Svetlana Erokhin: Bio, Education, Husband, Net Worth And More

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Svetlana Erokhin: Bio, Education, Husband, Net Worth And More

Meet Svetlana Erokhin, the captivating partner of the renowned actor Richard Dreyfuss. Richard’s iconic performances in movies like “Jaws,” “Mr. Holland’s Opus,” and “The Day Reagan Was Shot” have cemented his status in Hollywood. However, standing beside every great man is an equally remarkable woman, and Svetlana has been an integral part of Richard’s journey to fame.

Their love story reads like something out of a Hollywood script. Svetlana stepped into the limelight when she became Richard’s wife, and since then, they’ve weathered the highs and lows of stardom together. While Richard’s talent has garnered him global acclaim, Svetlana’s presence by his side has also captured attention.

Their partnership has been a whirlwind adventure, marked by red carpet events, premieres, and unforgettable moments. Together, they’ve embraced the spotlight and crafted a life that is as glamorous as it is fulfilling.

Who Is Svetlana Erokhin?

Who Is Svetlana Erokhin?

Svetlana Erokhin is recognized as the third and current spouse of acclaimed actor Richard Dreyfuss. Allegedly born on March 10, 1960, in Russia, she will be 63 years old by 2023. Despite her public status, little is known about her early life, including her upbringing and family background. At some unspecified time, she relocated to the United States. Her educational history and professional qualifications remain undisclosed, shrouded in mystery. Details of her career path have been intentionally kept private.

Svetlana Erokhin’s Biography

Svetlana Veroxhin Erokhin, Richard’s beloved spouse, was born in Russia on March 10, 1960. Her journey to the United States, where she has resided for a significant period, is veiled in secrecy, leaving unanswered questions about the circumstances that prompted her departure from her homeland. Despite the passage of time, details regarding her family background, childhood, and education remain elusive, adding an aura of mystery to her life story. This dearth of information only deepens the intrigue surrounding Svetlana, casting her as a captivating enigma in the narrative of Richard Dreyfus’ life.

Svetlana Erokhin Wiki

Attibute Details
NameSvetlana Erokhin
Famous asRichard Dreyfuss’ wife
Date of birthMarch 10, 1960
Place of birthRussia
Marital statusMarried
SpouseRichard Dreyfuss
ChildrenKasey S. Erokhin

Svetlana Is The Third Wife Of Richard Dreyfuss

Svetlana Is The Third Wife Of Richard Dreyfuss

Notably, Svetlana Erokhin is not Richard’s first spouse, as the renowned actor had been married twice before their current union. Richard’s first marriage was to Jeramie Rain, a film producer and writer. They exchanged vows in a marriage ceremony on March 20, 1983, but their partnership concluded on September 14, 1992. Throughout their marriage, they welcomed three children: Emily (born in 1983), Harry (born in 1990), and Benjamin (born in 1986). Richard Dreyfuss’s second wife was Janelle Lacey. They married in 1999 but parted ways in 2005.

She Was Married Twice

She Was Married Twice

Before Richard came into her life, Svetlana Erokhin had only been married once, to Sergei D. Erokhin, a Russian native born on June 21, 1955, in Kirovograd, Russia. Sergei resided in various places, including Ashland, Massachusetts, and Brighton, a district of Boston. Tragically, Sergei is no longer with us, as he disappeared on February 22, 2018, at the age of 62.

Svetlana’s marriage to Sergei resulted in the birth of their daughter, Kasey S. Erokhin, who was born on February 25, 1984. Kasey currently pursuing a career as a makeup artist. She has garnered a substantial following on various social media platforms, particularly Instagram, where she frequently shares photos featuring her mother and Richard, showcasing glimpses of their family life.

She Was In Legal Trouble In June 2014

She Was In Legal Trouble In June 2014

Svetlana Erokhin, the wife of celebrity Richard Dreyfuss, made headlines when she was arrested by Encinitas police on June 2, 2014, for her alleged role in an accident. Reports stated that she crashed her car into a wooden fence and abandoned the vehicle at the scene. Authorities later located Svetlana approximately two miles away from the crash site with the assistance of San Diego County Sheriff deputies.

In an interview with TMZ, Svetlana admitted to having consumed a glass of wine but asserted that she passed field sobriety tests. The incident was labeled as a hit-and-run, sparking public interest and speculation surrounding the circumstances of the accident and Svetlana’s involvement.

Net Worth Of Svetlana Erokhin

While Svetlana may not be a conventional celebrity attracting constant media attention, her association with her current husband has significantly impacted their combined net worth. Richard Dreyfuss, owing much of his wealth to his illustrious acting career, has seen fluctuations in his financial status over the years. As of the last review in 2019, his net worth stood at $5 million, a sum he shares with his wife, Svetlana Erokhin.

It is noteworthy, however, that Richard’s net worth has been on a downward trajectory in recent years, paralleling the decline in his career. At the peak of his success, his net worth soared to an impressive $55 million. Nevertheless, with the passage of time and the challenges posed by advancing age, it is anticipated that maintaining such a lucrative position in the entertainment industry may become increasingly challenging for him.

Interesting Facts About Svetlana Erokhin

  1. Svetlana Erokhin, originally from Russia, is married to actor Richard Dreyfuss, intertwining her life with Hollywood fame.
  2. Despite maintaining a low profile, Svetlana has garnered media attention due to her marriage to Richard, portraying her as an enigmatic figure.
  3. Prior to Richard, Svetlana was married to Sergei D. Erokhin, and they share a daughter named Kasey S. Erokhin.
  4. Kasey, Svetlana’s daughter, works as a makeup artist and has a significant presence on social media, often featuring her mother and stepfather in her posts.
  5. In 2014, Svetlana was involved in a hit-and-run accident, adding a dramatic twist to her otherwise private life.
  6. Despite not being a traditional celebrity, Svetlana’s association with Richard has positively impacted her financial status, as they share his estimated net worth of $5 million as of 2019.

FAQs About Svetlana Erokhin

Q: What is Svetlana Erokhin’s background?

Svetlana was born in Russia on March 10, 1960, and moved to the United States at some point. Details about her upbringing, family, and education are undisclosed.

Q: How many times has Svetlana been married?

Svetlana was previously married to Sergei D. Erokhin before marrying Richard Dreyfuss in 2006. Her marriage to Sergei produced a daughter named Kasey S. Erokhin.

Q: What was Svetlana Erokhin’s legal trouble in 2014?

Svetlana was arrested by Encinitas police in June 2014 following her involvement in a hit-and-run accident where she drove her car into a wooden fence and left the scene. She was later found by authorities and confirmed to have consumed alcohol.

Q: What is Richard Dreyfuss’s net worth?

Richard Dreyfuss’s net worth was estimated to be $5 million in 2019, although it has declined from a peak of $55 million earlier in his career.


Svetlana Erokhin’s life embodies the intriguing mix of glamour and mystery frequently linked with Hollywood unions. Despite her penchant for maintaining a discreet public presence, her odyssey from Russia to the United States, coupled with her marriages to Sergei Erokhin and subsequently to Richard Dreyfuss, imbues her biography with layers of enigma.

Her daughter’s active presence on social media platforms offers fleeting glimpses into their family dynamics, adding a touch of modernity to her otherwise mysterious persona. Additionally, her encounter with legal issues, such as the hit-and-run incident, introduces a dramatic twist to her narrative, further complicating the portrayal of her life in the public eye.

Moreover, Svetlana’s financial ties to Richard Dreyfuss underscore the intersection of her personal life with the glitz and challenges of fame. Together, these facets paint a captivating portrait of a woman navigating the complexities of Hollywood and personal relationships with grace and resilience.

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