alongside her father, Edge, at the 2019 WWE SummerSlam event, marking his return to the ring after nine years of retirement.

Q: What are the occupations of Ruby Ever Copeland’s parents?

Edge is a retired professional wrestler and actor, while Beth Phoenix is a retired professional wrestler, commentator, and analyst for WWE programming.

Q: Does Ruby Ever Copeland have a social media presence?

As a young child, Ruby is not active on social media. However, her father, Edge, often shares glimpses of family life on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Ruby Ever Copeland, daughter of WWE legends Edge and Beth Phoenix, comes from a family deeply entrenched in the professional wrestling realm. Born on May 31, 2016, Ruby shares a special bond with her older sister, Lyric Rose Copeland. Despite her tender age, Ruby has already made appearances alongside her father at WWE events. 

With her parents’ illustrious careers and substantial net worth, Ruby is fortunate to have strong role models guiding her journey. While her parents maintain an active presence on social media, they prioritize safeguarding Ruby’s privacy as she enjoys her childhood and focuses on her studies and personal development.

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